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Antennas: On the Cutting Edge of Technology

We have not ever seen ourselves as a “tech startup.” That term has certainly become en vogue over the last several years with the explosion of technology companies in seemingly every American city. The images that come to mind include hipster workplaces where tattoo-sleeved (cool yet nerdy) teenagers banging out code on sleek machines while a throng of twenty-somethings play table tennis. They build web-based applications, phone applications and other digital technologies.

Rarely, however, do you hear people discuss a product like our humble high definition antennas. But luckily St. Louis is full of rare people.

At a recent awards lunch hosted the St. Louis County Economic Council (SLCEC), Antennas Direct was recognized for its entrepreneurial vision alongside newer brands such as yurbuds and LockerDome as well as established brands such as Scottrade, Ameren and Edward Jones. The theme of the evening centered on research and innovation. Since Antennas Direct has shown steady growth for the past ten years (a pattern that has earned us a spot on the Inc. 5000 for the last six years), the SLCEC felt as though we are an important part of the St. Louis entrepreneurial scene. As a show of gratitude, each attendee received an antenna from Antennas Direct.

We applaud the SLCEC for their vision and bravery in recognizing the innovative and cutting edge technology that we have packed into our products and into our business thinking. We take it as confirmation of a belief we have held for some time: Antennas are the future of television.


Special thanks to host, KMOV’s Claire Kellett for plugging the benefits of over-the-air technology to the audience (“watching K-M-O-V”). Take a look at the video below to see our fearless leader, Richard Schneider, and a host of other business leaders discuss the values of the St. Louis region.


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The Micron-XG Amplified Indoor Antenna Featured in Consumer Reports

In the July issue of Consumer Reports, the Antennas Direct ClearStream Micron-XG Amplified antenna was highlighted as one of the best indoor TV antennas on the market today. In the old days, an indoor antenna, or “rabbit ears” to some, were not only pretty weak, but normally required a great deal of rotating each time you would change the channel.


The Micron-XG Amplified Indoor Antenna Featured in Consumer Reports

The Micron-XG Amplified Indoor Antenna Featured in Consumer Reports

With a beam width of 70 degrees, the Micron-XG can deliver signals from a distance of 35+ miles from the broadcast towers without the need for rotation. Also, this revolutionary HDTV indoor antenna uses a reflector screen to reduce interference problems. The screen has the ability to increase the signal strength of the antenna by 2X. This antenna is great for urban and suburban homes.

Aside from its unparalleled power and design, the Micron-XG Amplified antenna looks like no other indoor antenna on the market. Its sleek design makes it a welcome addition to any living space.

To read the Consumer Reports article in its entirety, please visit:

In 2003, we set out to help create a world where people didn’t have to rely on pay-TV to receive quality programming. Through our innovative HDTV antenna designs, we have been able to bring the world of over-the-air to millions of Americans—regardless of their living environment.

If you are looking to join the cord-cutting movement—Antennas Direct can help! Our HDTV antennas are tuned specifically to the digital frequency, giving you a viewing experience like no other. To find out which one is right for you, head on over to, punch in your zip code, and enjoy all your favorite HD shows for free!


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In the News: The 91XG UHF HDTV Antenna

Recently, our 91XG UHF antenna was featured in the Magnolia Reporter, a daily newspaper in Columbia County, Arkansas. In the past, most residents of Columbia County were forced to purchase either cable or satellite due to the county’s great distance to the Shreveport TV transmitting towers.

One resident in particular, Joey Baker, was looking at installing a satellite dish at his family farm. Once again, given the less than stellar history of OTA in the county Baker felt like satellite TV was his only viable option.


Upon further research, he discovered that the 91XG UHF HDTV antenna from Antennas Direct might save him from going the pay-TV route. 91XG UHF HDTV Antenna
He mounted the 91XG UHF antenna on a 20-foot pole, and quickly found that he could pick up several stations in high-definition…for free!


Additionally, most of the stations have subsidiary channels, giving Baker more than 15 total channels.

So, for a one-time payment of $60, Baker and his family now enjoy top-notch programming whenever they want. And the best part: no monthly fee!

At Antennas Direct, it is our mission to help viewers liberate themselves from the shackles of pay-TV. Through our innovative spirit and our groundbreaking HDTV antennas, we have helped millions of Americans discover the world of over-the-air television—regardless of their geographic location.

If you are looking to join the over-the-air movement—we can help! At Antennas Direct, we carry a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas. To find out which one is right for you, head on over to, punch in your zip code, and bask in the glory of free HDTV!


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Antennas Direct Named to Inc 500 | 5000 List for Sixth Straight Year

As cable providers black out broadcast networks from coast to coast, Antennas Direct continues to experience exponential growth, landing the HDTV antenna company on the Inc. 500|5000 list for the sixth consecutive year. This honor places Antennas Direct in an elite class with such powerhouses as Microsoft, Timberland, Vizio, Zappos and Jamba Juice.

Antennas Direct, a St. Louis-based antenna company, has seen remarkable success each of the last six years due in part to the increasing popularity of over-the-air television. According to a study conducted by GfK Media and Entertainment, nearly 60 million Americans currently receive their programming exclusively through a television antenna. With over-the-air viewed as the future of television, big-box stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, Fry’s and BJ’s Wholesale carry Antennas Direct products.

“To be quite frank, our success doesn’t come as a surprise to us,” said Richard Schneider, founder and president of Antennas Direct. “Through our forward-thinking approach and our innovative antenna designs, we have been able to go from building antennas out of my house to one of the fastest growing companies in the country.”

About Antennas Direct
Antennas Direct is the leader in antenna technology, reinventing the antenna for the digital era. With a heritage in over-the-air antennas specifically tuned for core DTV frequencies, Antennas Direct has invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of new antenna designs for digital reception. Founded in 2003, the firm is a member of the Inc. 500|5000 Hall of Fame and Future of TV Coalition. Visit for more information.


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A Special Message from Antennas Direct to Victims of the CBS and Time Warner Debacle

The cable television big shots are at it again – another carriage dispute is dominating the headlines and unfairly punishing their viewers. The current standoff between Time Warner Cable and CBS has meant viewers in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and 13 other states have been without some of their favorite programming for some time now. CBS  blackout

What typically happens is this:
Cable and satellite companies began to charge customers for high-definition television (that is free over-the-air). The broadcasters then asked for a cut of the money that was being made on what is actually free. In an effort to negotiate a better rate, the cable company (in this case, Time Warner) blacks out the network television station.

It’s big names and big egos. In the end, no one wins.

And the biggest victim is you – American families who pop corn, pour sodas and watch your favorite mini-series like Under the Dome together. If you are one of the victims of this blackout, then know that you have been wronged.

The good news: it does not have to be this way. You don’t have to wait for the big shots to play their games. There is a way to get the programming you want to see without the monthly fee…all you need is an HD antenna.

Also, the picture and sound quality from an antenna far surpasses the compressed signal from your paid provider. So when you have your friends over to watch the Cowboys game (since it is blacked out on their TV), you will have a better image than ever.

The even better news: you don’t have to pay full price for a high quality HD antenna. We at Antennas Direct feel for the victims of this blackout. So, here’s what we want you to do:

1. Go to
2. Find the right antenna (use
3. Enter promo code “CBS20″ – which saves you 20%.
4. Enjoy over-the-air HD television (without the added big shot egos.)

Now the only drama you will be watching is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – not the local headlines.


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The Unparalleled Power of the ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna

Over the last 10 years, we have completely transformed the way people think about television antennas. The days of the tin foil rabbit ears and behemoth-size roof antennas are long gone. Because the beamwidth and gain of our HDTV antennas are so much greater, they can be installed in a variety of different places in the home.

Recently, we received a wonderful email regarding our ClearStream 2V outdoor antenna and its unparalleled power. After a year of using a Radio Shack antenna, the Cincinnati resident decided it was time for something a little more powerful.

While the roof might be one of the more common spots to mount one of our outdoor antennas, you can—depending on the environment—install it either indoors or right outside a window.
As you can see, he installed the antenna on the patio rail of his condo.

ClearStream2 HDTV Antenna

It actually points at an adjacent building, but he still receives crystal clear reception! Also, the ClearStream 2V pulls in an additional 20 channels, making his viewing experience all the merrier!

ClearStream2 HDTV

Big thanks to Mike Kelley for sharing these great pictures with us! We are so happy that you love your antenna!

Looking to upgrade your current television antenna? We are here to help! At Antennas Direct, we carry a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas. To find out which one is right for you, head on over to!


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Top 10 things you could buy if you cancel cable – Part 2

A few months back, we compiled a list of the Top 10 things you could buy if you cancel cable. As OTA viewership and sales of Musk cologne continue to rise, we can only think our blog post must be to blame.

Without further ado, here is part 2:

#1 A Case of Crystal Pepsi: Because drinking brown water is just plain disgusting. Pepsi

#2 Calf Implants: Chicks dig guys with bulging calves. It is true! Just ask Johnny Drama.

#3 Dating Tips from Joey Buttafuoco: Let’s be honest, does this look like a guy who struggles in the dating department? Soak up his machismo, fellas. Soak. It. Up. joey buttafuoco

#4 Novelty Urns: Why bury MeMa six feet under, when you can preserve her remains in something that resembles a bowling pin.

#5 Tom Selleck’s Mustache: While Musk cologne might be the most powerful aphrodisiac known to man, Selleck’s feathered ‘stache is a close second. The majestic mane also serves as a great soup strainer.

#6 A Jetpack: We don’t know about you, but using an automobile as your primary mode of transportation is so 2002.

#7 A PalmPilot: Because we are not giving into Apple, dammit! We are not mindless fanboys! PalmPilot

#8 Bryan Adams’ Autograph: Now you can relive the summer of ’69 everyday.


#9 Bacon Salt: Because everything—including tilapia —should taste like bacon.

#10 A Lifetime Supply of Topps Baseball Card Gum: Don’t knock 22-year-old gum until you’ve tried 22-year-old gum.



Just remember: all of this could be yours if—and only if—you cancel your cable subscription. If you don’t, no big deal… more bacon salt for us.



To view our complete lineup of HDTV antennas, please visit


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Unplugged… completely

Shout out to Tammy at De Ja Vue Designs! We are so happy that we were able to help you and your family cut the cord!


As many of Y’all know…not so long ago I had surgery on my neck to fix what was gonna most likely paralyze me from the neck down.  Today I’m not talking about my neck…but what happened while I was recovering. Something Y’all probably don’t know, this year was a rough one in terms of insurance for our family.  Without getting into too much detail, for reasons beyond our control, our insurance got switched twice…meaning we had three very large deductibles to meet.  This is NOT the time you want to have emergency surgery..or lots of procedures…and on and on.  Long story short…we had to meet over  $16,000 in deductibles along, and that doesn’t include co-pay.  I’m not trying to whine about my deductibles either.  My point?  Things have been rough this year…so all that down time got me thinking REALLY hard about finances.

One of the areas that I looked at really hard…TV.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “We pay $100 a month and there is absolutely NOTHING to watch.”  The normal things I wound up watching were the networks, and their regular shows.  Yeah I could just watch them online, but I couldn’t get local news.  So…I stuck it out a little longer…thinking.  Then one evening I was given an alternative from Antennas Direct.  And…I was given the opportunity to tell Y’all about it.

I was given a really cool box that came in the mail.  This box said HDTV antenna.  I sorta rolled my eyes…cause I’ve seen antenna TV before.  In fact, a week prior to my “BOX” arriving, my mom got an antenna of her own.  One that she bought somewhere else.  They said they were better than before…but they weren’t…they were that same fuzzy screen that I remembered from before.  So, you can imagine, I wasn’t thrilled with the thought of losing my satellite antenna…but I had to do something.  It was just ridiculous to spend that kind of money every month.  So, we bit the bullet and we took the whole whopping twenty minutes it took to hang the antenna up outside…no lie!

What did I expect? I expected three Fuzzy…unclear crappy half tuned channels.   What did I get? SEVENTEEN…yes, you heard that right…seventeen perfectly crisp and clear channels.  I didn’t even know we had that many channels near our home.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was completely insane!  FREE TV as good…if not better than satellite!


The picture was moving…not blurry!  I mean look at the writing at the bottom!


Different channel! Can you believe this?


I have no idea what this show is…but it sure looks good! lol

So…what do I have now? Free TV.  I completely unplugged that satellite and for the price of LESS than one month of paid TV…you can have free TV too!  Would I recommend it?  Dang right!  I’m loving that extra money every month…and you can too.

Go check them out!  See which HDTV antenna from Antennas Direct is right for you.  If you aren’t sure…they can help you.  They sure did me!  Did I get paid to say any of this? NOPE…I did get an antenna…but No money!  These opinions are my own…no one else.  Me and my family truly feel like we made the right decision.  And now….my mom is gonna get one of these for herself!

By the way….Antennas Direct has a Facebook page! and a Twitter Page too!

Do you pay way too much for TV that you don’t watch half of?  Why not go Free every month?  Let me know what you decide…Do you want to unplug?


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Carriage Dispute with Time Warner Cable

Do you live in Milwaukee area? Do you have cable television through Time Warner? Well, if you wish to watch your Green Bay Packers this season, we suggest you act now! Beginning as early as July 25, 2013 Time Warner Cable will start blacking out TMJ4 NBC to ALL of its subscribers! Why? Because the cable giant and Journal Broadcasting, the owners of TMJ4 NBC, have yet to reach a new agreement, resulting in a very contentious carriage dispute.

See, this is why you should never pay for television! Fortunately, we have the perfect solution to the problem—an HDTV antenna! An antenna from Antennas Direct will afford you FREE television programming… in high-definition! No monthly fees, no contracts, no surly customer service reps and—most importantly— no carriage disputes!

President and founder of Antennas Direct, Richard Schneider, was recently a featured guest on The Morning Blend. Schneider discussed not only the evolution of antennas, but the true benefits of over-the-air television. To view the interview in its entirety, please click on the image below.

Additionally, we are offering special pricing on select Antennas Direct antennas to all TMJ4 NBC viewers. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, please call customer support at 1-888-841-9334 or visit for further details.

Looking to join the OTA movement? Antennas Direct can help! View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!


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Cord-Cutting Continues, Broadcast-Only TV Homes Increase

by Wayne Friedman, Jul 9, 2013, 10:34 AM

A new study says broadcast-only TV homes are continuing to increase.

This year, 19.3% of U.S. TV homes — 22 million homes — will be broadcast-only and not subscribing to any pay TV service. A year ago, some 20.7 million-plus homes were broadcast-only, per researcher GfK.

The research company says this would be nearly a 40% rise from three years ago, when 14% of TV homes were paying for TV via cable, telco, or satellite TV distributors.

The report said the No. 1 reason was financial; 60% of those who cancelled their pay TV service cited cost-cutting as the reason. More online video viewing and Internet-connected TV options may have boosted cord-cutting.

Other reasons for cord-cutting, according to CouponCabin, include not watching enough TV (27%); alternative ways of watching live TV (17%); and watching few TV channels (17%).

Looking at ethnicity, African-American and Hispanic-American TV homes have been climbing among overall broadcast-only households, while Asian-American TV homes are going in the other direction, according to the report.

Some 23% of Asian-American homes are broadcast-only, down from 30% three years ago. African-American TV homes have jumped to 22% from 12%; Hispanic-American TV homes are up to 25% from 23%.

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