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High-performance HDTV ClearStream™ antenna, packaged perfectly just for you.

Perhaps you already know Antennas Direct for our pioneering, award-winning, tested-and-proven line of HDTV antennas backed by science. Yes, that sentence was a mouthful but all true! Since 2003, we’ve been revolutionizing the television antenna industry, designing products based on modern broadcast frequencies and gaining a reputation for delivering the best, most reliable picture and sound more consistently than any other antenna manufacturer on the market. Today, we continue that tradition in a new way.

Introducing the ClearStream™ MAX-V UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna.

You may be wondering: what makes this latest addition to the ClearStream™ family unique?

  • Ease of installation … The ClearStream MAX-V antenna features our unique quick-connect parts and includes a steel wall bracket, all-weather mounting hardware, an adjustable mast clamp, and straightforward instructions for assembly and installation.
  • Efficient design … The simplicity of the patented ClearStream™ loop design, along with the re-engineered dipole allow for a compact and aesthetically pleasing antenna. The new steel wall bracket allows for discreet installation on a wall indoors or outdoors, while the adjustable, all-weather mounting hardware permits installation on an existing mast. Additionally, we have designed a minimalist base stand for convenient installation on any flat surface for indoor applications.
  • UHF and Hi-VHF reception … Most broadcast stations transmit on both UHF and Hi-VHF frequencies. The ClearStream MAX-V antenna can receive them both with maximum clarity and reliability.
  • Buy only what you need … Streamlining the design and eliminating pieces you may not need means the ClearStream MAX-V enters the market as one of our most affordable long-range antennas, but with the same performance as our most powerful models. Need a stylish display for use indoors? Don’t have an existing mast? Need extra cable? We’ve got you covered. You decide where you want to install your antenna and buy only the accessories you need, all available at, for the ultimate in customization.

The new ClearStream MAX-V delivers all the power and reliable performance you’ve experienced (or read about) from Antennas Direct. Its true 60+ mile multidirectional range means you will receive the most reliable signals possible in urban and rural areas for more free TV channels from broadcast towers located in different directions.

Where to buy the ClearStream MAX-V antenna:

Our latest addition to the ClearStream™ family will be available for purchase for $69.99 at beginning September 17, 2019. It will make its debut in nationwide retailers in the coming weeks.

If you’re new to the world of TV antennas, cutting the cord, and the experience of uncompressed, true high-definition broadcast television, check out the ClearStream MAX-V and our full line of ClearStream™ indoor and outdoor antennas. The Antennas Direct website also features a Learning Center which includes a comprehensive set of FAQs to help you understand the ins and outs of viewing HD, over-the-air broadcast television with a TV antenna, an antenna selector tool, and a free transmitter locator app called Antenna Point to assist in aiming your new antenna. Our St. Louis-based Connection Crew is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have, run a free home signal analysis, and maximize your antenna experience.

Are you ready? Cut the cord, fit your space and fit your budget with the ClearStream MAX-V!