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#ADBusTour Lets Freedom Ring in Chinatown, San Francisco

Gate Eclipse

Independence Day means a lot to us here at Antennas Direct. Not only because we are proud to be Americans, but also because we consider ourselves to be liberators. Installing an antenna is not unlike signing a Declaration of Television Independence. It means you are no longer a victim of the tyranny from cable television.

That’s why we are proud to announce the next stop for our TV Liberation Tour! We will be celebrating our country’s rich diversity and the diversity of relevant, hyperlocal broadcast content in San Francisco’s Historic Chinatown.

The first 300 lucky patrons will receive our latest and greatest antenna, the ClearStream Eclipse, a small, self-adhering indoor antenna with a range of up to 50 miles. The total estimated value of the antenna’s being given away in San Francisco is approximately $20,000.

Come on out and help us ring in the Fourth!

Clayton Hotel, 667 Clay Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94111 (on the street outside the hotel)

Friday, July 3, 2015, 9:00 AM (One antenna per household | first come, first serve)

To get updates to the tour, go to


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Shinedown Premieres New Song “Cut The Cord”

Photo Courtesy of Shinedown Instagram

Photo Courtesy of Shinedown’s Instagram

Last night Shinedown, an American Rock band from Florida, returned with their first new song in three years with the track “Cut the Cord”.

Brent Smith, frontman and vocals of Shinedown, sat down with Billboard to discuss what inspired their latest song.

“‘Cut The Cord’ is a wake up call reminding us all that we can control our own destiny by finding the courage and tenacity to destroy whatever it is that’s holding us back. The process may not be pretty or perfect or even easy, but absolutely necessary. The song is brutally honest and unapologetic, which is what Shinedown has always been.”

Shinedown and Antennas Direct have a lot of in common. We are also brutally honest and unapologetic, especially when it comes to our passion for liberating people from unhealthy relationships with their pay TV provider.  We don’t mind taking a leap into unchartered waters and taking a stand. And we also rock.

We would like to think that Shinedown was inspired to write this song by us. After years of screaming from the rooftops what a liberating feeling it is to cut the cord, it feels good to see someone promoting that we don’t have to let anything hold us back. It might not always be easy to take that step and cut the cord, but in the end you have nothing holding you back. You are free from cable and satellite!

“Freedom. La La La La. Freedom follow me.”

Follow us to freedom!  Have questions about cutting the cord? Feel free to give our customer support a call at 1-877-825-5572 or visit or Learning Center.


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Antennas Direct Founder Tests Technology Down America’s Mother Road


To test the mettle of his industry-leading technology, our founder, Richard Schneider is jumping into a car race on America’s Mother Road, Route 66. Schneider has entered his 1969 Mercedes 280SL into this year’s The Great Race, an annual event that brings together car enthusiasts from around the world. Schneider, accompanied by the Antennas Direct tour bus, plans to stop at locations along race tour to test the reception of some of his over-the-air technology and report findings.

“This combines the two things I love the most – well-designed cars and well-designed antennas,” says Schneider. “Despite all of the cord cutting trends, not enough Americans know that the best programming is free and over-the-air.”

This year, The Great Race goes from Kirkwood, Mo. to Santa Monica, Ca. and stops at some of the most storied locations in the country. Schneider plans to pack four Antennas Direct models – ClearStream Db8e, C2V and the new, indoor Eclipse, and will be giving away 200 antennas along the way.

The race starts tomorrow morning! Follow the Antennas Direct bus by going to Follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and search #ADBusTour.


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Sports: When It’s Win or Go Home, It’s on Broadcast Television


LeBron James is not short on confidence. Even after the crushing defeat of the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland last night, James was quoted as saying he is the “best player in the world.” While that may be debatable, one thing is not: When sports matter, they are on broadcast television.

Leading up to the championship series, the NBA Playoffs could be viewed on a number of networks including TNT and TBS – networks which could be viewed if you had Sling TV, an NBA Season Pass or a gracious friend.

But the sports that really count – when it is win or go home – those competitions are on broadcast, over-the-air television. The Super Bowl, March Madness Final Four, The America’s Cup – all are on the major networks. Here’s why:

  1. The network television broadcasters send their signals over the air, and you can watch them for free with a TV antenna. It essentially guarantees every fanatic the chance to catch the game.
  2. Full HD. The picture quality of an over-the-air signal is the best high definition you can experience. With pay-television providers, signals are compressed for delivery.
  3. Biggest reach. According to Nielsen, this year is the most watched NBA Finals in a decade. With more families cutting the cord, broadcast television has a bigger reach than ever.

This week in free sports entertainment:

NHL: The Blackhawks and Lightning square off in what may be the last match to determine the winner of the Stanley Cup. More info HERE.

NBA: Stephen Curry and LeBron James go toe-to-toe once more in what may be the last game of the NBA finals. More info HERE.

Broadcast television is the best window into the world for any household. And we can say that with more confidence than King LeBron James.

For more information on how to watch other sports programs with an antenna, click HERE.


photo credit: finals via photopin (license)


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Antennas Direct Named Among Fastest-Growing Companies in St. Louis

AD photo biz journal

If you were to ask a person on the street about the kind of technology companies that get named to fastest-growing lists, they would probably drop some names like Facebook, Google or Netflix. Few of them would probably associate “TV antennas” with “high-growth industry.” But that is the reality. Our antennas flying off the shelves of Walmart and Best Buy at a rate that doubles our sales every nine months.

So we were honored to be named among the fastest growing companies in St. Louis by the St. Louis Business Journal. We owe so much to our team, our customers and to the crazy people out there who have believed in us for the past 12 years.

Our founder Richard Schneider says it best:

“Last year, we nearly doubled in size, mostly because we have been touting the benefits of over-the-air television for the past 12 years, so we were well-positioned from a brand perspective when the demand shot up. Every year, some well-intentioned person tells me why we will be out of business, but every year, we just keep growing.”

Read the full article here:


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Cutting the Cord: What are you waiting for? Do it!

Shia Screenshot

Screenshot from Michael McNeff’s YouTube video

We know some of you out there have some reservations about saying goodbye to pay television. You write us and call us explaining how much happier you would be. Although we know more of you out there are receiving TV for free just based on our sales numbers, there are still a lot of Americans who hold out each year.

In case you lack the motivation, take a couple minutes and check out Shia LeBeouf’s advice. It may be the fuel you need to make the decision that leads to happiness and free TV.

For the real backstory on how this gloriousness came about, check out this Relevant article.


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Toronto Star Covers the Dollars and Sense of Cord Cutting

Karim- Angela

Personal Finance Editor Adam Mayers helps his readers on their journey toward financial freedom, and, just a few days ago, that freedom included cutting the constraining pay television cord. Mayers has been a cord cutter for a few years now, and when he wanted to strengthen his over-the-air hardware, he found our good friend Karim Sunderani at saveandreplay. Sunderani urged Mayers to make a deeper investment in the quality of his antenna. And when he thought of quality, he thought of Antennas Direct.

Mayers quotes Sunderami:

“Spend a little more, but spend it once, not twice, or three times,” he [Sunderani] advised when we met at the Mississauga store he runs with his wife Grace. “How many times do you want to climb onto your roof?”

Mayers agreed to try out a DB8e Ultra Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna and report back the results he gets from the upgrade. We can’t wait to hear his review!

Read Mayers’ full article which includes four things to consider when you cut the cord HERE.


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HDTV Expert Gets Juiced

Putman,PetePete Putman is a renowned television technology expert. The articles he pens on find their way into the TV industry’s leading publications, and, if you frequent technology conferences, chances are you’ve seen him at the front of the room. So when a guy like Pete has great things to say about one of your products, you listen.

Recently, our ClearStream Juice™ Amplifier System was featured in a Pepsi-challenge-like lineup with antennas that Pete assembled and tested:

“I also found a new inline signal preamplifier from Antennas Direct. The Juice UHF/VHF Amplifier ($79.99 from can be used inside or outside and provides about 18 dB of signal boost with a low noise figure, which is real handy in areas where TV reception can be problematic. (Successful digital TV reception is all about signal-to-noise ratio!)”

And, with every spectrum analysis, Pete found our Juice™ Amplifier made for the juiciest reception.

“Finally, the Antennas Direct’s Juice amplifier is a solid performer and delivers the goods. A noise figure approaching 2 dB in the UHF TV band is excellent in performance for the price.”

Boosting the signal is the easy part. You can get boosted signal from any amplifier, but what is difficult, and we have managed to conquer, is low noise. Our Juice amplifier is a commercial grade amplifier available to consumers!

Read all of Pete’s words (complete with spectrum analysis) HERE.

Photo Credit:


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Antennas Direct Hearts Your Mom

AD Mom

At Antennas Direct, we are not shy about our history of mother loving. We can’t help it. We were founded by a bunch of socially awkward engineers – a group of males who remained basement dwellers in our parent’s houses for years. While we slaved away at on the latest antenna technology, our mothers supplied us with pizza rolls, Hot Pockets and occasional bowl of ice cream.

We would not be a company had it not been for the unconditional love from our moms.

Over the years, we have created products specifically aimed at making the home life better for moms everywhere. Some moms have written us praises and others have encouraged other mothers to cut the cord and live the kind of family life they had always dreamed of. Knowing we provide that for mothers out there makes us feel all warm inside.


Eclipse of the Heart

It was out of this warmth that, last year, we released the ultimate over-the-air mother lover, the ClearStream Eclipse. While most indoor antennas require installation or pose some interior decorating challenges, the Eclipse antenna’s Sure Grip worry-free silicon backing means Mom can relocate the antenna as many times as she desires – the perfect combination of reception and décor. Check out this video we released to explain the ease of its use.

So, to the moms everywhere, we encourage you to take a look at the ClearStream Eclipse. Cutting the cord can liberate your home and make the family budget a lot easier to handle.

And to the mothers of our Antennas Direct engineers, we wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days. And thanks for always having the best stocked freezer on the block.

License: (license)


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Patrick Lew’s ClearStream 2V Video Review

Patrick Lew C2V

We have some truly amazing customers. We love hearing from our Antennas Direct clients with their feedback on their latest purchase. Patrick recently sent us a video of him reviewing his C2V antenna, and we were so excited with his feedback that we had to share it with all of you.

You might recognize Patrick from our blog: My Name is Patrick, and I’m a TV Lover. Here is a short bio of our cord cutting friend.

Name: Patrick Lew
Age: 28
Occupation: Freelance musician, merchandiser and lover of free TV
Location: San Francisco, CA
Antenna Technology: ClearSteam Micron,ClearStream C2V, RCA, Mohu

In Patrick’s latest YouTube video, he reviews our ClearStream 2V antenna and talks through his cord cutting setup. If you’re interested in hearing his thoughts on the C2V, be sure to watch his vlog!

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