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Antennas Direct Partners with TV Stations to Inform Viewers about Antennas

Nov. 17, 2008: ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Deadline to the national DTV switch is only four months away, and the saga of public confusion continue as millions of viewers struggle to understand why their free, over-the-air TV programming could black out on Feb. 17. The sequel to the digital conversion story is the antenna, and Antennas Direct is bringing it to communities everywhere.

In partnership with broadcast stations everywhere, Antennas Direct will embark on a nationwide Bus Tour to teach people about the role antennas play in the digital conversion. The Antennas NOW! Bus Tour will provide hands-on instructions, live demonstrations and samples of DTV antennas to the general public. Never before has an antenna manufacturer taken a cross-country road trip to offer viewers information that could save them from complete black out.

Industry experts and elected officials have said recently that the government underestimated the widespread public need for advanced antennas to receive over-the-air DTV and that some viewers may have to purchase a new antenna to pull in previously accessible stations. Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders even suggested the federal government provide subsidies for this antenna replacement.

The antenna story, however, isn't widespread. And that's why Antennas Direct will tour the country to provide critical knowledge of the role antennas play in the digital conversion story.

"People need to continue to receive essential news, sports, weather and other important local programming after the digital switch," said Antennas Direct President Richard Schneider. "And I want to help people understand why some may need a new antenna in order to continue to receive those channels."

Antennas Direct will explain how antennas work in the digital age, how terrain and distance affects digital reception and how to choose the right antenna. In addition to educational materials, Antennas Direct will offer participants a chance at winning a free upgraded antenna.

"Not everyone will need a new antenna to receive FREE DTV," Schneider said, "but many people don't realize that they could get more channels using a better antenna."

About Antennas Direct
As a member of the Inc. 500 list for 2008, Antennas Direct is a St. Louis-based manufacturer and distributor of over-the-air antennas. The company was founded by Richard Schneider in 2003 and has since been widely recognized for superior product design and performance by a number of industry publications and main stream media outlets. Having invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of new technological advances in television antenna design, Antennas Direct continually tests and modifies antenna designs, raising the bar by which antenna performance and appearance are measured. For additional information on Antennas Direct, visit