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ClearStream TV™ Frequently Asked Questions

Powering Up

  • It is taking a long time for ClearStream TV to power up.

    The initial setup for ClearStream TV may take approximately 2 to 3 minutes for the device to power up as it searches for known WiFi networks. If none are found, ClearStream TV will reboot into setup mode.

Channel Scan

  • The channel scan takes a long time and I didn’t receive all the available channels.

    A typical channel scan can take from 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the number of available channels in your area.

    Make sure you have a strong WiFi signal while you are scanning for channels. Weak WiFi signal can also create communication issues between the app and the ClearStream TV unit, and will cause interference during a channel scan.

    Ensure the WiFi signal is at a maximum and stays at a maximum during the channel scan step. If a channel scan takes longer than 10 minutes, then you are most likely having connectivity issues. The performance of a WiFi wireless network connection depends greatly on signal strength. You can check your WiFi network using a WiFi analyzer app to see if your router meets the requirements. ClearStream TV can be used on any home WiFi network compatible with 802.11n over 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz and compatible mobile devices.

  • Where can I go to see all the available channels in my area?

    Check out Antenna Point. Our mapping tool will allow you to view the TV transmitters in your area. Using this tool, you will see broadcast patterns showing the distance between your location and the broadcast towers.

    Certain variables unrelated to the antenna’s performance can affect reception, such as terrain, tall buildings, and trees. Call our helpline or chat with us online if you need assistance choosing the best TV antenna for your location.

  • I didn’t receive all the channels I expected, or I received channels that don’t work with live TV.

    ClearStream TV will tune just as well as connecting the TV antenna directly into your TV. See HDTV FAQs for additional antenna tips. Below is a summarized list of simple steps.

    1. Check out Antenna Point and enter your zip code for a list of available channels in your area.
    2. You may need a long-range antenna
    3. Move your antenna to a better location
    4. You can also check the number of available channels by connecting the coaxial cable from the antenna directly to your TV and performing a channel scan, prior to installing ClearStream TV.

    Tip: Make sure your TV antenna is placed in the best possible location to receive broadcast signals, and your ClearStream TV is within 20 feet of your wireless router.


  • ClearStream TV did not connect to my WiFi network.

    1. Ensure you choose the correct WiFi network and entered the correct network password during setup.
    2. Place the ClearStream TV unit in a location with a strong WiFi signal from your home network.

    To troubleshoot your WiFi signal:

    1. Check the WiFi signal strength at the ClearStream TV unit with a smart phone. WiFi should be at least medium strength (3 out of 5 bars) or at least -60dbm as read by a WiFi scanning app.
    2. Verify the network and credentials by connecting another device to the WiFi network
    3. Perform the setup again

    Tip: Verify the status of ClearStream TV by going to the Router’s webpage (typically and check to see if the MAC address is listed as an active client. Visit ClearStream TV’s IP address in a browser to verify it is active.

    Advanced WiFi troubleshooting:

    1. If your WiFi environment is too congested you may need to change the channel of your WiFi router to avoid interference. A WiFi analyzer app on an Android device or computer can help diagnose the WiFi. The WiFi channel is typically changed in the router’s settings.
  • Is there a good WiFi analyzer app you recommend?

    For an Android device: We recommend the farproc WiFi Analyzer.

    For an iOS device:  We are still looking for the best free WiFi analyzer app.

  • I have two WiFi networks, my normal network and a “5G” network. Which network should ClearStream TV be connected to?

    Most modern routers broadcast both a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz network. ClearStream TV will work with either one. If available, a “5G” or a 5 GHz network will provide a faster connection to the ClearStream TV.

  • My app cannot find the ClearStream TV on my local network.

    1. Ensure your app and ClearStream TV are on the same network. If the “ClearStreamTV_XXXX” WiFi network is visible, ClearStream TV is still in Setup Mode and is not connected to your home WiFi.
    2. Use a computer to confirm ClearStream TV is visible on the network and active.
      1. Find ClearStream TV on your router’s list of client devices.
      2. Visit ClearStream TV’s IP address in a web browser and check that the webpage is found without errors.

    The default settings of most routers will work with ClearStream TV. If you continue to have issues, you should review the following settings in your WiFi router:

    • UPnP, UDP, IGMP, Multicast (if available) are Enabled
    • AP Isolation is Disabled
  • How far away can my phone, tablet or streaming device be from ClearStream TV?

    Your device will need a strong WiFi signal to play live TV. This varies by device, and typically 3 out of 5 bars is required, so check your WiFi icon to check the signal strength. WiFi signal strength depends on your wireless router and the number of walls and objects between your device and the router. 

    Tip: The video pausing intermittently is an indicator that the WiFi signal is marginal. Move the ClearStream TV device closer to your router.

  • Are there specific requirements for my internet service?

    Not at all! ClearStream TV receives live TV over your home WiFi network, not the internet. Once the ClearStream TV app is downloaded on your device, you can watch live TV even when your internet goes out! ClearStream TV can be used on any home WiFi network compatible with 802.11n over 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth.

Data Usage

  • Does ClearStream TV use cellular data?

    No, ClearStream TV streams live TV over your local network. No connection to the internet is required once the app is installed. Check out our How it Works page to learn more.


  • What are the operating systems compatible with ClearStream TV?

    The ClearStream TV app is compatible with these operating systems:

    • Android 4.2 or above
    • iOS 8.4 or above
    • tvOS 10.2 or above
    • Roku v7.50 b4099 or above
    • Amazon Fire devices from 2013 or newer

    Availability and performance of certain features and applications are device and network dependent. If you are using a device with an operating system lower than the compatible operating systems, some features will not be available, such as the Program Guide.  

    The ClearStream TV app is not available for PC, Mac or Smart TVs.

  • How do app updates work?

    All operating systems will update within 8 hours of an app update. You can always check if an update is available through your device’s app store or equivalent.

  • Can I zoom in and out during the initial setup? Or during live TV on my phone or tablet?

    No, this feature is not available.

  • Re-syncing the App.

    If you are still having connectivity issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the ClearStream TV app on your viewing device. This will clear any cache or old data the application stored.

Live TV

  • Live TV won’t play on any channels.

    Make sure your ClearStream TV_XXXX is connected as an access point first, then to your WiFi network during WiFi Setup mode. Click on How It Works to find out more. If you have performed all the WiFi Setup steps and are still having issues, power cycle ClearStream TV by unplugging the power cord from the ClearStream TV unit for 10 seconds, and then plug the power cord back into the ClearStream TV. Wait for the status light to turn green before going into live TV. 

  • Some channels won’t play, or channel plays intermittently.

    If your device is receiving interfering broadcast signals, move or elevate the antenna, making sure it is not placed near metal objects or other antennas.

    You will need to perform another channel scan in the ClearStream TV app every time you move your antenna. You can also check for a list of broadcast stations in your area, as well as their tower locations.

    Depending upon the distance between your home and the local broadcast towers, you may need a long range outdoor/attic antenna. Antennas Direct offers many models for this purpose.

Connectivity Issues

  • ClearStream TV won’t stay connected to my WiFi. Should I power cycle my router?

    If you are experiencing connectivity issues with ClearStream TV, you can try to power cycle your router. To do this, unplug the power adapter from the router for approximately 30 seconds. Then, reconnect the power adapter to the router. The router will take a few minutes to boot up during the reset. Once your router is back online, go back to the WiFi Setup screen in the ClearStream TV app and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Power Cycle ClearStream TV.

    If you have already performed a manual reset on ClearStream TV, and you are still having connectivity issues, you can power cycle ClearStream TV. To do this, unplug the power adapter from the back of the ClearStream TV unit for ~10 seconds. Then plug the power adapter back into the power jack on the ClearStream TV. This process can take up to 2 minutes to reboot. Wait for the status light to turn green before going into live TV.


  • I don’t have guide data for all channels.

    Guide data takes some time to load. If the guide data is missing for a channel, in the app, click on the program guide and select the station that is missing the program information and wait up to 2 minutes for the program information to load. You will need to do this for each main station, while sub-channels will auto populate once the main station program information loads. If the program information is still not loading, there is a possibility the broadcast tower is not transmitting the program information, therefore, ClearStream TV is unable to produce program information for that channel.

Setup Mode

  • What if I want to factory reset my device?

    You can perform a manual reset on your device. This will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure the power adapter is plugged into a wall outlet.

    1. First, unplug the power cord from the power jack on ClearStream TV.
    2. Locate the reset button next to the male f-connector on ClearStream TV.
    3. Hold down the reset button [tip: use a sharp point. Press until you feel the reset button click]. While holding down the reset button, plug the power cord back into ClearStream TV power jack. Continue holding the reset button until the green status light flashes twice, then release.
    4. Wait for the status light to turn green [tip: you should see blue and red flashing status lights initially].
    5. When the status light turns green, ClearStream TV is ready to configure WiFi.

    If the status light does not turn green, repeat steps 3 – 5.


  • You don’t list Google Chromecast compatibility on your packaging, so does ClearStream TV work with Chromecast?

    Any of your devices with the ClearStream TV app that also have the Chromecast app installed will be able to cast the OTA broadcast to your chosen device.

    Note: When changing channels, you must use the device you are casting from to change the channel, then you recast the OTA broadcast to your chosen device.

Recording and DVR

  • Can you record shows?

    No, ClearStream TV does not currently support recording of shows.

Closed Captioning

  • Is closed captioning available?

    Yes, each application supports Closed Captioning. 

    During live TV mode:

    iOS - use the gear icon in upper right to activate or disable Closed Captioning.

    Android - use the triple dots in upper corner to activate or disable Closed Captioning

    tvOS - swipe in from right.

    Roku - from the main menu select Caption.


  • What kind of antenna do I need?

    ClearStream TV works with any HDTV antenna, indoors and outdoors. If using an outdoor antenna, the ClearStream TV unit needs to be indoors, in a dry area. Connect ClearStream TV to the down lead coaxial cable coming into your home.


  • Video Quality is Poor.

    If you’re experiencing poor video quality, there could be a few reasons why this is happening.

    • If the video looks good, but stops, starts, or stutters, this is most likely due to a poor WiFi signal from your router to your device, i.e. phone, tablet, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Kindle, or Google Chromecast. You may also be experiencing a poor WiFi signal from your router to the ClearStream TV. Try moving the HDTV antenna and the ClearStream TV closer to your router.
    • If the above step doesn’t work, you can also move to a different WiFi channel in your router (see your WiFi router guidelines or ask your provider). You can also upgrade to a router that supports a 5Ghz band.

    If the video quality has an occasional breakup, a few pixels from time to time, the problem is most likely HDTV reception. Move your antenna or make sure your antenna is aimed in the direction of your TV stations’ broadcast towers and check reception by scanning for channels. If you are not receiving all of the available channels, move the antenna and rescan.

    If you continue to have poor video quality, call our helpline for technical assistance in the U.S.A., toll-free: 1-877-825-5572.

ClearStream TV Device

  • What other features are available in the ClearStream TV app?

    The program guide shows you a complete list of networks and TV shows available. In Settings, you can sort the channels, move your favorite channels to the top of the list, or delete unwanted channels.

  • What do the LED status lights mean on ClearStream TV?

    • During the initial setup when plugging in ClearStream TV, you will see a red and blue solid (2 sec) – this means ClearStream TV is starting up.
    • Blue Flashing, Red Solid (30 sec) – ClearStream TV is going through its second phase of startup.
    • Red and Blue Solid (5 sec) – ClearStream TV is going through third phase of startup.
    • Blue Flashing, Red Solid (15 sec) – ClearStream TV is going through fourth phase of setup.
    • Red Solid (9 sec) – ClearStream TV is going through final phase of startup.
    • Solid Green – ClearStream TV is on and ready for use.
    • Blue Flashing with solid Green – ClearStream TV is communicating with your wireless network.
    • Quick Flashes of Green – your ClearStream TV has been properly rebooted.
  • My ClearStream TV seems excessively hot.

    ClearStream TV may become very warm to the touch; this is normal. Make sure to place ClearStream TV in a well-ventilated area. Unplug the power source and let it cool before handling it. Click here for Safety and Handling tips.

Kindle Device

  • In my Kindle WiFi settings it reads, “You are not connected to the Internet.”  What does that mean?

    ClearStream TV is being used as an access point, therefore during the Connect to Network step in the WiFi setup, you are not connected to the internet and that is OK. Click here to find out How It Works.

Samsung Device

  • When in my Samsung phone or tablet WiFi settings it reads, “You are not connected to the Internet.”

    ClearStream TV is being used as an access point, therefore during the Connect to Network step in WiFi setup, you are not connected to the Internet and that is OK. Click here to find out How It Works.

Roku Device

  • How do I set up my Roku?

    Roku streaming devices do not support the initial WiFi Setup of your ClearStream TV. You will need to complete the initial WiFi Setup using an iOS or Android phone or tablet. Once you have finished the WiFi Setup on your iOS or Android device, you can exit the ClearStream TV app. Click here for detailed instructions to setup ClearStream TV on your Roku.

  • Why can’t I pause or rewind live TV on my Roku?

    Pause and Rewind functionality is not available on any Roku devices due to the limitations of the Roku data storage on the device itself. The pause/rewind works by allocating a certain amount of memory on the local device and is using that as a buffer for the video. Roku has very limited memory onboard and has restrictions on what apps can do.

Apple TV 3rd Generation Device

  • My Apple TV is the 3rd generation and it doesn’t allow you to download apps, it only comes with the pre-installed apps, so how can I use the ClearStream TV?

    You can add the ClearStream TV app to your iPhone or iPad and stream them to your Apple TV via AirPlay.

Amplifier and Preamplifier Use

  • Can I use an Amplifier or Preamplifier with ClearStream TV?

    Yes. For attic and outdoor enhanced performance with broadcast signals, adding a preamplifier to an antenna increases over-the-air signal strength and will help overcome challenges with long coaxial cable runs over 100 ft., using splitters, or weak signals in the area. We recommend the ClearStream JUICE UHF/VHF Preamplifier System.

    For indoor use, an in-line amplifier is designed to provide added range and maximum signal reception to receive more channels. We recommend the ClearStream In-Line Amplifier. With the In-Line Amplifier, you can provide power through a USB port on your TV or use the USB power adapter and a wall outlet.

    Distribution Amplifiers can also be used to split the signal to multiple TVs in your home. Check out the CDA4 and the CDA8 for more information.

Multiple ClearStream TV Devices

  • Can I use more than one ClearStream TV with my HDTV antenna iinstallation?

    Yes, you can use multiple ClearStream TV devices in your home. Once you find the right location for your HD antenna, use a splitter or a distribution amplifier to split the broadcast signal to multiple TVs. Every installation is different, so we suggest you call our toll-free number in the U.S. or chat with our customer support team online to provide advice on your installation.

    Helpful tip in the ClearStream TV app: after you have completed the WiFi setup for each ClearStream TV, go into the Settings menu in the app, and select each device to rename them for each user or room in your home.

Safety and Handling for ClearStream TV