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The Antennas Direct ClearStream 4 Is Named the Best TV Antenna

C4 on roof

We know that our antennas are superior and truly top of the line, we are our own biggest fans, but it’s always a great feeling when we see our name on the top of lists and pulling in amazing reviews. wiki.ezvid.com recently posted a video of the Top 10 Best TV Antennas of 2016, and of course, our ClearStream 4 (C4) came in at number 1!


Here is what they had to say about the ClearStream 4:

“The premium Antennas Direct C4 offers incredible power and is highly efficient for its size, thanks to the patented tapered loop design. It is ideal for people living in rural areas with heavy foliage. It resists interference and offers ultra long range performance and includes all-weather mounting hardware.”

Not only that, but all of our antennas come with a lifetime warranty. Did a tornado rip your C4 off the roof? We’ll replace it. Did a raccoon decide to karate chop your ClearStream 2V? We’ll get you a new one. Whatever the case, we’ve got your back. That’s part of the reason that year after year we top lists as the top antenna manufacturer with the best customer service.

To see the full list and check out their thoughts on other TV antennas, be sure to watch the video below. Thanks to the genius folks over at ezvid for naming our C4 the best TV antenna, we appreciate you sharing your list and reviews with fellow cord cutters. People like you help to spread the news of just how awesome we really are! 🙂


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Mr. Muscleman Sings His Praise for Antennas Direct, and You Don’t Want to Mess with Him…

Muscle Man 2

Bruce Pechman, the Muscleman of Technology, shares his tips with KUSI San Diego on how to save money by cutting the cord. If you don’t know Mr. Muscle Man, check out his website, he’s not only hilarious and an excellent resource when it comes to not only technology, but he’s also a fitness guru. I mean, take a look at him. He’s ripped.

KUSI News – San Diego, CA

According to Bruce, the first step to get rid of cable is by installing a TV antenna. His top pick? Antennas Direct, of course. Bruce suggests the ClearStream 2V antenna if you’re looking for an indoor/outdoor model or the ClearStream Eclipse if you’re looking for the ease and convenience of a powerful indoor antenna.

“Get all the local channels with a darn good indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna,” says Bruce. “Antennas Direct, I say direct because you can call them and they will ask where you live, they will triangulate your location, tell you how far you are from the tower and tell you how many channels you can get.”

That’s right, if you’re looking to cut the cord, but not sure where to start or what antenna would work best for your location, give us a call! Our customer support team is ready to answer your most burning cord cutting questions.

One of Bruce’s favorite parts of using an antenna is the fact that you can get all the local channels without a monthly fee. With the onetime cost of an Antennas Direct antenna and you are set. Bye bye cable bill. Hello pocket full of cash.

Bruce also discusses other alternatives to cable, including Sling TV, Roku, Samsung Galaxy View, and much more. Be sure to watch the full segment for Mr. Muscleman’s list of top cord cutting products.

Thanks to Bruce for featuring our ClearStream 2V and our ClearStream Eclipse.  Bruce, you are one heck of a guy. We’re big fans. Whether we’re looking to get buff or learn about the latest in technology, we know we can turn to you.



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The Cord Cutters Conundrum: Which TV Antenna Is Right For Me?

TV antenna selection is more than simply imputing a zip code on a website, that’s why we have created this guide to help ease the process. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution. To correctly select a TV antenna, we need some basic information about your location, then follow some important installation notes. Let’s begin.

Locate your digital television transmitters

It is important to know where your local broadcast towers are located, as there are many factors that may potentially impede your signal. TV antennas are a line of sight technology, which means getting the clearest view of your towers will bring in the strongest signal.

Learning how far away from the broadcast transmitters you are will help you decide how powerful the TV antenna will need to be. However local obstructions, installation hardware and antenna positioning are important factors in antenna selection.

This said, it is generally preferable to install your antenna as high as possible, pointed in the direction of the broadcast towers, and outdoors with as few obstructions as possible.


Using the Antenna Point tool, enter your street address and zip code to get detailed map listing distance, and direction of your local transmitters. Here you can see if the towers are located as a cluster in 1 location – like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles – or if you will require a multi-directional antenna to receive signals from many locations.


While the majority of channels in North America are broadcast on the UHF, there may be some in your area broadcast on the VHF. This means a VHF kit may be required with your TV antenna. If the VHF channel is broadcast on a lower frequency (RF Channel 2-6) you will need a specific outdoor antenna that can receive these Lo-VHF channels. Lo-VHF is very rare but they are still out there!


The topography (or lay of the land) between your address and the transmitters may vary greatly. Obstructions such as trees, buildings or mountains may degrade or block the signal traveling to your location. Use the satellite view with the interactive map in your analysis to determine the local topography for your antenna installation. Should you encounter many obstructions, an outdoor TV antenna mounted as high as possible is usually advisable.



Outdoor installation is best, but Antennas Direct antennas can also be installed indoors or in attics. (50% strength/range is lost indoors).

Simple, direct connections and installations are best. The more junctions in the installation, the higher the signal loss.

Each time the signal is split (to go to another TV) signal strength is reduced, so a low-noise amplifier may be needed to help compensate for the signal reduction.

Install the antenna where signal is “present”. Move the antenna to different locations until signals are found. Many times one end of the roof or room has better signal characteristics than the others.

Ask for help
If you are not sure which TV antenna is right for you we have a dedicated team of installation experts that will gladly assist with selection, or recommend a local installer to help you get set up.

Call: 1-877-825-5572                         Chat: Live Chat                              Mail: info@antennasdirect.com


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Indoor vs. Outdoor TV Antennas

Are you looking for an easy solution to cut the cord and say good-bye to monthly cable bills? Perhaps you are interested in adding a TV to a second location and you can’t stomach feeding the cable monster more dollars. A TV antenna is the quick and easy solution to FREE TV, but which antenna is right for you? Here we explore the benefits of both indoor and outdoor TV antennas.


Indoor TV Antennas

An indoor TV antenna may be the best solution if you live near the TV broadcast towers. They are also an excellent solution for people living in cities or apartments where mounting an outdoor antenna is simply not an option. They are small, powerful, and can be discreetly placed in any room.

Traditional dipole indoor antennas – or rabbit ears – don’t quite cut it today as they are tuned for VHF stations, while the majority of signals are now transmitted by UHF.antennas-direct-eclipse-clearstream

When installing an indoor antenna there will be building materials – brick, wood, stucco, or metal – impeding or interfering with your digital signal. Even household appliances – fridges, computers, and phones – can affect your signal. To overcome the signal loss, we recommend repositioning the antenna in a number of locations within the room – preferably near a window facing the direction of your local broadcast towers – to find the best position for a strong clear signal.

Recommended: Clearstream Eclipse Indoor TV Antenna 


Outdoor TV Antennas

Where installation is possible, an outdoor TV antenna will offer the best opportunity for receiving TV signals. Outdoor TV antennas are traditionally mounted on a rooftop and have a better line of site to the broadcast towers, with fewer obstructions – trees, buildings, walls, or roofing materials – and they have a distinct advantage over indoor and attic antennas.Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Digital TV Antenna

If you live a far distance from the broadcast towers, a long
range outdoor antenna is the best option for receiving the available signals. Outdoor antennas can also be mounted onto the sides of one’s house, decks, or on a tripod from the ground if roof access is not available. Remember, test your antennas position by scanning for the available channels before drilling any holes!
If you are having difficulty with your set-up, ask your neighbors if they too experience problems receiving channels. If they have similar issues with a particular channel then reach out to us here in the office and we will raise the issue with the local broadcaster.

Recommended: Clearstream 2V Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna 


Attic TV Antennas 

For best performance, we typically recommend the placement of your TV antenna at the highest point possible and with a clear line of site to the broadcast towers. Of course, many people still Clearstream 2V Attic Mountchoose to install their TV antenna in the attic for aesthetic reasons or to comply with neighborhood guidelines.

Keep in mind it’s possible to lose some signal strength from an attic installation due to building materials. With an attic installation, the effective range of most antennas is lowered by 30% to 50% (10-15 miles), so consider getting a more powerful antenna or a preamp to compensate for this loss. Additionally, it is always preferable to mount the antenna to a mast or crossbeam and avoid letting the antenna touch the floor.

Recommended: Clearstream 4 Outdoor TV Antenna 



Be sure to visit antennapoint.com to locate your local broadcast towers serving your area. This will help you determine where your towers are located and which way to aim your antenna. If you are not sure which TV antenna is right for you, we have a dedicated team of installation experts that will gladly assist with your antenna selection.

Call: 1-877-825-5572                       Chat: Live Chat                            Mail: Contact Us for More Information


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Introducing the Toughest Antenna in the Universe. No Big Deal.



In case you missed it, yesterday we released our new DB4-PRO, an outdoor antenna made completely from stainless steel, the same rugged material used in the aerospace industry. Do you know what that means? We have created the toughest antenna in the universe. That’s right, we don’t mess around at Antennas Direct!  The DB4PRO is created to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, and does so with style AND grace. No matter where you live, in the wilderness, concrete jungle or suburbia, this ultra long range antenna is perfect for you with a range of up to 65+ miles.

We came up with a few taglines to describe the strength and durability of the DB4-PRO that we couldn’t help but to share with you.

The DB4Pro. So tough we almost named it Chuck Norris.

Tougher than signing karaoke solo.

Physics is bound by the laws of Antennas Direct.

The DB4PRO. Tougher than your dad’s mustache.

The Fantastic 4 were defeated by the power of the DB4PRO.

The DB4PRO- If you were to dress like one, you would be the toughest character in your next LARP.

We’d love to hear from you on some ways you’d describe the toughest antenna in the universe. After all, we are all about innovation. Share in the comments your ideas and we just might share them on our social! Don’t forget, the DB4PRO won’t be available stores, so click here for product details and pricing of this web exclusive product.




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A Real American Hero: Mr. Antenna Guy

mr. antenna 2

So he may not be pulling children from wreckage or curing disease, but, each day, Mr. Antenna tangibly improves the financial, mental and spiritual well-being of his neighbors – he installs an antenna on their home. We would like to take this moment to recognize a true American hero: the Mr. Antenna guy in Bakersfield.

See him in action thanks to ABC 23:

Keep fighting the good fight, comrade. We are honored to have you on the frontlines of the cable liberation front.

See more coverage of our hero here  and here.


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Yahoo Features Antennas Direct in “5 Ways to Kick the Cable Habit”


Yahoo released an article today with the top five ways to kick the Cable TV habit and save some serious cash. Antennas Direct was featured as an option for indoor and outdoor antennas with our ClearStream Micron-R and ClearStream HD antenna. Check out the article to read more tips on cutting the cable cord, and thanks to Yahoo for featuring us!



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Top 10 things you could be buy if you canceled cable

Still paying for cable? Why? Do you realize you could save $100 bucks a month if you cut the cord! We thought it would be fun to compile a list of all the awesome things you could buy if—and only if—you canceled cable.

#1 Lots of Musk cologne: Look, it is no secret that broads really dig guys that smell like the 1970s. It is true, fellas!  By canceling cable, you will have enough cash to purchase a lifetime supply of the best aphrodisiac (besides Tom Selleck’s mustache, of course) known to man: Musk Cologne!

#2 Hire Flava Flav: Did you know that there are websites that allow you to purchase—yes, purchase!—famous celebs? It is true! For a small fee you could purchase anyone from Gary Busey to Flava Flav—a real who’s who of the Los Angeles County Jail!

#3 Gold Plated Toilet Seat: You might be thinking: “Why would I need a gold plated toilet seat?” Because you cancelled cable, dude! Now sit on your a** in style and enjoy the extra cash!
#4 Hoverboard: Ever since Back to the Future 2 we’ve been itching to get our hands on a hoverboard. Do they really exist, you ask? Umm… do Unicorns exist?

#5 Mini Donut Factory: Eh, why not? Yummy for your tummy!
#6 A Pony: Let us guess: your parents never bought you a pony when you were a child, right? Who wouldn’t want their child to have a pony? Sickos!
#7 Little Mermaid Sweatshirt: Need we say more?
#8 Tiger Woods’ Little Black Book: Just because Tiger was forced to give up his Wilt Chamberlain-esque lifestyle, doesn’t mean all his hard work should go to waste, right??
#9 Starbucks Coffee: Because all of sudden a $45 cup of coffee doesn’t sound too bad.
#10 An Autographed VHS Copy of Police Academy 4 by Steve Guttenberg: Because who doesn’t love “The Gut”?

If this list doesn’t inspire you to cancel your cable right this instant, well, there is no hope for mankind.

View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas from Antennas Direct or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!


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Las Vegas Locals Use Antennas To Get Programming

According to Cox Cable, approximately 20 percent of Las Vegas residents still watch over-the-air programming, which is higher than the national 5 percent to 10 percent reported by the Consumer Electronics Association . A new antenna installation company, Free Vegas TV, plans to educate those over-the-air TV consumers about the 41 high-definition channels that are available without a monthly subscription fee.

Free Vegas TV owner, Karlo Maalou, provides an outdoor antenna and installation.
Maalouf is committed to over-the-air programming, including in his own home.

“There’s really no need to spend $50 or $60 a month for programming when local networks seem to do a pretty good job.” he said.

Maalouf declined to say how many customers he has seen since launching Free Vegas TV Dec. 1, but said he has received numerous phone calls since he started advertising on KTNV-TV, Channel 13 and KGNG-TV, Channel 47. The most common phrase from prospective customers: “I thought free TV was gone.”


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Does the Weather Affect my Digital Television Reception?

I installed a CS2 last summer to receive stations from Portland ~50 miles away. When we have clear skies here, it is great reception. However, when there are low clouds or heavy weather (very rainy winters here), I lose some stations. If I add another CS2 in-line with my existing one, will it improve my reception during these times? If so, is it a simple procedure? Thanks! From David in Salem, Oregon

Hi David,

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Even though the weather doesn’t affect television reception as badly as in the analog days, it can be affected by severe weather conditions such as storms and high winds. This is usually caused by impediments and fluctuations in your broadcast signal from things such as moving debris and trees. If your ClearStream2 is inside or in your attic, we would first recommend moving it outside to your roof. If your CS2 is already outside make sure it is secured to try and minimize antenna movement on your end.

A second antenna might help with your signal loss. However, antennas tend to interfere with each other and you can lose signal where the two coax runs join, so stacking antennas does not always work. So number one, I would recommend getting your antenna outdoors if it isn’t already. And instead of another antenna I would use a pre amplifier. Because you are getting good signals in good weather a pre amplifier should boost these signals.


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