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The Back to School Giveaway is Underway!

In just a few short weeks, students from every corner of the country will prepare to head back to school. To make this annual experience more enjoyable and further promote the benefits of OTA, we are launching a giveaway so spectacular it can only be found at antennasdirect.com.

The Back to School Giveaway, which will run through the month of July, will reward five lucky cord-cutters a $20 Domino’s Pizza Gift Card. The way it works is quite simple: place an order by phone or though antennasdirect.com for ANY antenna or accessory, wait for the confirmation email, fill out the form and—boom—you are entered!

Not sure which one of our antennas will work in your dorm, apartment or 1971 Volkswagen Bus? Don’t worry—we have you covered! Head on over to antennapoint.com, punch in your zip code, and find out which one of our HDTV antennas is right for you. Also, as always, if you would rather speak with an Antennas Direct customer service representative, drop us a line and we will walk you through the process.

Oh, before we forget—there is more! In addition to the $20 Domino’s Pizza Gift Cards, we are also offering free ground shipping on orders of $49.99 or more.  Talk about a great value!

Free TV and free food. It’s just like home.

For more information or to enter The Back to School Giveaway, visit Antennas Direct on online at:  https://www.antennasdirect.com/ 



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Certainly Uncertain: The American Way

When our forefathers drew up their vision for a new nation, they knew there was uncertainty ahead. They could not have predicted some of the battles we would face. What they were certain of, however, was the current way was not working. They were frustrated with feeling like they did not have a choice.

What they did took some bravery, but today we are grateful for their vision – for not being tied to convention.

That same spirit and fortitude of character is present today in what many call the cord-cutting movement. As this Oregonian points out, however, it may take some bravery and soul searching before you make a leap. But in the end, people like Mike Rogoway are shaping the future of television – much the same way our forefathers have shaped democracy.

The point Rogoway proves is this:
You have a choice.
You don’t have to go along with convention.
You get to shape the future of television.

There are practical ways to embrace the uncertainty that comes with cutting the cord. Here are some of the suggestions the Orgeonian makes:
-    get an antenna for over-the-air broadcasts (we know a great source for this)
-    figure out which shows you can purchase on digital TV (he purchased Mad Men and The   Walking Dead)
-    supplement the rest of your entertainment with streaming services

We salute patriots like you, Mike Rogoway. Your brand of courage is what we need.

As for the rest of you, the team here at Antennas Direct wishes you a Happy Independence Day. Make it even happier and cut the cord.


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TV for FREE – Cut the Cord and Save!

As pioneers in the cord-cutting movement, it is our mission to educate viewers on not only the benefits of our HDTV antennas, but all the alternative viewing options that are available. From the integration of a streaming device to low cost services such as Hulu and Netflix—there are a slew of ways you could be saving money!

It truly warms the cockles of our heart when we hear that someone has canceled their pay-TV subscription. Recently, parenting blogger,      Meghan Cooper, wrote about her quest to find a more cost-efficient substitute to cable. While it is ultimately Meghan’s goal to save money, she does not, however, want to lose all the programs she has grown to love.

Her conclusion: you don’t have to settle for outlandish monthly fees in order to enjoy top-notch original programming! While we don’t want to spoil her blog, (it is really great!) we have to fill you in on one small detail: she is now a cord-cutter! By integrating a ClearStream C2V HDTV antenna and a Roku streaming device, Meghan is now able to enjoy all of her favorite programs—minus the monthly fee!

To read all about Meghan’s cord-cutting journey, please visit: http://jamonkey.com/get-tv-for-free-tips-to-save-you-hundreds/ or http://atlmomsonthemove.com/2013/03/getting-free-tv-in-atlanta/

View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas from Antennas Direct or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!


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ClearStream Micron-R Review From Modsynergy.com

As you may know, our Micron-R antenna is one of the most popular indoor antennas on the market. The advanced design allows these 10”x11” digital antennas to be smaller and more powerful than ever before. The precision engineered reflector focuses two-times more broadcast signal through the antenna, making it ideal for those who experience multi-path interference. 

The good folks at Modsynergy.com recently got their hands on our prizes indoor antenna. To read their review in full, please click on the provided link below.



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Nielsen Report — Cord Cutting Is Real

Cord cutting is real and happening in significant numbers now, concludes a new research report by Nielsen (which is significant itself, given Nielsen’s long-time central role in television audience measurement). The report measured year-over-year changes from Q3 2011 – Q3 2012.

Here are some of the report’s key findings:

– U.S. individuals spend 33 hours per week watch videos across all screens
– the number of homes subscribing to wired cable television services decreased 4.1%
– at the same time, telco-provided television services increased 21.1% and satellite television increased 2.1%
– “nearly a million more homes are subscribing to broadband while skipping a traditional paid tv subscription”
– the number of broadcast/broadband only “television” homes increased 22.8% in the two year period Q3 2010 – Q3 2012


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Time Magazine: The Return of Television Rabbit Ears?

Getting TV stations through the airwaves may seem like an anachronism in the age of streaming video online. But actually, the rise of Hulu and Netflix seems to be helping the rabbit ear industry.

Over the last few years, many of us cut the cord on cable in favor of streaming programming online. Hulu Plus ($8 a month), Netflix streaming ($8 a month) and even Amazon ($80 a year for Amazon Prime with free, instant access to shows and movies) all have the same sort of content as cable but costs much less than a $50-plus cable subscription.

(MORE: Non-Cable Subscribers Will Have to Pay $4 for March Madness Games Online)

It’s sparked industry analysts to predict the demise of the traditional cable package, even though some providers like Comcast believe they have started to right the ship, while claiming that massive cord-cutting has been exaggerated. Comcast recently announced that it lost “just” 17,000 video subscribers in the fourth quarter, which is the fewest in five years.

Naturally, with so many ways of getting broadcast content, you would think that accessing programming through an antenna would go the way of the Walkman. But actually, the industry is experiencing a bit of a boom.

According to The Wall Street Journal, TV-antenna sales are up – big. One retailer – Antennas Direct – says it expects to double last year’s sales of 600,000 antennas, which was itself an increase from 400,000 sold in 2010. Walmart even recently announced it would start stocking the seller’s antennas.

What’s going on? It seems that a number of consumers have decided to ditch cable altogether, and they are getting shows through a combination of over-the-air broadcast stations and online streaming services. “Every time that Hulu and Netflix enhance their services, our phones light up,” Richard Schneider of Antennas Direct told The Journal.

In a further hybrid of old and new technologies, a new service called Aereo will be launching in mid-March in New York that will allow cable-cutters to stream local broadcast signals online. It’ll be $12 a month, but will have a 30-day free trial period.

Still, the number of Americans who receive broadcast channels over the air is tiny, estimated at less than 10%. Most get those channels through their pay-TV packages that come with many more cable channels. But a lot of those channels are still accessible and completely free over the airwaves (after you purchase an antenna, of course, which ranges from as low as $10 to $150). And in parts of the country with good reception, it makes sense that consumers are turning to traditional rabbit ears while also getting content online. Most places in the U.S. can get on average 30 to 45 channels over the air.


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Las Vegas Locals Use Antennas To Get Programming

According to Cox Cable, approximately 20 percent of Las Vegas residents still watch over-the-air programming, which is higher than the national 5 percent to 10 percent reported by the Consumer Electronics Association . A new antenna installation company, Free Vegas TV, plans to educate those over-the-air TV consumers about the 41 high-definition channels that are available without a monthly subscription fee.

Free Vegas TV owner, Karlo Maalou, provides an outdoor antenna and installation.
Maalouf is committed to over-the-air programming, including in his own home.

“There’s really no need to spend $50 or $60 a month for programming when local networks seem to do a pretty good job.” he said.

Maalouf declined to say how many customers he has seen since launching Free Vegas TV Dec. 1, but said he has received numerous phone calls since he started advertising on KTNV-TV, Channel 13 and KGNG-TV, Channel 47. The most common phrase from prospective customers: “I thought free TV was gone.”


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Verizon Expands ESPN Streaming Deal

FiOS TV Users Now Get ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU Online

Verizon this week announced that they’ve expanded their licensing deal with Disney Corporation, and as a result will now offer more ESPN content streamed via broadband. In addition to the ESPN3 service (which requires that your ISP strikes special deals with ESPN to view) Verizon FiOS customers will be able to watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN Buzzer Beater content live online beginning Thursday, February 17. This is all part of the cable and telcoTV industry’s TV Everywhere initiative, which stems from the belief that by offering paying TV customers a variety of broadband video options, they’ll be able to prevent TV cord cutting down the road. As with all TV Everywhere efforts, regular vanilla FiOS broadband customers who don’t have FiOS TV service won’t get this additional content — though they’ll still be able to view ESPN3.

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Microsoft Has “Mind Blowing” 360 TV Programming Plans For The Future

According to Jeff Ross, executive producer of Conan O’Brien’s Conan show on TBS, Microsoft has some big plans for Xbox Live and streaming television.

There have been rumblings of Microsoft wooing several companies to acquire content for a pay-television service that would stream through the Xbox 360 console. Would original programming like something from a big name like Conan O’Brien make you think about cutting the cord from your current cable provider?


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Antennas Direct’s DB4 in Action

Today a fan on our facebook page posted a video showing just how easy it was install a DB4 antenna and test it. Notice how they make good use of the satellite dish!

* Range: Up to 55 miles
* Strong performance across UHF spectrum (Channels 14-69)
* Versatile high gain multi – bay antenna
* Efficient design allows tremendous gain in a compact size 13.7 dBi gain
* Versatile HD antenna, succeeds in difficultareas where other antennas fail
* All weather Balun included
* Designed to resist extreme wind loading
* Works great in attics. Fits easily & high gain can help overcome loss from roofing materials
* Dimensions 29″ H x 19″ W x 4″ Deep
* Product Weight: 4.5 pounds

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