ClearStream™ Micron Indoor DTV Antenna - Refurbished

ClearStream™ Micron Indoor Long-Range DTV Antenna

The ClearStream Micron is designed primarily for those living within 25 miles of the TV transmitters. It is a multi-directional antenna that captures up to 98% of the available broadcast signal over the air.

Range: 25 Miles


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Designed and optimized for the core UHF DTV frequencies, the Micron line of antennas represents a new breakthrough in technology.             

Utilizing the ClearStream™ Tapered Loop technology enables these antennas to be more powerful and efficient than any indoor antennas. At a compact size of 10” x 11”, the Microns are sleek and complimentary to any décor.
The advanced and compact design offers surprisingly long range reception delivering 98% of received signal to the coaxial line, avoiding the typical losses seen in competitive antennas due to impedance mismatches.
With a generous beam width of 70 degrees, the Micron delivers DTV signals from widely spaced broadcast towers without the need to be rotated. Micron DTV viewers have the choice of table top or wall mounting options. The Micron is an ideal choice for those living in urban areas and who want the pure crisp DTV picture a ClearStream™ antenna can offer without the monthly subscription fees.

ClearStream™ Micron Assembly Instructions

Technical Data

ClearStream™ Micron Gain VSWR vs. Frequency

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  • Range: up to 25 miles
  • Beamwidth (Horizontal Plane): 470 to 700 MHz: 70 degrees
  • VSWR: Typical 2:1 or better, Max 3:1, typical less than 2:1 from 470 MHz to 700 MHz
  • Front to Back Ratio: Typical 15 dB
  • Directivity: Standard Setup (No Reflector): Typical 4.5 dBi
  • Size Assembled: 10”L x 11”W x 4.5”D

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