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Prime Channels Now Available to Cord Cutters


Prime Channels Now Available to Cord Cutters
Antennas Direct teams with FAVE TV to maximize alternatives to high-cost cable

June 14, 2012; ST. LOUIS - Want to cut the cord, but afraid of losing your favorite programming? Millions of Americans are turning to the internet to catch their favorite shows. 38% of all U.S. households have at least one TV connected to the web, according to a recent study by the Leichtman Research Group. Antennas Direct, the industry leader in antenna technology, has partnered with FAVE TV to bring viewers the best local and nationally recognized channels - all without the burden of high-cost cable. FAVE TV is a new, affordable TV alternative from Sky Angel U.S., LLC that streams content via a set-top box connected to the internet.

Antennas Direct has led the way in the cord-cutting movement for nearly 10 years, breaking the spell and freeing millions from the hypnotic hold of cable companies. Antennas Direct antennas provide access to free over-the-air programming in homes across the country, with some markets receiving as many as 100 channels. While over-the-air television satisfies the needs of most, some viewers still crave programming they've come to rely on such as popular news, weather and sports networks.

"We're committed to helping Americans cut the cord," said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. "The reign of cable companies is coming to an end, as subscribing citizens cancel their subscriptions in a growing trend. FAVE TV offers many of the same top networks as cable companies at a fraction of the cost. Viewers can now cut the cord and reduce their monthly bills without sacrificing their favorite shows."

FAVE TV is a natural internet-based compliment to over-the-air programming. Many of the same prime channels available through traditional cable can be enjoyed on FAVE. Popular selections among the line-up include Fox News, Fox Business, The Hallmark Channel, PBS Kids Sprout, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBC Sports, NBA TV, PIXL, The Weather Channel, HSN and The Outdoor Channel.


About Antennas Direct
Antennas Direct is the leader in antenna technology, reinventing the antenna for the digital era. With a heritage in over-the-air antennas specifically tuned for core DTV frequencies, Antennas Direct has invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of new antenna designs for digital reception. Founded in 2003, the firm is a multiple year Inc. 500 honoree and member of the Future of TV Coalition. Visit for more information.

FAVE TV utilizes your high-speed Internet connection to deliver popular programming to your television and is owned and operated by Sky Angel US LLC®. FAVE takes a fresh approach by offering a television service that's designed with families in mind. With nationwide coverage, FAVE makes it easy for families to consider an alternative to traditional cable and satellite. For a fun, family-minded solution to home entertainment, visit



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