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#ADBusTour Giveaway #2: Macon, Georgia


For our second stop of the TV Liberation Bus Tour, we stopped in Macon, the Heart of Georgia. We spent the morning at WGXA Fox 16 and ABC 24 promoting the giveaway and met some truly lovely people who were thrilled to spread awareness of over-the-air television and receiving broadcast TV for FREE with a TV antenna.


This giveaway was a little different than our others. We had the support of a local Papa John’s that decided to give out free pizza to everyone waiting in line, so we had the giveaway at 6PM. We had people lining up in the heat of the day, starting at 9AM to receive their antenna! Those are some dedicated folks who are looking to cut costs and access free TV.

WGXA had their entire staff out to help hand out water, tshirts and flyers to the crowd and it was great to have their support. To see their full coverage from the event, you can catch the segments HERE.


We ended up giving away 400 antennas in Macon and had around 1000 people show up for their chance to take one home. It’s amazing to hear their stories and learn why they came out to join us at the #ADBusTour.

We are now back on the bus and making our way to Charleston, SC, where we will be giving away 300 antenna Wednesday at 6AM at WCIV: ABC News 4. If you want to be guaranteed an antenna, be sure to get in line early!


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Kicking off the 2016 #ADBusTour in Little Rock, AR


Wow, what a great way to kick off the first stop of the #ADBusTour with a huge giveaway in Little Rock, AR! And not only was it the first stop of the tour, but it was also Antennas Direct President, Richard Schneider’s birthday! We decided to celebrate this great man getting another year older by giving away antennas to the great residents of Little Rock.


People began lining up for the giveaway a 12:00AM and the line went down the street, over 500 people showed up for a chance to take home a ClearStream Eclipse antenna. We ended up giving away nearly 400 antennas in less than 40 minutes! We met some wonderful people who told us their reasons for waiting in line all night and they ranged from looking to save money, have better picture quality and have access to local, broadcast TV in case of emergencies or bad weather. The thing they all had in common was the desire for quality broadcast television, for free.

Next stop: Macon, Georgia. We will be in town with WGXA to giveaway 300 ClearStream 2V antennas on Monday, August 22nd at 6PM. Meet us in the parking lot behind the Papa John’s at 265 Tom Hill Sr Blvd, Macon, GA 31210. Papa John’s will be giving away slices of pizza, we will have tshirts, antennas and enter for your chance to win a 50″ LED Roku TV. You won’t want to miss out on the fun.

Thank you to, the NAB and Sinclair for supporting the TV Liberation Bus Tour and helping us to get thousands of antennas into the hands of Americans.


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Lucky #9! For the Ninth Year, Antennas Direct Makes the Inc. 5000 List

inc 5000

For the ninth year in a row, Antennas Direct has made the Inc. 5000 list, and I guess you could say that we are on cloud nine! (You see what we did there?) The Inc. 5000 list just came out and we were thrilled to not only see our name on the list but to see that we moved up more than 600 spots to 4106.

We experienced 69% 3-year growth and our revenue in 2015 was $17.3 M. With our gained sales, that means that more American’s are ending their relationship with cable and satellite companies. Our growth in sales=more money in our customers pockets. Not many people can say that, most certainly not pay-TV companies.

Just in July alone, we experienced over 53% increase in sales leading up to the Olympics. Americans wanted access to broadcast TV to watch the Olympics and we held the magic key; an antenna. It’s not rocket science, take an antenna and install it and never pay another cable bill. That sounds truly magical, right?

If that isn’t proof enough, take a look at our TV Liberation Bus Tour. Thousands of people are looking for free, over-the-air broadcast television, and we are happy to provide that for them. Speaking of the Bus Tour, we’re headed out on the road to help liberate even more Americans! Check out our #ADBusTour page to see where the bus will be headed, and if we’re not coming to your hometown, don’t worry, simply fill out the form and let us know you want a visit from the Antennas Direct bus!

“We plan to celebrate our ninth year on the INC 5000 list by giving away antennas on our TV Liberation Bus Tour,” said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. “Our idea of celebrating is liberating more American’s from their abusive relationship with the cable companies.”

Thank you to our amazing customers who have supported us over the years and truly are the reason we land on the Inc. 5000 list year after year. You all are outstanding, and not to mention extremely good looking.


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We’re Hitting the Road Again: The 2016 TV Liberation Bus Tour

cartoon richard

Antennas Direct is hitting the road again for our 2016 TV Liberation Bus Tour! If you know anything about us, we can’t stay still for too long. We get extreme wanderlust, a desire to take our bus and get out of town, visit the hidden gems of the United States. So we took that itch to get back on the road and liberate more Americans from pay-TV. And as an added bonus we are giving away a Sharp 50″ LED 1080p Smart HDTV Roku TV. We will be kicking off our bus tour with a visit to one of our favorite cities, Little Rock, AR. We will also stop in Macon, GA; Charleston, SC; Asheville, NC; and Baltimore, MD. See the list below for full details.

This year’s bus tour is in partnership with the NAB, and Sinclair Broadcast Group and we are excited to work with this powerhouse group.

Stay tuned for more info on the bus tour and to see updates from each city! We will be posting daily videos recapping each giveaway, and knowing our crazy bunch, you will want to stay tuned to see these updates. And if you want us to come to YOUR city next time, be sure to let us know by filling out the “Bring the Bus to my Hometown” form HERE.

Will we see YOU on the TV Liberation Bus Tour?


    1. Little Rock, AR
      Friday, August 19th at 6AM
      KATV, ABC 7
      Event Location: Promenade at Chenal, 17711 Chenal Pkwy, Little Rock, AR 72223


    1. Macon, GA
      Monday, August 22nd at 6PM
      WGXA, FOX 24 and ABC 16
      Event Location: Papa John’s (265 Tom Hill Sr Blvd, Macon, GA 31210)


    1. Charleston, SC
      Wednesday, August 24th at 6AM
      WCIV-TV, ABC 4
      Event Location: WCIV-TV, 888 Allbritton Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


    1. Asheville, NC
      Friday, August 26th at 6AM
      WLOS-TV, ABC 13
      Event Location: Bryan Easler Toyota, 1409 Spartanburg Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28792


  1. Baltimore, MD
    Monday, August 29th at 6AM
    WBFF-TV, FOX 45
    Event Location: Grace Bible Baptist, 1518 N. Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21228

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Comcast Continues to Prove Just How Evil Cable Really Is


The state of Washington is suing Comcast for over $100 million, claiming that they deceived customers with a number of customer service guarantees.  The state is alleging that the cable giant deceived the good people of Washington into paying more than $73 million over the span of five years for a ‘near worthless “protection plan’” without disclosing areas that were not covered.

But don’t worry, folks, because State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is standing up for you. “This case is a classic example of a big corporation deceiving its customers for financial gain,” Ferguson says in a statement. “I won’t allow Comcast to continue to put profits above customers — and the law.”

Ferguson’s office is accusing Comcast of 1.8 MILLION violations of Washington’s Consumer Protection Act.  Comcast denies the accusations, saying, “We stand behind our products and services and will vigorously defend ourselves. “

The state of Washington is alleging that Comcast surprised customers with charges for service calls that they weren’t supposed to be charged for.  The state is also saying that Comcast has hurt the credit score of over 6,000 people through improper credit checks.  The cable giant has been dragging its feet to correct the issues, so the Attorney General’s office is taking legal action.

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of the evil cable companies! Protect yourself with the power of the antenna and show those cable companies that you aren’t afraid of them!  Check out which antenna is best to arm yourself with by using our cable selector here.

photo credit: Seattle, Washington via photopin (license)


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Back to School and Back to Savings: Tax Free and Free Shipping!


For some folks, hearing that it’s time to go back to school can be downright depressing. It means that their freedom is over, and the long days of sitting in class, studying and doing homework is upon them. Cue tiny violin music. For others, namely parents, they are celebrating sending their kids back to school and getting them out of the house, and out of their hair!

No matter who you are, we are going to sweeten the Back to School deal for you. We are offering a Tax Free and Free Ground Shipping weekend from August 5-7th. If that doesn’t make the school year sound at least a little more appealing, we don’t know what will.

Headed back to college? Get a ClearStream Eclipse Sure Grip TV Antenna for your dorm room or apartment. Looking to cut some costs since school supplies will cost you an arm and a leg? Cut the cord and pick up an antenna. Don’t want to stand in the horrible lines at the big box stores? Our antennas are available for purchase online at An antenna should be on everyone’s back to school shopping list.

Use the coupon code BTS2016 at checkout to receive free shipping and zero sales tax, a nice little back to school bonus. Enjoy your last few days or weeks of summer freedom!


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Don’t Miss a Moment of the Rio Olympics, Grab Your Antenna!

olympic rings color

The Olympics are almost here and you don’t even need cable OR internet to watch it; all you need is a TV antenna!  And lucky for you, that’s where we come in to help.

This year’s Summer Olympics are being held in Rio, which is only one hour ahead of the US Eastern time zone.  This allows for much more live coverage for US audiences than in previous years.  NBC will be broadcasting over 260 hours of coverage, including the Opening Ceremony on Friday, August 5th, and the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, August 21st. During the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, the last time the Games were in a U.S. friendly time zone, NBC broadcasted 171 hours of coverage as the lone broadcasting network.

NBC will be covering some of the most popular events of the Olympics, which will include swimming, gymnastics, track and field, diving, volleyball, beach volleyball, men’s basketball finals, and women’s basketball finals.   You’ll also be able to see segments on the host city and country, as well as athlete features and interviews with newsmakers and medal-winning athletes.

NBC daytime programming will run from 10 am to 5 pm, primetime programming from 8 pm to midnight, late night programming from 12:35 am to 1:35 am, and replays from 1:35 am to 4:30 am ET/PT.

Don’t miss out; catch all of the Rio coverage with an antenna! Check out which antenna will be best for you to watch the Olympics on with our antenna selector here.



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Mr. Bicep, the Muscleman of Technology, Presents Innovative Products for Your Home


Bruce Pechman, most lovingly known as Mr. Bicep, the Muscleman of Technology, is KUSI‘s go-to tech guru with the latest and greatest in tech gadgets. Not only is he a buff dude, but he is also a technology genius; he’s one nerd you most certainly do not want to mess with.

In his latest guest appearance on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego, Bruce showcases a few innovative products for the home, including our ClearStream Eclipse Sure Grip indoor TV antenna.

KUSI News – San Diego, CA

In the segment, Bruce raves about the dual-sided feature of this antenna, and how it’s the perfect little indoor TV antenna to match any home decor. If you’re looking to cut the cord and save hundreds of dollars, he recommends you pick up the Eclipse. Bruce also mentions how great the Antennas Direct 90-day return policy is, he said it’s a risk free purchase, so pick one up and try it out, if you don’t love it (which we don’t know if that is even possible), then return it, no questions asked! There is nothing to lose, especially once you see how many broadcast channels you will receive in crystal clear high definition.

If you’re looking to pick up the Eclipse TV antenna, now is the perfect time! Use the coupon RIO10 at checkout to receive $10 off your purchase. You have no excuses, pick up an Eclipse and cut the cord today!


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Why the Antenna Is More Relevant Than Ever

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Digital TV Antenna

So you’re sick and tired of paying the cable companies a ridiculous amount of money for hundreds of channels, of which there are maybe twenty that you actually watch. You’ve heard about cutting the cord and how millions of people all over the country are serving ties with the cable companies and embracing their newfound freedom with various alternatives. But you just don’t get it. You have a Netflix account, but you can fathom kicking your cable subscription to the curb and relying solely on the Internet for entertainment. How will you get the local news? What about the big game on the weekend? The answer lies in an HD TV antenna.

Now before you roll your eyes in disgust at the mention of an archaic technology, give me the benefit of the doubt. First off, modern TV antennas are no longer giant eyesores that sit on top of your roof like some sort of metal creepy crawler. Second, today’s HD TV antennas are powerful, and are able to pull in a variety of channels all in uncompressed high definition quality. Best of all, you only need to shell out your hard earned cash once when you purchase your antenna and that’s it, no monthly bills, no hidden fees. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Read on to find out more.

Why Use a TV Antenna?

  • Streaming video over the Internet is becoming more and more commonplace. Services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are offering some of the best content available, but unfortunately these services are lacking in a major area…live local TV. While streaming services like Playstation Vue and SlingTV do offer some local live television options, the ability to stream these broadcasts is only available in limited areas.
  • Your ability to stream video online is dependent on your Internet speed. For an in-depth look at what kind of speeds are necessary for streaming video, head here. Generally speaking, most Internet streaming services require a speed of 5 Megabits per second to watch high definition video smoothly. For some people, this simply isn’t a reality, meaning that they have to put up with sub-par video quality, or a complete inability to stream altogether.
  • Digital television broadcasts that can be received by an HD TV antenna is in an uncompressed high definition format, meaning that the image quality is crisper and sharper to that of cable. While cable companies do indeed broadcast in high definition, the signal is often compressed, which results in a loss of quality.
  • HD TV Antennas, are able to pick up broadcasts from your local network affiliates, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy high definition programming from networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the CW and many more.
  • Cable and satellite television providers often only carry a fraction of the channels that are available in your local area. With an HD antenna you will be able to pick up these “hidden” channels, as most broadcast stations offer additional regional programming that cable and satellite exclude.
  • Antennas can weather the storm. Cable and satellite providers can be finicky, if storm clouds roll in and tumultuous weather compromises your cable or satellite reception, you’re totally cut off. So even if you can get news stations like CNN, you might not have them during inclement weather. With an antenna, you stand a better chance of staying informed.
  • A HD TV antenna is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly fees and absolutely no hidden costs. Over-the-air broadcast television is absolutely free and always will be.

Now that you’ve seen the light and have decided to get yourself an antenna to reap the benefits of free high definition broadcasts, you’ll need to determine which antenna is right for you. Now that you’ve got an antenna, you’ll need to know how to get the best possible reception to ensure that you’re pulling in the maximum amount of available channels in your area, all in glorious high definition.


Chris Brantner is the founder of, a resource for people who want to cut the cord and still get the TV they crave. Follow him on Twitter @CutCableToday and find him on Facebook here


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The Antennas Direct ClearStream 4 Is Named the Best TV Antenna

C4 on roof

We know that our antennas are superior and truly top of the line, we are our own biggest fans, but it’s always a great feeling when we see our name on the top of lists and pulling in amazing reviews. recently posted a video of the Top 10 Best TV Antennas of 2016, and of course, our ClearStream 4 (C4) came in at number 1!


Here is what they had to say about the ClearStream 4:

“The premium Antennas Direct C4 offers incredible power and is highly efficient for its size, thanks to the patented tapered loop design. It is ideal for people living in rural areas with heavy foliage. It resists interference and offers ultra long range performance and includes all-weather mounting hardware.”

Not only that, but all of our antennas come with a lifetime warranty. Did a tornado rip your C4 off the roof? We’ll replace it. Did a raccoon decide to karate chop your ClearStream 2V? We’ll get you a new one. Whatever the case, we’ve got your back. That’s part of the reason that year after year we top lists as the top antenna manufacturer with the best customer service.

To see the full list and check out their thoughts on other TV antennas, be sure to watch the video below. Thanks to the genius folks over at ezvid for naming our C4 the best TV antenna, we appreciate you sharing your list and reviews with fellow cord cutters. People like you help to spread the news of just how awesome we really are! 🙂

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