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“Netflix and Chill” Just Got More Expensive


Netflix announced yesterday that they are raising the price of their most popular streaming service (the two-screen plan) by $1 a month to $9.99 for new customers. Now don’t panic, if you’re an existing customer you are grandfathered in to the old price of $8.99 for a limited time.

Netflix claims that the increase is needed to cover the cost of licensing shows and funding their growing number of Netflix original programs. We admit that, once in a while, a lot of us at Antennas Direct enjoy a good binge on Orange is the New Black as much as anyone else.

Just keep one thing in mind, there, fellow Netflix subscribers, the original streaming device has not changed in price since the dawn of television – the antenna.

You never have to pay for broadcast TV – the best entertainment the world has known and the most hyper-local live news and weather in high definition without a monthly fee. 

With a TV antenna, you’ll never be asked to hand over more money. And with all that money you’re saving you can take your date out for a romantic night on the town. Then you’ll be able to come back for some actual “Netflix and chill” time. 

Mmmmm hmmm. You’re welcome.


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You’re Retired. Cut the Bullshit.

A sign with a bull with red circle and line through it. Signifying truth telling, no bullPeople don’t retire because they don’t want to work or because it is a polite kind of laziness. It is freedom – specifically, freedom from bullshit. And there is no greater bullshit than that produced by monthly bills from pay-TV providers. Cheryl and Debby were seeking a life free from bullshit. We were happy to oblige.

Cheryl and Debby are two friends and former school teachers who retired at the end of the past school year. They were looking forward to sleeping in, taking vacations with friends, spending quality time with grandkids and of course, never working again. But after a couple weeks of enjoying the sweet retired life, they started looking at their monthly budgets and searching for ways to shave their expenses.

These recently retired women heard about dropping pay-TV from a friend and decided it was time to live a life without the monthly pain of cable. All it took for them to get started was a little research on equipment and streaming devices. Armed with the facts about over-the-air TV, they took the plunge.

The results:

Not only did they kick pay-TV to the curb, but they also got faster, more reliable internet for much cheaper. Check it out.

image1 (2)

Cheryl’s Cord Cutting Setup
Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse
Roku Stick

Pre-Cord Cutting: $157.51 a month
After Cutting the Cord: $55.97 a month
Total Savings: $101.54 a month/ $1,218.48 a year

“All I had to do was slap it on the wall, plug it into my TV, I scanned for channels and I was watching television. It only took a couple minutes and if I can do it, anyone can,” said Cheryl.

Debby’s Cord Cutting Setup
Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse
Roku Stick
Sling TV

Pre-Cord Cutting: $169 a month
After Cutting the Cord: $67.98 a month
Total Savings: $101.02/ $1,212.24 a year

“One fear I had about cutting the cord was installing the antenna. I pictured myself climbing on the roof to install a massive antenna. That wasn’t the case! With the Eclipse antenna, I am able to receive 33 stations, and it was simple to install,” said Debby.

The Eclipse model was designed specifically for people in these circumstances – where being discreet and easy-to-install is key. We will check in with Debby and Cheryl and let you know how much they are enjoying their new, liberated life.



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Super-Bowl-Winning Fans Choose Antennas Direct


At Antennas Direct, we like to run with winners. Coming off of their Super Bowl win, the New England Patriots (and particularly Tom Brady) are winners this season – beating the Steelers, the Bills and even Roger Goodell.

But the real winners? Those are the Patriots fans at Rainy Day Magazine.

They recently searched high and low for an antenna that would allow them to watch the NFL the way it should be – over-the-air, in high definition and with live chats and discussions. They recently posted an article (in full nerd-porn detail) about their perfect NFL setup, which, of course, includes the ClearStream Eclipse. And, just like winners, they have their priorities straight – the most important thing for watching football? A clean signal.


From the post:

The most important thing we need to have is the ability to grab a clean signal. The best is still the HDTV signal grabbed right out of the air. So, during the pre-season, we played around with a bunch of different HDTV antennas and with various workflows. In the end, we found that the best combination of gear for recording live TV off the air is:

Read the full details of these Patriots fanatics’ homage to television HERE.

And, read our quick guide to NFL action HERE.

All photos are from Rainy Day Magazine.


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The Toronto Sun Shares Their 4 Reasons to Cut the Cord

Toronto Sun Cropped

This afternoon, the Toronto Sun wrote the best article you will read today, called “Cutting the cord: 4 reasons to consider using an HD antenna.” Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct, laid down his broadcast television knowledge. Now, we can think of 100 reasons why it’s time for you to cut the cord, but here are the 4 The Toronto Sun narrowed down:

  • Saving Money
  • Better Picture Quality
  • Discover New Channels
  • More Time to Live Your Real Life

Thanks to Sean Fitzgerald and the Toronto Sun for taking the time to interview Richard and help spread awareness of cutting the cord. It’s exciting to see a large influx of  people ready to take that next step and end their relationship with pay TV. If you’re interested in reading more, you can find the article in its entirety HERE.


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Cord Cutter’s Guide to Watching 2015/16 NFL Season


This Fall, you don’t need to watch all the TV dramas. Between #deflategate, Hollywood films about head injuries and the latest misbehaviors, the NFL season promises to be an interesting one. Each week, new dramas unfold – starting with CBS broadcast of the Thursday night matchup to Monday Night
Football. This season promises to be one of the most entertaining the league has experienced so you won’t want to miss a single matchup.

And, thankfully you don’t have to miss a moment of that weekly action if you can follow this Cord Cutter Guide to Watching the 2015/2016 NFL Season.

Broadcast Television – No Cable Required

The bulk of Sunday’s games can be found on your local FOX and CBS affiliate. You can watch the local games for free with an antenna. If you don’t have one already, check out which antenna would be right for you. In particular, check out the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse. The discreet design makes it easy to install. You want to check your local listings to find out when your games will be on.

If you are having trouble getting your local broadcast with your current antenna, give us a call. We can help you.

Thursday Night on Broadcast Too

Unlike in past years, the Thursday Night matchup will be on CBS. That means you can watch it for free over-the-air with an antenna from anywhere in the country. So, check out this Thursday schedule to see when your favorite team will play and get it on the calendar.

Monday Night Football on ESPN

Luckily the King of Sports has acknowledged the cord cutting trend, so there are a myriad of ways to receive ESPN broadcast. The easiest way to stream it is with a $20 subscription to Sling TV. You can download the app to your over-the-top (OTT) box (Roku, Fire TV, XBOX, etc.).

There are also more options if you happen to hold onto a pay-television subscription (or if you have a generous friend with a cable subscription). You can snag the WatchESPN app for a number of mobile devices and OTT boxes.

NFL Apps for the Obsessed Fan

For some of us, there is never enough NFL coverage. If you don’t mind watching the games post-broadcast, you can get NFL GameDay Pass (an app you can download to most devices) for $100. That will get you every single game all season.


For the BEST Picture?

Of course, the BEST way to watch football is with an antenna. We don’t say this just because we are an antenna company. But for the full-HD experience, every man-cave needs to have an antenna routed into the big screen. It is your best chance to see the full drama in uncompressed signal.

photo credit: Aaron Rodgers awaits the snap via photopin (license)

photo credit: Jared Cook, Phillip Thomas via photopin (license)


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Famed Mommy Blogger, Obviously MARvelous, Experiences Obviously Superior Free TV



Having a family is expensive, especially this time of year with back to school. Have you seen the cost of school supplies? Mommy blogger extraordinaire, Marcie Wahrer, knows firsthand what it feels like to be a busy working mom with a big family. She always looks for ways to save money. When looking though her piles of bills, she realized how much her family was paying for each month for something they weren’t using…satellite TV.

Marcie’s family was paying $116 each month for tons of digital television and only watching a small portion of the shows. That’s nearly $1400 a year being thrown away.

Marcie decided it was time to take the plunge and cut the cord. The best part? She detailed her cord cutting experience on her popular blog, Obviously MARvelous.

Here is a quick recap of her overall cord cutting thoughts and review of the Antennas Direct C2V antenna:

Obviously Marvelous

Quick and Simple Install

It took her husband about 30 minutes to install the antenna from assembling and mounting to testing. You’ve probably sat on the phone with your cable customer service for twice that long!

Great Reception

They were able to split the signal between all 5 of their TV’s with no problems at all! The image was crystal clear and they had no signal problems, just pure, high definition gloriousness. “The signal and picture produced from the ClearStream™ 2 Complete was enough to satisfy all five televisions in our home on its own, even while they were all turned on and tuned in.”

Amazing Savings

Marcie’s family went from $116 per month for satellite to just $37 per month with her streaming services! The whole family is happy and they still receive the shows they love. “It feels great to be free from contracts, price increases and skeptical promotions.”

We’ll leave you with this perfect quote from Marcie that summarizes her thoughts on cord cutting.

“For our family, cutting the cord has meant harnessing the hassle!”


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Dish and DirecTV: Save The Drama For Your Mama


Drama has its time and place. And it’s usually on TV right before the evening news. But do we want to invite drama into our real lives? Absolutely not.

Unfortunately, for thousands of pay-TV subscribers around the country, life just got more dramatic. DirecTV and Dish Network providers are proving, yet again, that they have the power to wreck havoc and try to control what you’re allowed to watch.

Check out what is unfolding in the latest carriage dispute between Sinclair and Dish Network. Dish and Sinclair have agreed to a short term agreement allowing Dish to continue broadcasting Sinclair’s 153 local stations. However, they have not released any information on how long this short term contract will last. In the blink of an eye, those 153 local stations across the country could be taken away.

Dish is not the only company threatening to blackout your favorite channels. KFMB Channel 8, a CBS affiliate in San Diego, was pulled from DirecTV last Thursday. Southern California viewers turned on their TV’s to catch Big Brother, only to discover CBS was blacked out. Imagine looking forward to your nightly relaxation, watching your favorite show after a long day, and then coming home to tyranny at the hands of the people to whom you pay a monthly fee. How is that fair to those customers to have it taken away, and without warning?

Why live in constant trepidation? Why wonder if your favorite broadcast shows will be available when you turn on your TV? With a TV antenna, you never have to rely on a pay-TV provider. You have the freedom to watch broadcast TV when and where you want AND without paying a monthly fee.

Don’t be a victim! Take control of your television watching destiny. Cut the cord! And to make it even easier for you to cut the cord, use the coupon code DISHSUX for $25 off your Antennas Direct purchase. Doesn’t get much better than that!


photo credit: Drama on a Stobie Pole via photopin (license)


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Eight Straight Years on the Inc. 5000? We Are Not Surprised


We hate to be bragadocious. It isn’t like us. But when the annual Inc. 5000 List came out a few days ago, we were not at all surprised to find our names on the list of America’s fastest growing companies. We were not surprised because this was the eighth straight year. Eight times.

At the same time we have experienced sustained growth, cable companies continue to lose subscribers. Now, we are not economists. We are not statisticians, and some of us barely passed math. But to this huddled group of antenna nerds, this looks like a trend – one that we have seen coming since we were founded 12 years ago.

Here is the simple math:

  • Antennas Direct, now a Hall of Fame Inc. 5000 member, saw a 52 percent rise in sales over the past three years. This short list of fastest growing companies includes Planet Fitness and Otter Products.
  • More than a half million Americans severed ties with their cable and satellite TV companies in the second quarter of this year, according to Variety.

You get it right? Television viewers are ready for a change. They are ready to wrest control of their digital freedom. And the key is an antenna – preferably a f*cking great one that has been tested and retested in the lab of Antennas Direct. That unlocks the best entertaining shows, documentaries, local news, weather and sports in full high definition. It’s simple. (Oh, and we have a product that makes cutting the cord even easier).

If you need further proof of the growing demand for free, over-the-air broadcast television, check out the happy cord cutters on our TV Liberation Tour page. And if you want us to come to your town, let your voice be heard.

To our team, our partners and to you, the cord cutting crazies who supported us before cord cutting was a term, we are eternally grateful. We are planning on releasing a list of even awesomer antennas fit for the future of television. Stay tuned.


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TV Liberation Tour Provides a Window into Your World

Line Two

You know what we hate? Seeing people throw away their money to the cable companies. Beyond money, people feel trapped by the cable companies, feeling like they have to pay for cable to get the shows they want. They feel like they are hostages in this abusive relationship with the cable company.

Since 2010, we have given away more than 15,000 free digital TV antennas throughout the country in an effort to liberate our friends from the evil known as pay-TV. We have partnered with, the National Association of Broadcasters and LG Electronics to provide consumers with access to their local TV station in crystal clear hi-def with a TV antenna from Antennas Direct. Not only are we giving away antennas, but we are educating thousands of people about the freedom they will experience when they cut the cord.

To give you a glimpse into the #ADBusTour, we pulled together a new video that captures the consumer excitement during the TV Liberation Tour stops. Take a look, those happy faces could soon be you and your neighbors!

Free broadcast TV provides more than 60 million Americans with access to local news, weather, emergency information and of course the broadcast TV shows we all love.

Do you want the TV Liberation Bus Tour to come to your city? Let us know! Fill out the form HERE or even better, reach out to your favorite local broadcaster and let them know you want them to liberate your town!



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A Cord Cutter Tells All: 6 Steps to TV Freedom

Tom wantennasGuest Blog by Thomas Koziol, Cord Cutter in Eau Claire, WI

Today, you may have opened up your mailbox only to see that dreaded monthly cable bill again. They want an additional $7.00 per month for those required cable boxes for each of your TVs. That’s another $28 per month on top of the hundreds that you are paying. Are you fed up yet?

Here’s some advice: Crumple up that bill and take a few steps toward free, high definition TV. I’ve recently cut the cord, and I’m enjoying the cord cutting life. Out of my experience, here are the 6 Steps to Achieving TV Freedom.

Step 1: Evaluate what you watch

Ask yourself what TV channels you actually watch. What are your favorite “can’t miss” weekly TV series, sports, news and weather programs. Get out a pen and paper and write it down. If you are like most TV couch potatoes like me, you might realize that you have been watching the major broadcast TV networks as much as 90% of the time. I’m talking about your local TV stations that are affiliates of the ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS networks.

A word about broadcast television

Please allow me to introduce you, or re-introduce you, to the unnoticed world of free, over-the-air broadcast TV channels. You know those five great networks I just mentioned? They were the very first TV channels and programming broadcast over 65 years ago. They were free then and they are free now.

February 2009 marked a huge change and an even bigger free bonus for folks who enjoy free, over-the-air, broadcast TV. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) mandated the end of analog TV signals and required all TV stations to upgrade to the new digital television transmissions. Not only are today’s digital signals from your local TV stations’ stronger than ever, they are also absolutely gorgeous in sound and picture quality. Better than what you get with cable because they have to compress the signals to deliver them.

The biggest bonus of all regarding free digital TV watching….a lot of the TV stations in your city broadcast additional programming called subchannels. For example, in my town channel 18.1 is our ABC network and local news. The subchannel of 18.2 is the CW network and 18.3 is THiS network.

Step 2. Check your television

That new flat screen HDTV you just bought? It contains a state-of-the art HD digital tuner. You paid for it, you should use it to receive free broadcast TV. Have you notice the channel up & down arrows on the remote for your new HDTV? You haven’t been able to use those buttons because your cable or satellite company has their own remote. To use the HDTV’s tuner and remote, you’ll need to buy an antenna for local TV viewing – a one-time purchase that will be your own property with no monthly bill!

Step 3. Find your local TV stations

Go to or This will be your guide in finding where all your local TV towers are relative to where your house is located. You will next need to put in your zip code and address. This will assist you in selecting the right antenna for your home. You can also see (before you spend a dime) how many available channels you will be able to receive.

VHFUHF antennas

Tom’s antenna set up at Thomas Video Studios in Eau Claire, WI

Step 4. Call or click Antennas Direct

Antennas Direct is the best company in the business. They are an American company with a superior product and world class call center. They will assist you in selecting the correct antenna for your home – all for a total investment of less than one month of cable TV. And then you’re done. No more cable TV expenses again. All of Antennas Direct antennas come with a lifetime warranty and is much more attractive than that old cable box or satellite dishes hanging on the side of your house! Go online to or shop at your local Walmart, Best Buy or Lowe’s.

Step 5. Install your antenna

On a nice day with only a few hand tools and a drill, you can enjoy just an hour or two with your son or a friend installing the antenna. You can also re-purpose the existing cable wiring for your TV antenna. First, locate where your coax cables join together. That’s where you’ll find the cable splitter that splits the cable to all TVs in your house. First, unscrew the incoming cable from the splitter and replace this with the cable you ran from the antenna on your rooftop. That’s it! If you have an outdoor antenna and you would prefer to hire an installer, Antennas Direct has some contacts for you as well.

Antenna on Studio Bldg

Step 6. Channel scan your TV and adjust the antenna

Using your remote, go to your TV’s menu and look for the “auto channel” programming mode.This will allow your HDTV’s built-in tuner to scan the airwaves for all the available TV channels. You may have to rotate the antenna slightly to receive all the available channels, but that’s pretty typical with any antenna. One last thing to do before you sit down on the couch with a cold one. Pick up the phone and call the cable TV company to say “Goodbye!”


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