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Indoor vs. Outdoor TV Antennas

Are you looking for an easy solution to cut the cord and say good-bye to monthly cable bills? Perhaps you are interested in adding a TV to a second location and you can’t stomach feeding the cable monster more dollars. A TV antenna is the quick and easy solution to FREE TV, but which antenna is right for you? Here we explore the benefits of both indoor and outdoor TV antennas.


Indoor TV Antennas

An indoor TV antenna may be the best solution if you live near the TV broadcast towers. They are also an excellent solution for people living in cities or apartments where mounting an outdoor antenna is simply not an option. They are small, powerful, and can be discreetly placed in any room.

Traditional dipole indoor antennas – or rabbit ears – don’t quite cut it today as they are tuned for VHF stations, while the majority of signals are now transmitted by UHF.

When installing an indoor antenna there will be building materials – brick, wood, stucco, or metal – impeding or interfering with your digital signal. Even household appliances – fridges, computers, and phones – can affect your signal. To overcome the signal loss, we recommend repositioning the antenna in a number of locations within the room – preferably near a window facing the direction of your local broadcast towers – to find the best position for a strong clear signal.

Antennas Direct recommends the Clearstream Eclipse Indoor TV Antenna 


Outdoor TV Antennas

Where installation is possible, an outdoor TV antenna will offer the best opportunity for receiving TV signals. Outdoor TV antennas are traditionally mounted on a rooftop and have a better line of site to the broadcast towers, with fewer obstructions – trees, buildings, walls, or roofing materials – and they have a distinct advantage over indoor and attic antennas.

If you live a far distance from the broadcast towers, a long range outdoor antenna is the best option for receiving the available signals. Outdoor antennas can also be mounted onto the sides of one’s house, decks, or on a tripod from the ground if roof access is not available. Remember, test your antennas position by scanning for the available channels before drilling any holes!

If you are having difficulty with your set-up, ask your neighbors if they too experience problems receiving channels. If they have similar issues with a particular channel then reach out to us here in the office and we will raise the issue with the local broadcaster.

Our recommendation is the Clearstream 2V Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna 

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Digital TV Antenna

Attic TV Antennas 

For best performance, we typically recommend the placement of your TV antenna at the highest point possible and with a clear line of site to the broadcast towers. Of course, many people still choose to install their TV antenna in the attic for aesthetic reasons or to comply with neighborhood guidelines.

Keep in mind it’s possible to lose some signal strength from an attic installation due to building materials. With an attic installation, the effective range of most antennas is lowered by 30% to 50% (10-15 miles), so consider getting a more powerful antenna or a preamp to compensate for this loss. Additionally, it is always preferable to mount the antenna to a mast or crossbeam and avoid letting the antenna touch the floor.

We recommend the Clearstream 4 Outdoor TV Antenna 

Be sure to visit to locate your local broadcast towers serving your area. This will help you determine where your towers are located and which way to aim your antenna. If you are not sure which TV antenna is right for you, we have a dedicated team of installation experts that will gladly assist with selection, or recommend a local installer to help you get set up.


Thanksgiving is a TV holiday. With the money you’ve saved on dropping cable, you can liberate your friends this holiday season. Head over to this Black Friday and save 40% off the best antennas for your loved ones. Just use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. We’re so generous, we will extend this offer through Cyber Monday. After you load up your shopping cart, go take a nap. You will still be hungover from the turkey.


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#ADBusTour Liberates Over 400 at the National Weather Festival


Surrounded by storm chasing helicopters, vehicles and the latest weather coverage technology, the Broadcast TV Liberation Tour rolled into the National Weather Festival on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. With hundreds awaiting free access to their favorite television, Antennas Direct, in partnership with and News 9 liberated over 400 festival attendees with a ClearStream 2V antenna – granting them the most reliable connection to up-to-the-moment weather coverage.

And, in a market like Central Oklahoma, that kind of connection can be the difference between life and death. That is not hyperbole. There is a reason the local broadcasting meteorologists like David Payne at News 9 are heralded as venerable rock stars. And, with a TV antenna, those local viewers don’t ever have to worry about outages due to inclement weather.


As the hundreds received antennas during the festival, the team of the Broadcast TV Liberation Tour heard comments about the reliability of antenna technology. And, long after the last antenna was given away, we remained on hand to answer the biggest questions that TV viewers had about antennas.


Will this work no matter what the weather does?

What is the monthly fee for getting the signal over-the-air?
There is no monthly fee.

How many channels can we get with one of your antennas?
In this parking lot with the antenna pointed in the wrong direction, we are receiving over 50 channels.

What if I put it outside and something falls on the antenna?
The antennas come with a lifetime guarantee. Just let us know what happened, and we’ll send you a new one.

The total value of the giveaway in Norman was over $40,000 worth of antennas. However, the potential annual savings to local households was close to $600,000 if they cancel their subscription to cable or satellite television. That is money going back into their budget as opposed to lining the pockets of cable CEOs.

Like many of the stops on the latest leg of the tour, we saw the overwhelming demand for local broadcast television. We are still astounded at the emotional connection people make to their local broadcasters and the best entertainment the world has known. Broadcast television is the most reliable window into the world for a growing number of Americans.

If you would like to see the bus in your city, take a moment to check out our Bus Tour landing page and request a bus stop!

Capture 2


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Not Rain, Nor Wind, Nor Cold Can Keep Over 500 South Dakotans from Free Broadcast TV


Dawn arrives to the entrance of the KELOLAND-TV station at 10 PM – long before the other crowds. She huddles under the canopy in front of the foyer with a folding chair and blanket. Although Dawn knows she would be waiting for hours, she also knows the wait was worth it. The rain began to fall, the night becomes cold and the wind blows, and, still, she waits.


What drives Dawn to the steps of KELOLAND-TV was the chance to receive broadcast television in full high definition without the pain of a monthly fee. The crew from the Broadcast TV Liberation Tour (a partnership with Antennas Direct and was set to giveaway ClearStream 2V antennas to the first 300 families at 6:45 AM – many hours later.

“I’m just fed up with my cable company,” says Dawn still huddled in a fleece blanket. She had been refusing coffee for hours just to avoid going to the bathroom and losing her place in line. “The wait for one of these antennas is worth never having to deal with cable again.”

Dawn is joined at 11 PM by several more people. By 5 AM, the line of for a free antenna stretched to to the end of the block and around the corner. The diverse crowd included TV viewers from neighboring Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. Periodically Paul Farmer from KELO-TV takes cups of coffee and umbrellas to the cold and wet masses – trying his best to keep them comfortable.

These hundreds of hard working people from our country’s Upper Midwest would rather endure the physical discomfort of hours in the rain, wind and cold than to have to face the monthly anguish of cable subscriptions.


By 6:45 AM, at the start of the giveaway, when the downpour increases, the line numbers more than 1,000. Each of them excited and sunny. Seeing the extraordinary demand, we release our backup stock of antennas thus liberating more than 500 households from the clutches of pay television – 200 more antennas than we had originally budgeted for the giveaway.

Capture 2

In true South Dakota fashion, each antenna is received with gratitude – hand shakes, hugs and thank-you’s abound.

Aside from relief from cable bills, many in the crowd were excited to receive consistent connection to their favorite news and weather updates in high definition. Over-the-air signals never go away – even in the most inclement weather. And broadcasters like KELO-TV have invested millions in their technology to make sure viewers get the real-time weather with expert reporting. All of this without a monthly fee.

The Broadcast TV Liberation Tour is thankful to Brittany Larson for live reports and awesome support from KELO-TV. We are looking forward to our stop in Oklahoma City!


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#ADBusTour Delivers Bigger Smiles to 400 Rapid City Residents

Antenna Giveway KOTA

Right at the entrance to the Black Hills of South Dakota is Rapid City, a small municipality that authentically cares deeply about what holds its community together. The local businesses thrive to create a unique downtown. Local high school sports are headline grabbers. And the local TV reporters who deliver news into the living rooms become familiar names across dinner tables.


And, from the view of the Broadcast TV Liberation Tour, what holds this community together is a sunny attitude and unapologetic brand of kindness. When we rolled into the Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City, several hundred already gathered. The morning air was chilly enough that breath was visible. But even more visible were the smiles on the faces of residents.

They smiled because they knew something that more and more Americans are realizing – broadcast television is the best, most reliable window into your platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

In partnership with KOTA Territory News and, we increased the already broad smiles of over 400 Rapid City residents. We know that, today, they are feeling more connected to what matters to them most – their local community news and weather with the best programming in the world without a monthly fee.

We are grateful to Priscilla Borrego and the whole team at KOTA Territory News. You, the local broadcaster, have built a trust relationship with the families in Rapid City.




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The Takeaway Interviews Richard Schneider on Exponential Growth of Antennas

Richard Schneider High Resolution

Yesterday, our new Broadcast TV Liberation Tour road-tripping president, Richard Schneider, was interviewed on PRI’s The Takeaway about the booming growth of digital TV antennas. He was able to frame the importance of over-the-air television and its role in the lives of all TV lovers – across ages and demographics.

“Over-the-air broadcast is the new basic cable,” says Schneider during the interview with John Hockenberry. “We’re giving the people the opportunity to liberate themselves from their unhealthy relationships with their cable providers.”

The beginning of the segment posted in-full below focuses on the FCC and their bid to auction off portions of the broadcast spectrum now used by your local TV affiliate. The spectrum would be then auctioned off to cellular network providers. To justify this sale, Stuart Benjamin cites fabricated statistics in an effort to make broadcast TV sound irrelevant.

However, his perception, and that of the FCC, of the US market for broadcast TV is not based on any form of reality. We know this for two reasons:

1. The market for digital TV antennas is exploding.
2. Reality is where we live.

We think that if just one of the FCC’s executives would come with us on our Broadcast TV Liberation Bus Tour, they would change their tune about the demand for broadcast TV.

Let them see with their own eyes the huddled thousands. Let them shake the hands of grateful, teary-eyed, hard-working people from the Midwest. Let them see the Asian Americans in San Francisco who now have a free window to their local community with in-language news and programming.

We offer an open invitation to any FCC executive to join us as we cross the country and liberate TV viewers. We have plenty of room on this bandwagon.



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#ADBusTour Liberates Over 400 Denver TV Lovers


The good ol’ Western movies always knew how to set the drama of a showdown. In the main street, tumbleweeds, high noon. As kids, we watched them huddled in the living room in the glow of broadcast TV.


At noon yesterday, we hosted our own Western Showdown at the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver, Colorado. Armed with over 400 ClearStream 2V antennas, we faced off with pay-TV providers. In a partnership with KUSA-TV and, our Broadcast TV Liberation Tour attracted 1,000 people, so we handed out over 100 extra antennas to meet the demand.

We started our day with some news coverage at KUSA, and our founder, Richard Schneider, talking about the looks on people’s faces when they realize they can receive their favorite television in high definition without a monthly fee.


And we saw those looks over and over again when we started our giveaway. People from every walk of life. Before we even made it to our next stop in Rapid City, we received some great feedback from one of the newly liberated TV viewers:

“I want to thank you for your generosity! I was one of the lucky ones to receive a free ClearStream 2V antenna in Denver Yesterday. I had been using a smaller RCA over-the-air antenna, and when I plugged in the ClearStream 2V, WOW, what a difference. It works great, with many more channels and much clearer. I have already told many of my friends – it is a great product and a great company. I heard about your event on 9 News. Thank you again!


Peggy, we are so glad you had that WOW-factor when you did the channel scan. We know how you feel. Watch out Rapid City. Our Broadcast TV Liberation Bus Tour rolls into town tomorrow morning!




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More than 400 New Mexicans Liberated on the #ADBusTour


The East Canyon gusty winds (with 50 to 60 MPH gusts) could not keep an estimated 2000 New Mexicans from showing up for the chance to receive free over-the-air television. In partnership with TV Freedom and KOB-TV, Antennas Direct gave away just over 400 of the ClearStream 2V antennas at the American Home Furniture in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The first person in line had been on location since 10 PM the night before – braving the chilly and cruel winds – to ensure he received the best television the world has known without a monthly fee.

All of our 400 antennas (plus a few extra) were gone within an hour.

Even after all of the antennas were gone, we stuck around to answer those common questions we always get: Yes, over-the-air is free. No, there is not a catch. Nope, no monthly fee. And, of course, there is no “upcharge” for high definition. Yes, you really can get that many channels.

Especially important to the Albuquerque area are all of the Spanish, in-language content that is available over-the-air. Ever since the digital broadcast transition of 2009, broadcasters have invested billions in their infrastructure to provide powerful signals over-the-air. Part of that investment was the creation of digital subchannels, which allow for niched programming for underserved communities.

According to the latest census, almost half of Albuquerque’s population is Hispanic or Latino with a quarter of the residents identifying as bilingual, an antenna provides reliable access to in-language, hyperlocal content for free.


We are grateful to Erica Zucco and the entire KOB-TV News Team for supporting our efforts to liberate more Americans on our Broadcast TV Liberation Bus Tour.



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#ADBusTour Kicks Off Another TV Liberation Tour in New Mexico

Eclipse NM Flag

New Mexico is said to be the Land of Enchantment. It is home to the world’s largest enchiladas, international hot air balloon festivals and, of course, Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

And soon, it will be home to 400 liberated New Mexicans when the Broadcast TV Liberation Tour rolls into Albuquerque on Friday, October 16 to give away 400 of our ClearStream 2V antennas. With one of these antennas, families can receive all their favorite local news and weather as well as the best entertainment the world has known in high definition without a monthly fee.

The tour is part of our ongoing partnership with You may remember our recent romps through Toledo, Washington DC, and San Francisco. At each stop, we give away hundreds of our cutting edge digital TV antennas (first come, first serve) and educate hundreds more on the virtues of over-the-air television.

This latest round of the tour spans five cities and four states from the Rockies to the Plains – in total we will give away over 2,000 antennas, a $160,000 value across four states before Halloween. That’s an estimated $2.8 million returned to the pockets of hard working American families when they cut the cable cord for good.

Here is every stop and our broadcast partner in each location:

Albuquerque, NM

7:00 AM, Friday, October 16, 2015

KOB-TV, News 4

American Home Furniture Parking Lot,

3535 Menaul Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87107


Denver, CO

12:00 PM, Monday, October 19, 2015

KUSA-TV, News 9

Pepsi Center

1000 Chopper Circle

Denver, CO 80204


Rapid City, SD

7:00 AM, Wednesday, October 21, 2015

KOTA-TV, News 3

Main Street Square

512 Main Street

Rapid City, SD 57701


Sioux Falls, SD

6:45 AM, Friday, October 23, 2015


KELO News Station

501 South Phillips Ave

Sioux Falls, SD 57104


Oklahoma City, OK

10:00 AM, Saturday, October 31, 2015

KWTV, News 9

National Weather Festival

National Weather Center

120 David L Boren Blvd.

Norman, OK 73072

The TV Liberation Tour is designed to help viewers across America access the most-watched and diverse broadcast TV programming – all for free. Interested in having the Antennas Direct bus come to your city? Be sure to tweet us with the #ADBusTour and let us know where we should stop next!


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Antennas Direct Featured on NPR’s Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

NPR less text

Almost every week, we hear from a well-meaning person who tells us that TV antennas are dying – that we should try something else. If you happen to one of these people, we appreciate your concern.

But, seriously, here are three of the reasons we don’t listen to you:

  • Our sales are booming.
  • We make great antennas that deliver the best programming for free in high definition.
  • National business media is taking note of the growth of over-the-air antennas.

Yesterday, Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal, the most widely heard program on business and the economy in the country, posted a story about the cord cutting trend and the growth of antenna sales across the country. As part of the story, our founder and president, Richard Schneider shared his hard-earned wisdom, some of our recent sales numbers and the work that remains to be done.

“Right now we are only selling to the minority that knows that over-the-air even exists,” he said. “People we talk to aren’t even aware that you can get digital TV for free.”

Read the full story on Marketplace HERE.

Many thanks to the reporter, Miles Bryan, for your in-depth look at the growth of over-the-air TV antennas.

Oh, and for those doubters out there, we still appreciate your notes. We would print them out and decorate Richard Schneider’s office, but that would be a waste of paper.


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Making Sense of Cents: Cut the Cord & Save Major Cash

Making Sense of Cents

We know it makes sense to cut the pay-TV cord, but Michelle of “Making Sense of Cents” is living proof of the bottom line difference that cutting the cord can make for a household. Earlier this year, Michelle and her husband decided it was time to cancel cable, and they’re now saving almost $1,500 per year.

During her quest to cut the cord, Michelle observed that many people still have cable just because it’s an expense that they’re “used to.” You should never get “used to” throwing away your money for hundreds of channels and being yanked around by the cable companies. That doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship to us. Nor is it, as Michelle found out, very financially responsible.

Her advice to readers interested in saving money and cutting the cord is to purchase an antenna — namely one from Antennas Direct. Michelle is using our Micron antenna and happily receiving her local, broadcast TV in full high definition.

“The antenna we bought will allow us to save hundreds of dollars a year for years to come, so it was a great deal,” she says.

Michelle is on a mission to help her readers experience the kind of freedom and happiness that come only from having an antenna. For a limited time, she is giving away one ClearStream 2V and two ClearStream Eclipse antennas, PLUS each of the three giveaway winners will also receive $50 cash.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, enter Michelle’s giveaway HERE.

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