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Charter Communications Refuses to Air Antennas Direct Commercials

Antennas Direct, an HDTV antenna manufacturer, announced today that Charter Communications has declined to broadcast a pre-scheduled television ad campaign due to its anti-cable message.  

The banned sixty second TV spots, which depict the cable companies as a manipulative monopoly, encourage viewers to cancel cable and bask in the glory of free over-the-air programming. According to one high ranking Charter executive, the cable provider will not air television spots for any “direct cable competitors.”

“After publicly proclaiming the over-the-air movement as nothing more than a farce, Charter is finally acknowledging OTA as a legitimate competitor to cable,” said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. “When a multi-million dollar antenna company can strike fear into the heart of a 7 billion dollar giant, you know your message has merit.”  

Over the past 5 years, Antennas Direct has seen significant growth due in part to millions of Americans opting to ditch pay-TV in favor of free broadcast programming. In 2012, the antenna crusader earned a spot in the exclusive Inc 500|5000 Hall of Fame, announced a partnership with TiVo and rolled their HDTV antennas out to the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart.

“We are witnessing a genuine antenna renaissance,” said Schneider. “Americans are finally realizing that they don’t need to pay for cable in order to watch all of their favorite programming. We would like to thank Charter for validating the cord-cutting movement and recognizing it as a bona fide threat to their business.”

To view all three banned Antennas Direct TV spots, visit:

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