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Don't Miss the Bus - 2016 Bus Tour Schedule

Find out where the Antennas Direct Bus will be in 2016, check back in often as we will be adding new stops on the tour throughout the year.

Would your news station like to be a stop on the tour? Contact Erica Skrivan to schedule your station! Read below to find out more about how your station can be a part of the 2017 Bus Tour!

About the Tour

  • Educate viewers of the advantages of OTA Television.
  • Help viewers facing financial difficulty.
  • Antenna Giveaway: Antennas Direct generally provides $10K - $20K per event (at no cost to the station or its viewers).

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Why Host?

  • Expand your coverage area, increase viewership, and build awareness of your station's investment in digital broadcasting.
  • The economy is hurting household budgets.
  • Believe it or not, most viewers are not aware that HDTV is available for free. Help people who are struggling with Pay TV bills.

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How to Prepare

  • Schedule your date for the tour to come to your city.
  • Promote the event prior.
  • Choose a location to host the event (we can help with this). Request an antenna shipment prior to the event.
  • Be prepared to provide crowd control for the day of the event.

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Day of Event

  • Setup area for people to line up.
  • Host event for 1.5 - 3 * hours.
  • Help manage crowds and answer questions for viewers.

* Note: Event could go longer depending on the crowd.

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About Us

  • Antennas Direct was founded in 2003.
  • Antennas Direct was in the list of INC 500 Fasted Growing Companies.
  • Antennas Direct leads the way in research and development of OTA antennas.
  • Antennas Direct antennas are sold in Best Buy, Walmart, BJs, Fry's, Lowe's, and more.

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Schedule a Tour

Contact us today to schedule a tour!

Erica Skrivan Public Relations Manager

for Antennas Direct

636-379-3895 x 15


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