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The Great Race 2016 Recap, Part 3

Noel and Richard

After several long days of driving along the Lincoln Highway, Richard and Noel made it to their destinations and were able to enjoy some food, drinks and rest. But not before testing out the ClearStream Eclipse in each location!

In these two videos, they test out the reception in Elko, NV and Cheyenne, WY. Both locations aren’t exactly right on top of the towers, just more proof that you CAN cut the cord all across the United States. You can even watch TV by slapping the Eclipse to a cowboy boot in Cheyenne, WY! (We can’t make this stuff up, Richard ACTUALLY tested it out, as seen in the second video.)

Follow the Great Race and Richard’s crazy antics (and getting lost) at, InstagramTwitter and Facebook and live streaming on UStream.



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Our Award Winning CLEARSTREAM Eclipse™ Has Received a Face Lift!

We’re not the type of folks who can just sit by and be okay with what we have. We constantly want to produce the best products and BE the best. And thanks to our amazing team, we have once again done that.

We listened to comments from our customers and the reviews we received, good and bad, and reengineered our most popular antenna, the CLEARSTREAM™ Eclipse™. Why make an award winning antenna even better? Because we like to push ourselves and the industry is always changing. With new technology comes advancements and improvements can be made. So that is exactly what we did. We improved on perfection. You’re welcome.

Eclipse_BlackPeelAmp_hi-res (2)

The most advanced HDTV antenna, CLEARSTREAM™ Eclipse™, has been reengineered with new technology to respond to a greater range of frequencies, so you get more programming.  Featuring a black and white side, this antenna is dual-sided or it can be painted, offering you options when it comes to matching your decor. Very important, we know.

For cord cutters around the world, this is the fastest, easiest path to receiving uncompressed HDTV free and over the air. The secret to the powerful, small antenna is the patented CLEARSTREAM™ loop – the result of over a decade of research. It’s the powerful technology that has made Antennas Direct a leader in over-the-air advancements packed into an elegant and compact indoor HD antenna.

The CLEARSTREAM™ Eclipse™ is guaranteed for life and available in two models, Passive (35+ mile range) and Amplified (50+ mile range).


The new ClearStream Eclipse™ still features Sure Grip™, which means it can be positioned and repositioned to any smooth, flat surface. No more mounting, no brackets, or adhesives, and no holes in the wall. When you’re installing your ClearStream Eclipse™, you’ll thank us.

The ClearStream Eclipse™ is available for purchase starting July 1st. Pick up the best and HAVE THE BEST TV EXPERIENCE.


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Relief is Here for Antenna Users in the Bay Area

nbc bay area white

We’re excited to share that there is potential relief for some antenna users in the Bay area! And really, there is no better time.

KNTV, the NBC affiliate in  SF, has added their primary programming as a sub-channel on their UHF 49 Telemundo station (KSTS) from Mt Allison giving Bay area antenna users a second shot at their programming which, coincidentally, includes the Olympics that are scheduled to begin soon.

KNTV has often been a PITA for antenna users as one of the two VHF (channel 12) stations in the market.  One of their more pronounced problems was that they were located on Mt San Bruno which was several miles south of Sutro Tower and their signal was blocked by Mt Sutro for much of the immediate San Francisco proper making signal reception tough, especially for indoor users.

Early on after the digital transition, KGO recognized the problem with VHF and installed a 15 kW UHF 35 translator on Mt Allison that has done a decent job of covering the southern Bay area on over into the Redwood City/Palo Alto area, even back up towards the city of SF.  Now that NBC, owner of both KNTV and the Telemundo affiliate KSTS, has added the flagship NBC programming to KSTS, antenna users may be able to get adequate reception from all UHF transmissions without having to gamble on VHF.  UHF antenna owners in the city of San Francisco who couldn’t get a reliable VHF signal not have a second chance although will likely need to readjust the aim of their antenna, at a minimum.


TVs tuned into KSTS will now get virtual channel 11.3 (KNTV) in 720p in addition to the two Telemundo feeds on virtual channels 48.1 & 48.2.

TVs tuned to KNTV’s channel 12 signal will also receive Telemundo’s primary channel as virtual channel 48.3 in addition to 11.1 & 11.2 (NBC & Cozi TV).

TVs that pick up BOTH signals successfully will get all 6 virtual channels with NBS and TEL each being duplicated.

Calculated coverage map of KSTS:

AD Map


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The Great Race 2016 Recap, Part 2

Richard Reno

Our fearless leader has made his way from San Francisco to Reno, Nevada. Not only is he not in last place, but the car is doing great, and the antennas are doing even better!

See how the ClearStream Eclipse tested in Sacramento and Reno in our latest recap. Even standing in the parking lot of a casino, we had EXCELLENT reception! Up next… Elko, NV and Evanston, WY. Be sure to stay tuned to see how the Eclipse does in each location, and for an update on the Schneider’s progress on the Great Race.

Follow the Great Race and Richard’s crazy antics at, InstagramTwitter and Facebook and live streaming on UStream.


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Antennas Direct Takes on The Great Race 2016, Part 1

Richard and NOel

This past weekend, Richard Schneider began his journey down the Lincoln Highway in his 1969 Mercedes 280SL as a part of the Great Race. Now you might be thinking to yourself, why is this man driving across the United States? The answer is simple. Because he wants to. And, this is a great opportunity to showcase the strengths of our antennas in different markets across the United States.

In this first recap of the Great Race, Richard gives you some background on the history of the race and his plans for testing our antennas along the way. Then see how the ClearStream Eclipse does 25 miles outside of San Francisco. (SPOILER ALERT: It does amazing, of course.)

The Great Race started on Saturday, June 18th in California and Richard will arrive in Moline, Illinois on Sunday, June 26th. Follow the Great Race and Richard’s crazy antics at,  InstagramTwitter and Facebook and live streaming on UStream. Will the Schneider’s be traveling through your neck of the woods? Let us know!


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DirecTV Dispute Causing Massive Blackouts- Our Limited Time, Exclusive Offer


The pay-TV companies are at it again.

It seems like on a weekly basis we are reading about yet another dispute between pay-TV and local providers.  As if it’s not bad enough that they gouge their monthly fees for customers, but now they’re coming after the stations. What will they do next?

Enough is enough! WDAY, WDAZ and KBMY in North Dakota are currently battling it out with DirecTV, and as of June 1st, DirecTV has decided to stop carrying their stations. Rude.

station list

WDAY/WDAZ/KBMY received 1,000 antennas from Antennas Direct to giveaway for free to their viewers on Monday, June 20th at their TV studios in Fargo, Grand Forks and Bismarck while supplies last. Here are the addresses:

301 8th Street South
Fargo, ND

2220 South Washington
Grand Forks, ND

Prairie Public (KCND)
1814 North 15th Street
Bismarck, ND

antenna offer

If you are unable to attend the giveaway or would like an antenna sent your house, we have partnered with these stations to offer an exclusive, limited time $50 off and FREE shipping on select antennas. These stations care about their viewers and don’t want YOU to be penalized.

Don’t let the pay-TV companies stand in the way of watching your favorite broadcast television. You shouldn’t be punished for their greed and poor decisions. North Dakota DirecTV customers, click HERE to order your antenna today.

Blakout pay-TV. Let them know you’re not happy. Cut the cord and never take this crap again from the cable and satellite companies.


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Antennas Direct Founder Once Again Tests Technology Down The Lincoln Highway


Richard Schneider, our fearless leader, once again embarks on an exciting journey this weekend…a journey along most of the historic Lincoln Highway. Richard, and his much too patient wife Noel, will be traveling from San Rafael, CA to Moline, IL in his 1969 Mercedes 280SL.

great race

They will be stopping in cities along the way to test out the reception of some of our over-the-air technology and report the findings. Not only will we be posting videos, but Richard will occasionally live streaming the race and their many adventures, so who knows what kind of gems you might witness.

“I look forward to the Great Race each year. The opportunity to be around the best cars and test out the best antennas,” says Schneider. “We want to show Americans that regardless of where you live, it is possible for you to cut the cord. And we want to help.”

The Great Race starts Saturday, June 18th in California and Richard will arrive in Moline, Illinois on Sunday, June 26th. Follow the Great Race and Richard’s crazy antics at,  InstagramTwitter and Facebook and live streaming on UStream.


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Antennas Direct Named Among Fastest-Growing Companies in St. Louis AGAIN!


Year after year, we find ourselves on fastest growing lists. When we first started developing our antennas 13 years ago, we received emails and letters, on an almost daily basis, telling us that antennas were a thing of the past and we would be out of business by the end of the year. Look at us now!  Our antennas are flying off the shelves at Walmart, Best Buy, RadioShack, and BJ’s Wholesale Club at a rate that doubles our sales every nine months. And we don’t even put big $$ behind marketing. The reason for our success is the amazing products we create. We never settle for okay. We continue to design and engineer the world’s most powerful TV antennas that receive stellar merit and awards. Cord cutting continues to grow, and we are reaping the benefits of people ditching pay-TV.

So we were honored to be named among the fastest growing companies by the St. Louis Business Journal. We owe so much to our team, our customers, and to all the amazing people out there who have believed in us over the years. Thanks to you, we are ranked 40th on the Business Journal’s Fastest Growing List, with a 48% growth over the past year.

Richard Schneider High Resolution

Our head honcho Richard Schneider says it best:

“Our customers are the smartest people on Earth. They realize that the cable companies are gouging them and taking more and more of their hard earned money each month. Who is that fair to? No one! Cord cutting continues to grow thanks to new technology, streaming devices and services that offer customers more content than they could ever need, and at a fraction of the cost. Combined with one of our award winning antennas to receive FREE over-the-air television, you have everything you need, and are saving on average $1000 a year.”

And a special thanks to the St. Louis Business Journal for their continued support over the past decade.

Read the full article here:


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ATSC 3.0, in Layman’s Terms

ATSC 3.0 better

A few weeks ago we shared the ATSC 3.0 video and a brief description about WHAT it is, but really, it’s a bunch of detailed, techie, nerd talk. What does it really mean for you, in layman’s terms?

Here are the main points on the ATSC 3.0 transition:

  • 4K Ultra HD Video!
  • High dynamic range high definition
  • 1 +4 surround sound and immersive audio
  • Way more multicasting! There will be over 100 sub-channels per main channel (the system has much more efficient compression), which means potentially hundreds of over the air channels per market
  • More reliable and robust transmissions won’t be prone to interference (this means no more break ups!)
  • Indoor reception will be MUCH easier with an antenna
  • Interactive, the view can control the viewing experience and will allow two way communications with the broadcaster, choose viewing angle on sports, etc.
  • Targeted advertising, this will be great for businesses to sell their products to particular demographics.
  • Metadata- more detailed show info, actor bios, all the fun background info you might be interested in knowing, but don’t want to spend time looking up!
  • Immersive and VR experience

Ultimately, there is a lot of buzz with the transition, but it will be a lengthy process. There are currently no broadcasters transmitting in 3.0 and they won’t be until probably 2018 at the earliest. It will all depend on when station decides to make the switch and even then, the consumer will need a device with a 3.0 tuner chip set.

For the most part, broadcasters will continue to transmitting signal in both 1.0 and 3.0. Once 3.0 TV’s hit the market, there will be a lot of people who will be able to access these features IF the broadcast station is transmitting in 3.0. It will be an interesting transition because there is not a harsh turn off deadline for 1.0, it’s not like there will be one day where all of a sudden there will no longer be 1.0 and everyone will be broadcasting in 3.0. That won’t be happening! Basically, it’s consumer adoption for 3.0 and how people decide they want their content delivered to them. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, and we will be sure to keep you updated!


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The Antennas Direct Antenna Selector is Here to Save the Day!

antenna selector

“But I don’t know what kind of antenna to get.”

“How far am I from the towers?”

“Indoor or outdoor, which is better for my location?”

“What stations should I get in my area?”

These are all questions we hear on a daily basis. And we get it, it can be tricky trying to determine what antenna to get and take that step to cut the cord. We know how frustrating it can be to purchase something and bring it home, only to realize it won’t work for you! So to help ease that pain and streamline the process, we have developed an antenna selector!

What do you need to do?

Step 1:

Visit our Antenna Selector HERE.

Step 2:

Type in your zipcode. The selector will determine the best antennas for your location, both indoor and outdoor, depending on your needs.

antenna selector 2

Step 3:

Sit back and admire the list of available channels. You’ll be amazed how many stations you’ll be able to get, all for free!

Step 4:

Add the antenna of your choosing to your cart! It’s that simple. No more guessing what would work best for you.

That’s it! We’ve made the process so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t cut the cord sooner! Don’t hesitate to give our Connection Crew a call to ask them any questions you might have. And by ANY questions, we mean it! Not only are our products the best in the industry, but so is our service!

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