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It's important feedback from customers like you that help us give recommendations to others about which HDTV antenna will work best for them. Please read through some of the comments of our existing customers and feel free to send in your own.


"I contacted this site about three weeks ago and it was recommended that I purchase the ClearStream 4 antenna for receiving digital channels in my area. I, with a friend installed it over the weekend. This antenna is amazing. I needed to get the antenna only 15 feet from the ground and every channel was received with crystal clear clarity. I just wanted to say thank you for the recommendation and I am extremely happy with my purchase. ClearStream 4 gets 5 stars. Thanks again."

Dawn - Ruther Glen, VA

Just installed the DB8 today on my dish HD box. Tried a couple of other high priced HD antennas from circuit city but was very disappointed. Hooked it (the DB8) up and I was amazed at how all my local high def channels came in clearly.

Raul - Norfolk, VA

Let me tell you how happy I am with the antenna and mount that I bought from you. I couldn't be happier with the reception!!! Thank you.

Steve - Chicago, IL

"My installer was back today to switch me back to a horizontal FM antenna. MUCH better directivity! He was curious about the 42XG and did a test comparing it to a ChannelMaster 8 bay bow tie screen type antenna. The 42XG was better by as much as 2.5 db.

I did not expect this compact Yagi to match the screen antenna but it appears it does. I am delighted."


"I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the antenna arrived and my son and I have it installed on our roof. We now are able to lock in on the six UHF digital television stations in our area. These stations are broadcasting from Asheville, NC, Greenville, SC, and Spartanburg, SC. I am extremely pleased with the product!

Thank you!"

Trent - Fairview, NC

"WOW! Does the antenna you recommended work GREAT!!!!! Finally, uninterrupted HDTV. FREE!!!!

Thanks very much,"

Marc - Old Tappan, NJ

"I ordered a long range DB8 antenna from you and my father and I set it up. We are 60 miles from the nearest Fox station and I am happy to report that we had perfect HD reception for the Super Bowl. The antenna is no more than five feet off the ground and it worked brilliantly. Thank you for an excellent product."

Adam - Cameron, NC

"The DB4 is a fantastic antenna. We recently purchased an HDTV and have Dish HD service. The Dish receivers offer the option of hooking up an external antenna to receive over the air (OTA) broadcasts.

For aesthetic reasons we didn't want to install an exterior antenna, so we tried various antennas in the garage attic. The DB4 is the only one that yielded consistently good reception on all OTA channels. Thanks!"

Jens - Rosemount, MN

"I thought you'd like to know that your advice was right on. I ordered the DB4 and installed it in a matter of minutes. What a difference! I'm now able to get all the local channels that are broadcasting HD, truly making my investment in HD worthwhile.

DirectTV and their installer should be installing your products. They were completely unhelpful, claiming I could get local channels but then they were completely unable to deliver. They did not hesitate to take my money, however. The only value they provided me was installing an antenna mast and running the cable.

When the installer told me there was nothing that could be done, I simply turned to the Internet, did a search on "HD off air antenna" and found your site. I'm glad I did. Thank you for your excellent products and service."

Carl - Denver, CO

"I have to say, you've been great to deal with, from questions before the sale, through the sale and delivery, to everything after, including the return of the pre-amp that proved unnecessary.

You'll get recommendations from me for people looking for antennas.


Robert - Louisville, CO

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the DB4 antenna, and that I have installed it and am enjoying the great reception! What a great accessory to add to my HDTV! I am very happy with the beautiful pictures I can now receive in High-Definition thanks to your excellent antenna!

My old antenna was a set-top rabbit ears model with a built-in amplifier. A few years ago after I finished my basement and put the television down there, I moved the rabbit ears up into the attic, and the reception was pretty good most of the time. I do live in an area with strong broadcast signals.

Then after getting my tax refund this past spring, I upgraded to a wide-screen HDTV. I was able to receive some High-Def stations pretty well, but others were spotty. So I went on the internet looking for antennas. I found your site, and found other sites that gave your antennas great reviews. One site said that your DB2 was "flawless." I ordered the larger model DB4 thinking that I could install it in the attic initially, and if the reception was good enough, I would not have to install it outside on the roof. But now, reception is so good, that I am not going to bother moving it out on the roof (which I must confess is a relief to me as I was not looking forward to that task). I can receive more channels, and the high-def channels are consistently clear and strong. I get stronger signals from channel 10 up to channel 69. I live near Providence, RI, and I can get Boston UHF channels clearly.

Thanks again for a great product!"

Kevin - Cranston, RI

"Just wanted to let you know that the SR15 did the trick. Replacing my VHF/UHF unit with it bumped up the signal strength on all the digital local channels about 5-8 points. One channel was still experiencing drop-outs, but re-aiming the SR15 slightly fixed that. Great performance for being 22 miles from the transmitting antennas, with the SR15 mounted only about 9' off the ground!


Mike - Ridgefireld, WA

"My DB4 arrived with no problems and in short order I assembled it and the J Mount. In just testing it, a great picture for a station 30+ miles away came in strong and clear. The DB4 is a great antenna and very simple to assemble.

Thank you Antennas Direct."

Tom - Ashland, MA

"I ordered a V21 and PA17 and installed it as a replacement for a Terk antenna after calling your number for advice. I cannot tell you how happy I am.I had a strange problem in that the VHF channels - 10 (digital on 9) in particular would not work.The new setup worked without a hitch. The aiming directions from were dead on. I mounted and aimed it in 10 minutes.

Thanks for your help."

Ben - Miami, FL

"I just wanted to provide some feedback on my recent order. I ordered the DB4 antenna. My order shipped the same day I ordered it and I received it very quickly. As to the quality of the antenna, I am very impressed. I am able to pick up all of my local digital channels with strong signal strengths from roughly 30 miles away without an amplifier.You can consider me a very satisfied customer.

Great job, Antennas Direct!"

Grady - O'Fallon, IL

"After talking to you over the phone and exploring all my options for a HD antenna. You suggested the DB8, WOW I received the antenna on Monday afternoon. I assembled it per your directions, which by the way were excellent! After putting the antenna together, I thought why not just for fun hook it up, inside the house? To my surprise I couldn't believe my eyes, I went from 3 channels to 14! All I did was to place it by a window and reset my dish network 921 receiver. I hope you remember that I live in the woods. Just by setting this antenna by a window, I received all the Detroit stations that are 38 miles away, but also 2 Lansing channels that are 48 miles away, without moving the antenna.

As soon as it gets above freezing I will mount the antenna above our roof line which will be 40 feet above where it is now. This is an outstanding product, as well as your knowledge, courtesy, and your professorial manner. I will highly recommend your company and yourself to all my friends, especially the ones that are making the move to HDTV."

Gerald - Brighton, MI

"I recently purchased the DB8 antenna from you. Just wanted to let you know that its performance is everything you said it would be. I have not experienced any drop outs or disturbance in reception since the day I installed it. Worth every penny.

Now all local digital and HD transmission's come in perfectly, even under poor weather conditions. You recommended the DB4 but I chose the DB8 just to be on the safe side due to distance. Will recommend you to anyone experiencing digital or HD reception problems.

Thank you."

John - Florissant, MO

"I am located 40 miles NW of Chicago and for UHF DTV channels your 91XG works GREAT!! I am pulling in all the ChicagoLand channels (Chicago/NW Indiana) now without dropouts.


Dave, Chicago, IL

"This is a wonderful antenna, and I sincerely appreciate all of your prompt and insightful responses to my emails. There are far too few companies out there with products this good and customer service that is even better.

FYI, I ran a dedicated line directly from the antenna to the antenna in on the TiVO and am now receiving beautiful high def on all of my locals! Simple solution to a very disconcerting "problem".

Once again, thanks for everything, and your company goes right to the top of my recommended companies for anyone looking for this kind of product and outstanding service. I have already referred a couple of friends."

Jeff - Huntington Beach, CA

"I received the antennas I ordered very quickly. The SR-15 seemed to do the trick. I'm now getting strong signals from all the stations on the tower close to my house. The difference between the SR-15 and the Radio Shack one I was using is amazing. I also ordered the DB-2 -- it also worked well, though the (directional) SR-15 was appreciably better for some stations.

Thanks for the help."

Brian - San Francisco, CA

"I bought & installed your XG42 antenna yesterday & I must say that after an involved up & down the ladder adjustment, it works as advertised. I am in total awe of the HDTV picture your antenna provides. I am about 25 miles from local broadcasts & with a 35 foot tree directly in it's path (about 50 ft. away) it performs perfectly. I would highly recommend this antenna to anyone who needs one. Why pay Direct TV hundreds of dollars plus a monthly charge for HDTV!"

Gary - East Meadow, NY

"I ordered a long range DB8 antenna from you and my father and I set it up. We are 60 miles from the nearest Fox station and I am happy to report that we had perfect HD reception for the Super Bowl. The antenna is no more than five feet off the ground and it worked brilliantly. Thank you for an excellent product."

Adam - Cameron, NC

"Just to let you know, I purchased the DB4 and installed it on my roof utilizing the bathroom vent pipe! I placed a 2" scheduled 40 PVC on the vent with some PVC cement, worked great. Also the reception is absolutely amazing! The super bowl was so clear it was like being on the field. The Sony Grand Wega 50" screen is absolutely incredible."

John - Stafford, VA

"I recently purchase and installed your 43XG Yagi antenna, added a preamp because I am shadowed by a spur of the Sandia Mountains here in Albuquerque, NM. Your antenna is the best I have tested so far; I have sent a report with comparisons to the Director of Engineering, local KNME PBS 5-1.G."

L. - Albuquerque, NM

"The XG42 worked excellently in a solution to properly receive the local FOX affiliate in a difficult location that is partially obstructed. This required 15' mast as well as careful pointing, but the difference compared to the cm4221 antenna it replaced was evident even before tweaking the details."

Bob - Issaquah, WA

"I recently purchased a DB4 Bow-Tie multi-directional UHF antenna exclusively for local HDTV programming reception. I used this new antenna in place of a new VHF/UHF combination antenna located on my house roof (25 ft above ground level). I received it last week, but was procrastinating to put it up on the roof. I finally broke down and installed the DB4 this weekend because I was experiencing unexpected reception problems (couldn't maintain a lock on the channel) on the local FOX channel (station 9.1). Wow, what a difference in signal strength.

I live in a northern suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. The local TV broadcast antenna towers are also in a northern suburb called Shoreview. I am about 5-6 miles east-southeast from the towers. I spoke to a customer service rep on the phone about my location prior to purchasing the DB4. I told him that I had to point my old combination antenna away from the transmission towers in order to not overload my HDTV receiver. Well I installed the new DB4 on the roof and aimed it directly at the towers (I can see the towers through the neighbors trees). I checked my digital signal strength using the diagnostic mode feature on my HTDV menu options. I left it aligned at that angle since I got good results. Here are some of the results / differences.

Old VHF/UHF Antenna:

  • channel 4.1 (CBS) (always was good) signal strength=95 to 98
  • channel 5.1 (ABC) signal strength=87 to 92
  • channel 9.1 (FOX) signal strength=78 to 89
  • Channel 11.1 (NBC) signal strength=87 to 92
  • channels 17.1-17.5 (local weather & public TV) signal strength=78 to 89
  • channel 23.1 (WTBS) signal strength=67 to 81
  • channel 45.1 signal strength=78 to 87New DB4 Antenna:channel 4.1 (CBS) (always was good) signal strength=95 to 98 (mostly 98)
  • channel 5.1 (ABC) signal strength=95 to 98
  • channel 9.1 (FOX) signal strength=92 to 95
  • Channel 11.1 (NBC) signal strength=92 to 98
  • channels 17.1-17.5 (local weather & public TV) signal strength=95 to 98
  • channel 23.1 (WTBS) signal strength=78 to 87
  • channel 45.1 signal strength=95 to 98

As you see by the results, the signal strength is uniformly stronger across the bandwidth. I would also have to say that I was experiencing multi-path reflections and poor signal quality (interference) from the VHF/UHF combination antenna.

I gave you this detailed information in case you want to use it as an example for someone else in my area, should they call you to inquire about an antenna.

Definitely a good investment."

Milan - Little Canada, MN


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