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Antennas Direct ClearStream 5 Brings Back Missing DTV Channels

Aug. 26, 2009; ST. LOUIS - According to Nielsen Media Research's latest survey, 1.2 million people are lacking equipment to receive digital signals and those that have equipment have lost some DTV channels, especially educational programming. Antenna manufacturer Antennas Direct offers the ClearStream 5 antenna for people still struggling to regain lost channels and their favorite shows.

"Two months since the DTV switch, and millions of viewers are going without their favorite channels because they don't have the right equipment," said Richard Schneider, president and founder of Antennas Direct. "The ClearStream 5 is an extremely powerful VHF antenna that is also 80% smaller than traditional VHF antennas. The best solution for viewers that have lost channels is to hook up a separate band-specific antenna, such as the ClearStream 5, with a UHF antenna."

According to industry news source, public television stations reported loosing up to 84% of their viewership after the switch. Nielsen confirmed some stations lost viewership, and the viewership numbers are still down.

"Some stations changed their digital channel assignment after the digital switch. And while many people can receive these channels with a UHF antenna, some people in weak signal locations may need a supplemental VHF antenna," Schneider said. "The combination antennas have reception limitations because of their design and often don't get all DTV channels. The ClearStream 5 was designed to work in concert with our small and powerful UHF ClearStream models in order to get the most DTV channels with the most reliability."

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Antennas Direct is a St. Louis-based manufacturer of over-the-air antennas specifically tuned for core DTV frequencies. Its ClearStream antenna series has been widely recognized by broadcast engineers and industry publications for its superior design and performance for DTV. Antennas Direct, a 2009 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company, has invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of new antenna technology and continues to test and modify antenna designs, raising the bar by which antenna performance and appearance are measured. Visit for more information.