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Save West Virginia!


heraldComcast has done it again!  We felt extremely compelled to write about the city of Huntington, West Virginia after reading an article in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch. Comcast, the most hated company in America, has now turned to terrorizing the town of Huntington. In this article Sabrina Thomas, a librarian at Marshall University, had such a horrible experience with Comcast she cut the cable cord. She turned on her TV one day and noticed she was missing channels without any form of notification from Comcast. Do you know how many times she was transferred before she was able to speak to someone? Six times! And it’s five times too many if you ask us. Do you know what they told her when she was finally able to speak to someone? She wasn’t paying enough and had to upgrade. This is an outrage, if you’ve been paying for these channels, how can they just take them away? Comcast only thinks about how to gain another dollar, and not how their actions will affect their customers.

After receiving hundreds of angry phone calls from the community, Scott Caserta, a councilman in Huntington, called Comcast’s corporate office and was told in order for customers to keep the channels they already had, they had no choice but to upgrade to a higher package. Well that makes sense; pay more for what you already have. Whenever you use your microwave do you have to pay an additional fee to hit start? At Antennas Direct there are no hidden fees or additional charges for any of our products.

Comcast is the only cable provider in Huntington, leaving many residents feeling stuck in an unfair situation. We want to reach out to West Virginia and let them know, there is life without cable! You can watch high definition broadcast television without cable, and with an antenna there are no additional charges or hidden fees.  You no longer have to suffer at the hands of The Worst Company in America, it’s time to set yourself free!

Check back with us for our interview with Sabrina Thomas and what life has been like since cutting the cable cord.


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Stay the Course: Time Warner Takes the Cake

When you say, “Thank you,” it’s important to really mean it.

So we mean it, when we thank the executives at Time Warner Cable. They, once again, are raising prices to rebroadcast free, over-the-air content. Thanks to their backward practices, we just keep getting more and more customers. It’s truly so generous of them.Rather than use lofty language as praise for cable’s growing irrelevance, we decided to show a tangible sign of our appreciation. We delivered a cake right to their front door in New York.

Cake shot

Our own president took it upon himself to pen some grateful, heartfelt prose.

From the Desk of Richard Schneider, President of Antennas Direct.

Dear Time Warner Cable,

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and your executives. You truly are an inspiration.

We at Antennas Direct are only a humble concern. So we do not have the marketing budget that you and the other big cable companies have. So on behalf of me and our employees, we want to applaud your 6.4 percent rate increase for your cable subscribers. It is decisions such as those that drive new customers to our site and flood our retail partners in search of some relief from your tyrannical rule.

So thank you. Sincerely. Just when we thought we would need to pour more into an advertising campaign, you help to convert your customers into cord cutters at a rate that is astounding.

Stay the course –

Richard Schneider, president, Antennas Direct

PS – I truly hope you enjoyed the cake. Vanilla whipped frosting? It doesn’t get any sweeter.

Stay the course, Time Warner executives. Please do not deviate from your dastardly ways. You help to show more television viewers that there is a better way.


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CSI: The Death of Cable

Since crime scene dramas are the most-watched television programming for over-the-air viewers, we decided to use that medium to help you understand the dire straits in which cable providers have found. Scene opens on a wealthy tycoon’s office.

We had seen carnage before that day. But never any quite as mysterious. Cable Paymoor’s bloated body slumped forward in his throne-link office chair. The millionaire tycoon’s comb-over blew gently in the breeze of the open floor-to-ceiling windows. Piles of cash stacked around him escaped through the windows bill-by-bill.

My partner and I had been called to his residence after reports that he had not been heard from for days. We knew this was not out of character for Paymoor. He had a habit of going off the grid for days at a time and missing appointments. But this time, something much more deadly had happened.

“It appears there are no signs of forced entry,” said my partner.

“Well, that’s no surprise,” I said. “No one could penetrate this palace if they tried. No. I think what caused the demise of Cable is something more mysterious.”

We moved closer to Paymoor’s body and noted the open wound on his forehead. On the screen in front of him were the latest statistics on the number of Cable subscribers. It looked like he lost over 1.7 million subscribers.

MultiChannel Cable

In front of him lay a copy of the New York Times with the headline, “Cord Cutting Movement is Costing Cable Millions.” A pattern of blood splatter on the desk spelled out all we needed to know. Paymoor had died of self-inflicted wounds. He had smashed his head on the desk in frustration over losing his market share.

“My god,” I said. “Cable died of a broken heart. It appears this over-the-air option has driven Paymoor to the brink. He obviously couldn’t take it.”

On the desk next to the headlines I notice a cake. It read “MANY THANKS. STAY THE COURSE. XOXO Antennas Direct”

I turn to my partner: “Heh. I guess being a cable CEO is not such a sweet job anymore.”


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8 Creative Ways Cord Cutters Can Watch Their Favorite Sports

Early_1980's_thru_mid_90's_now_defunct_Sports_Channel_logoWhen cutting the cord, one of the biggest fears is losing access to live sports broadcasts. Maybe you have made the decision it was time to cut the cord, but need some help convincing your spouse. We at Antennas Direct have heard your cries for help (through Facebook and Twitter). Fear not, sports fans. We have compiled a list of eight ways you can still watch your favorite sport without having to pay for cable.

  1. With an antenna, you can still access games broadcasted on Fox, NBC, and CBS for free.
  2. Depending on your internet provider and where you live, you may have access to Watch ESPN or ESPN3 online or through your Roku player. You can check here to see if your internet provider is on the list.
  3. If you are a college student or U.S. based military, you can access ESPN3 by using computers connected to on-campus or on-military base networks.
  4. Play On is a subscription service that gives you access to 1000s of your favorite shows for $29.99 annually, or $4.99 a month. You can use Play On through your gaming console or another supported device like a Roku. Play On includes top channels including ESPN and ESPN3.
  5. For those who can’t get enough Terry Bradshaw, you can watch NFL games for $70 per season with the NFL Game Rewind. This allows you access every game for the season.
  6. Derek Jeter is in his final season. Watch every game with It’s $130 per season.
  7. You don’t have to miss a moment of the NBA Playoffs with the NBA All Access pass which allows you to watch all 30 teams for $190, or $130 for just your 5 favorite teams.
  8. If you want to watch your team fight for the Stanley Cup, you can get a full access pass to NHL games for $150 a year.

You don’t have to miss a single shoot-out, home run, or touch down by cutting the cable cord. Still have to convince your significant other? We got your back; send this list along to them and they’ll be throwing out your cable bill once and for all.


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DirecTV Bills Fire Victim for Damaged Satellite

At Antennas Direct, we value not only our customers, but the experience our HDTV antennas provide. This is why our antennas come with a lifetime warranty. If you’ve purchased an antenna from us in the past and it is destroyed in a typhoon, fire or a squabble with an ex-lover, we will be happy to replace your antenna for free—no questions asked.

Apparently, the folks over at DirecTV do not echo our sentiments…

Last week, Jeremy Beach, along with 370 other homeowners, lost his home to a massive wildfire in Black Forest, Colorado. Once Beach realized his home was damaged beyond repair, he contacted each one of his utility providers to cancel service. His providers were extremely understanding and accommodating to his unfortunate situation. Well, except for DirecTV.

Upon speaking to a customer service representative from DirecTV, Beach was informed he would have to pay $400 for the damaged equipment. While we enjoy poking fun at the pay-TV giants, we were thoroughly appalled at their decision to treat their customer this way. It goes against everything we stand for as a business and as human beings.

In an effort to save face, the higher-ups at DirecTV released a statement that retracted the service representatives’ admission.  However, with their history of similar customer service snafus, we find it very difficult to see the sincerity in their scripted spin.

On behalf of the entire Antennas Direct team, we would like to send a message Jeremy’s way:

Our hearts go out to you and your family during this time of strife, Mr. Beach.  We would like to supply you with one of our HDTV antennas.

Please feel free to call us at: 1-877-825-5572.

View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!


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A Dear Cable Letter

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Dear Charter,
I know Dr. Thomas said we shouldn’t contact each other during our “cooling off” period, but our time apart has given me the clarity to truly analyze our issues. While I still love you, I believe we’re no longer the same two people who fell in love so long ago.
I can still remember our first date. It was a blustery cold January evening. I was supposed to attend the Janet Jackson concert. However, I came down with a nasty case of the sniffles, so instead you brought Ms. “if you’re nasty” Jackson to me! The generosity you showed me that night was unlike anything I had ever seen before… I was hooked!
From that moment on we were inseparable. From Tyson vs. Holyfield 1 & 2 to the series premiere of The Sopranos—you were always by my side. For one low price I was given complete access to an entertainment package that was truly life changing… unfortunately the courtship wouldn’t last forever.
Over time I feel the relationship started to become less about us and more about your wants and needs. When you got into financial trouble, who did you turn to? Me. However, when I had an issue with our relationship, were you available to talk? No! You would just direct our conversation to your cousin in India. How is Raj, by the way?
So what is the point of this message, you ask? Is this my way of trying to convince you to change? Simply put… no. I know life isn’t a John Hughes movie. No note—no matter how poignant—can convince someone to change their outlook on life. Your priorities have changed and that is totally cool. Just don’t expect me to stand by your side.
Oh, and if you think I will be lost without you—think again! I have rebounded quite nicely, thank you. Her name is Antenna Ally and she allows me to watch all of my favorite programs in HD for—get this—FREE! No more monthly fee!
The real question now is: what should I do with all the money I save? I do know who I won’t be spending it on… YOU!
Have a nice life,

View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas from Antennas Direct or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!


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Cable: The Selfish Lover Strikes Again

If you think about it, your relationship with the cable company is not unlike many of your real life romances. It starts out hot and heavy with both sides mutually satisfied. Then the more dominate force (cable) starts taking more and more without even the courtesy of a kiss. At Antennas Direct, we not only value each and every one of our customers, we also ensure complete satisfaction—guaranteed!

A few weeks ago, we attempted to run a series of pre-scheduled television commercials on Charter, encouraging viewers to free themselves from the shackles of pay-TV. Unfortunately, the cable giant refused to air the spots due to the anti-cable message and perhaps the Saw-like motif.

Upon being banned from Charter’s airwaves, we were left pondering the question: Why? Why would a multi-billion dollar cable giant be worried about a little antenna company from Ellisville, Missouri? Well, we have pretty good idea…

Want to see that TV spots that the folks at Charter don’t want you to see? You can! To view all three banned Antennas Direct TV spots, head on over to our official YouTube channel or click on the provided links below:

TV Spot #1

TV Spot #2

TV Spot #3

Looking to join the cord-cutting movement? We can help! View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas from Antennas Direct or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!


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Top 10 things you could be buy if you canceled cable

Still paying for cable? Why? Do you realize you could save $100 bucks a month if you cut the cord! We thought it would be fun to compile a list of all the awesome things you could buy if—and only if—you canceled cable.

#1 Lots of Musk cologne: Look, it is no secret that broads really dig guys that smell like the 1970s. It is true, fellas!  By canceling cable, you will have enough cash to purchase a lifetime supply of the best aphrodisiac (besides Tom Selleck’s mustache, of course) known to man: Musk Cologne!

#2 Hire Flava Flav: Did you know that there are websites that allow you to purchase—yes, purchase!—famous celebs? It is true! For a small fee you could purchase anyone from Gary Busey to Flava Flav—a real who’s who of the Los Angeles County Jail!

#3 Gold Plated Toilet Seat: You might be thinking: “Why would I need a gold plated toilet seat?” Because you cancelled cable, dude! Now sit on your a** in style and enjoy the extra cash!
#4 Hoverboard: Ever since Back to the Future 2 we’ve been itching to get our hands on a hoverboard. Do they really exist, you ask? Umm… do Unicorns exist?

#5 Mini Donut Factory: Eh, why not? Yummy for your tummy!
#6 A Pony: Let us guess: your parents never bought you a pony when you were a child, right? Who wouldn’t want their child to have a pony? Sickos!
#7 Little Mermaid Sweatshirt: Need we say more?
#8 Tiger Woods’ Little Black Book: Just because Tiger was forced to give up his Wilt Chamberlain-esque lifestyle, doesn’t mean all his hard work should go to waste, right??
#9 Starbucks Coffee: Because all of sudden a $45 cup of coffee doesn’t sound too bad.
#10 An Autographed VHS Copy of Police Academy 4 by Steve Guttenberg: Because who doesn’t love “The Gut”?

If this list doesn’t inspire you to cancel your cable right this instant, well, there is no hope for mankind.

View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas from Antennas Direct or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!


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Charter Communications Refuses to Air Antennas Direct Commercials

“Sweep the leg, Johnny. Sweep the leg!” Do you remember this famous villainous spiel? It is from the 1984 classic, The Karate Kid. Who didn’t hate John Kreese and his clan of prepubescent ninjas? They were always picking on the little guy in hopes of making others believe they truly mattered. Sounds like our pals at Charter Communications, huh?

Recently, Charter Communications refused to air pre-scheduled Antennas Direct ad campaign due to its anti-cable message. The banned sixty second TV spots, which depict the cable companies as a manipulative monopoly, encourage viewers to cancel cable and bask in the glory of free over-the-air programming. According to one high ranking Charter executive, the cable provider will not air television spots for any “direct cable competitors.”

“After publicly proclaiming the over-the-air movement as nothing more than a farce, Charter is finally acknowledging OTA as a legitimate competitor to cable,” said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. “When a multi-million dollar antenna company can strike fear into the heart of a 7 billion dollar giant, you know your message has merit.”

Over the past 5 years, Antennas Direct has seen significant growth due in part to millions of Americans opting to ditch pay-TV in favor of free broadcast programming. In 2012, the antenna crusader earned a spot in the exclusive Inc 500|5000 Hall of Fame, announced a partnership with TiVo and rolled their HDTV antennas out to the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart.

Want to see that TV spots that the folks at Charter don’t want you to see? You can! To view all three banned Antennas Direct TV spots, see below:

TV Spot #1

Spot #2

TV Spot #3


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Cut the Cord & Watch the Sparks Fly!

There’s only one relationship we want to see you end this Valentine’s Day – and that’s your relationship with the cable company! Just think of all the things you could do to better your REAL-LIFE relationship if you stopped shelling out $80 a month to the cable and satellite companies…

Most companies are trying to sell you bouquets of roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and over-priced greeting cards. That’s all fine and dandy – they don’t call it a Hallmark Holiday for nothing.

This year – why not make a pledge to your sweetheart of a different kind? Make a promise to cut the cord and spend that money on each other!

Life’s expensive… and so is keeping the spark alive! Romantic date nights aren’t as cheap as they used to be. Forget a 10cent shake at the local soda fountain and a $1 drive-in movie. In this day and age, you’re lucky to get a candy bar for a buck-ten! If you want a night out on the town, you better have at least $40 in your pocket… and that’d only buy you a couple burgers and a pair of movie tickets if you’re lucky. You’ll have to smuggle the candy in!

Dinner and a movie isn’t the only thing with rising prices! Since 1995, average cable prices have been rising 2.6 times faster than the cost of living, reaching an average of almost $53 a month for basic, no frill service in 2009, according to FCC reports. Worse yet, the average cable bill in 2011 was $78!

If the average cable subscriber pays $78 a month, that adds up to just under $1000 a year! Just think of all the things you could be doing with that money –go on a vacation, invest in a bedroom makeover, hire a personal trainer or even just have a couple date nights every month!

What’s that? You love cuddling on the couch with your boo-boo and watching your favorite shows? We’re not saying you have to give up your love for TV. By no means – we love The Bachelor too! (Did we just say that out loud?) But what if we said you could still have that bonding time… but without the monthly fee.

Yep – that’s right. Free TV. Let’s just call it the Cable Company’s dirty little secret. We’re exposing the lies in your broken relationship. Forget cable – you don’t need them! All you need is an antenna!  You can receive free, over-the-air, high-definition TV without the monthly fees. Pretty great, right? Yeah, we think so too…

Ready to cut-the-cord and stand up for yourself? Good! It’s time to focus your finances on that cute sweetheart, honey-bunny, love-nugget, boo-boo, angel-face, sugar-bear next to you. Cut the cord and watch the sparks fly!

View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas from Antennas Direct or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!

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