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Don't Miss the Bus - Tour Schedule

Find out when the next Antennas Direct Bus Tour will be!

Would your news station like to be a stop on the tour? Contact Scott Kolbe to schedule your station! Read below to find out more about how your station can be a part of the next TV Liberation Bus Tour!

About the Tour

  • Educate viewers of the advantages of OTA Television.
  • Help viewers facing financial difficulty.
  • Antenna Giveaway: Antennas Direct generally provides $10K - $20K per event (at no cost to the station or its viewers).

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Why Host?

  • Expand your coverage area, increase viewership, and build awareness of your station's investment in digital broadcasting.
  • The economy is hurting household budgets.
  • Believe it or not, most viewers are not aware that HDTV is available for free. Help people who are struggling with Pay-TV bills.

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How to Prepare

  • Schedule your date for the tour to come to your city.
  • Promote the event prior.
  • Choose a location to host the event (we can help with this). Request an antenna shipment prior to the event.
  • Be prepared to provide crowd control for the day of the event.

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Day of Event

  • Setup area for people to line up.
  • Host event for 1.5 - 3 * hours.
  • Help manage crowds and answer questions for viewers.

* Note: Event could go longer depending on the crowd.

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About Us

  • Antennas Direct was founded in 2003.
  • Antennas Direct was in the list of INC 500 Fasted Growing Companies.
  • Antennas Direct leads the way in research and development of OTA antennas.
  • Antennas Direct antennas are sold at Best Buy, Walmart, BJs, Fry's, Lowe's, and more.

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Schedule a Tour

Contact us today to schedule a tour!

Scott Kolbe 

for Antennas Direct

636-379-3895 x 13


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