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Mr. Muscleman Sings His Praise for Antennas Direct, and You Don’t Want to Mess with Him…

Muscle Man 2

Bruce Pechman, the Muscleman of Technology, shares his tips with KUSI San Diego on how to save money by cutting the cord. If you don’t know Mr. Muscle Man, check out his website, he’s not only hilarious and an excellent resource when it comes to not only technology, but he’s also a fitness guru. I mean, take a look at him. He’s ripped.

KUSI News – San Diego, CA

According to Bruce, the first step to get rid of cable is by installing a TV antenna. His top pick? Antennas Direct, of course. Bruce suggests the ClearStream 2V antenna if you’re looking for an indoor/outdoor model or the ClearStream Eclipse if you’re looking for the ease and convenience of a powerful indoor antenna.

“Get all the local channels with a darn good indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna,” says Bruce. “Antennas Direct, I say direct because you can call them and they will ask where you live, they will triangulate your location, tell you how far you are from the tower and tell you how many channels you can get.”

That’s right, if you’re looking to cut the cord, but not sure where to start or what antenna would work best for your location, give us a call! Our customer support team is ready to answer your most burning cord cutting questions.

One of Bruce’s favorite parts of using an antenna is the fact that you can get all the local channels without a monthly fee. With the onetime cost of an Antennas Direct antenna and you are set. Bye bye cable bill. Hello pocket full of cash.

Bruce also discusses other alternatives to cable, including Sling TV, Roku, Samsung Galaxy View, and much more. Be sure to watch the full segment for Mr. Muscleman’s list of top cord cutting products.

Thanks to Bruce for featuring our ClearStream 2V and our ClearStream Eclipse.  Bruce, you are one heck of a guy. We’re big fans. Whether we’re looking to get buff or learn about the latest in technology, we know we can turn to you.



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Antenna CEO Amazed by Company Market Penetration with Virtually No Paid Advertising

Richard White House


Antenna CEO amazed by company market penetration with virtually no paid advertising

March 15, 2016; ST. LOUIS – In a recent survey released by Nielsen, households who solely use an over-the-air antenna to watch broadcast television rose in the third quarter to 12.8 million from 12.2 million the year before. That’s 600,000 additional households who have cut the cable cord and are solely using a TV antenna. Now, what this study does not include are households who also use streaming sites such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, just to name a few. These 12.8 million households are only a FRACTION of the American households who have ended their abusive relationship with the pay-TV companies.

The cable company and their public relations team lackeys (Nielsen) call all antenna companies liars, but according to Nielsen’s data, Antennas Direct is not only dominating the market, but are selling MORE antennas in the year than is being shown in their data. Antennas Direct alone has sold significantly more antennas than the number of households reported using antennas in 2015.

“We don’t like our competitors since we obviously make the best damn antennas, but we really feel bad for our competitors who according to this data, must not have sold any antennas,” said Richard Schneider, Antennas Direct president.  “I almost feel guilty being this successful when obviously my competitors are struggling so badly.”

The National Association of Broadcasters claims that the average cable bill has increased to $120 a month. If an additional 600,000 households have cut the cord and are using over-the-air antennas to watch broadcast television, then do the math. That’s a collective $864 million dollars being put back in the pockets of Americans, not into the hands of the greedy pay-TV CEOs.  Cord cutting is putting money back into the economy, and helping to save Americans thousands of dollars.

“With the constant growth of cord cutting, we’re looking forward to seeing our sales continue to rise and take over the market,” said Schneider. “Americans are proving their intelligence. First by choosing to cut the cord, and secondly, by choosing us. Cord cutters are the smartest people around.”

About Antennas Direct
Antennas Direct is the #1 LEADER in antenna technology, reinventing the antenna for the digital era and dominating the market. With a heritage in over-the-air antennas specifically tuned for core DTV frequencies, Antennas Direct has invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of new antenna designs for digital reception. Founded in 2003, the firm is a member of the Inc. 500|5000 Hall of Fame and Future of TV Coalition. Visit for more information.


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Spring TV Guide for Cord Cutters

Eight of the biggest television moments of the first half of the year are on the horizon and the good news is that cable or not, no one will have to miss any of them. A lot of people worry about cutting the cord. The good news is that as more people take the leap of faith, streaming services become more willing to provide their service, so you don’t miss all the action!  Check them out in this quick Spring TV Guide for Cord Cutters

March Madness

Starting March 15, March Madness is the event of the year for College Basketball fans. 64 teams will battle it out through the weeks until April 4, and the championship in Houston, TX. If you want to watch the games online, I’ve created a complete March Madness Guide to help you out. But the short of it is, Sling TV will allow you to watch all the TBS, TNT, and TruTV games. You can then use an antenna to watch the games on CBS for free.

The Americans

The Season 4 premiere of The Americans will be here on March 16 on FX Network. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell star in the critically-acclaimed drama about two KGB operatives posing as an American couple in Washington D.C. during the Reagan presidency. If you need to catch up on this before the season 4 premiere, Amazon Prime has the first three seasons included in their Prime membership. From then on, the easiest way to get the show would be to purchase the new season with a season pass on Amazon.


The second season of Marvel’s Daredevil will hit Netflix in its entirety on March 18. This is significant for Netflix, as this was their first of many Marvel shows, and after a huge first season that was applauded by critics, there are high expectations for this sophomore season. As with all Netflix originals, they are released together and remain on Netflix, so if you haven’t watched this superhero drama about a blind crime fighter in Hell’s Kitchen, you have plenty of time to binge-watch the first season before season two premieres.

The Walking Dead

Season 6 of The Walking Dead has already been filled with moments that have shocked, and sometimes delighted viewers. On April 3, the finale happens and if it’s anything like past finales, you can expect to be wowed, if not absolutely shocked and devastated. The easiest way to watch The Walking Dead would be Sling TV.

NBA Playoffs

The Playoffs are always a big event for basketball fans. This year, the playoffs start on April 16. It’s unclear at this point what games will air on what network, but we do know the games will air on ESPN, ABC, and TNT. This makes Sling TV your best bet for the majority of games, though you will be able to catch the ABC games free with an antenna.

Fear the Walking Dead

The second season prequel of the smash hit The Walking Dead begins April 10. Telling the story of a new group and what happens at the very beginning of the zombie-outbreak, Fear the Walking Dead offers a new group of characters and a fresh setting in which to sink our teeth into. While not quite as highly rated as The Walking Dead, it’s still a great watch. There are a variety of ways you can watch this show, but the easiest would be Hulu, which also has all of the first season currently available, as well.

Game of Thrones

For TV fans, Game of Thrones and its April premiere (this year on April 24) is always a major event. Last year, HBO NOW was just unveiled right before the premiere and there was a worry that Game of Thrones fans would break the Internet as they rushed to watch it. This fantasy show is filled with danger, death, dragons, and plenty of adult themes. If you haven’t seen some of the episodes, you won’t need to worry because the entire series is available on demand on a variety of services.

NFL Draft

On April 28, the most hardcore sports fans will be parked on their couch watching the results unfold in the NFL Draft. This is when the best NCAA players and a few unknown wildcards receive their entrance into the NFL. As the Draft generally occurs on cable, the best way to catch it would be Sling TV.


Get the TV You Want without the Expensive Cable Contract

Chances are there are easy, legal ways, to watch anything you want no matter what channel it’s on. As cutting the cord continues to move further into the mainstream, it will only get easier to watch everything you want online.


Chris Brantner is the founder of, a resource for people who want to cut the cord and still get the TV they crave. Follow him on Twitter @CutCableToday and find him on Facebook here


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Cord Cutters Guide to March Madness 2016


This year the madness begins on Sunday, March 13, 2016, as college basketball team match-ups are officially announced during a nationwide broadcast on CBS.

CBS announced this year’s NCAA Basketball Championship Selection Show is going from one hour to two. This will allow for more interviews, analysis and discussion, and it will begin at 5:30 p.m. ET.

As with previous years, the games are to be shared by CBS and Turner Sports (TBS, TNT and truTV). So for you cord cutters out there, now would be a good time to check out Sling TV! While your TV antenna will receive the CBS games, Sling TV can solve the Turner Sports dilemma.

Sling TV is an online TV subscription service that offers access to many live broadcasts normally reserved for cable customers. This includes TBS and TNT as standard, with the option of adding truTV as part of its lifestyle package.

With a 7-day free trial and $20 a month subscription to Sling TV (which you can cancel at any time), you gain access to every single March Madness game – when coupled with your TV antenna.

Here is what we know about the tournament leading up the NCAA’s Selection Sunday.

March 15-16 Dayton First Four Dayton, Ohio UD Arena
March 17, 19 Providence First, Second Providence, R.I. Dunkin Donuts Center
March 17, 19 Iowa State First, Second Des Moines, Iowa Wells Fargo Arena
March 17, 19 NC State First, Second Raleigh, N.C. PNC Arena
March 17, 19 Mountain West First, Second Denver Pepsi Center
March 18, 20 Atlantic 10 First, Second Brooklyn, N.Y. Barclays Center
March 18, 20 Missouri Valley First, Second St. Louis Scottrade Center
March 18, 20 Big 12 First, Second Oklahoma City Chesapeake Energy Arena
March 18, 20 Idaho First, Second Spokane, Wash. Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena
March 24, 26 Big West West Regional Anaheim, Calif. Honda Center
March 24, 26 Louisville South Regional Louisville, Ky. KFC YUM! Center
March 25, 27 Big Ten Midwest Regional Chicago United Center
March 25, 27 LaSalle East Regional Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
April 2, 4 Rice University, Texas Southern University, University of Houston Final Four and Championship Houston, TX NRG Stadium

On the Go Streaming Apps

We love to have a cold one at home watching the game, but what about on the go? What if you are stuck in the dentist’ waiting room… or at juniors music recital… or Love Actually is on TV (her favorite tearjerker).

The NCAA has you covered and has a number of options for streaming apps available through their site here. But remember you can pick up the CBS broadcast games online at

March Madness Apps


Additional Viewing and Chatter

Head over to the NCAA March Madness YouTube channel for the latest clips and highlight reels as the tournament progresses.

Get involved in the conversation on Reddit’s /r/marchmadness forums.

Being a cord cutter doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Not only can you watch and enjoy March Madness, but you will do so for a fraction of the price of your former cable bill.

*Stay tuned for updates to this blog as the schedule changes


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Broadcast TV Maintains Their Crown as King of Viewership


Now, we’re big fans of streaming. As cord cutters, we love all the available streaming options to supplement our television watching experience. Between Netflix, Hulu and broadcast television, we are in heaven! Recently, Netflix and Amazon have been gaining a lot of attention with their huge audience for original shows and movies, but according to a recent study by Symphony Advanced Media, a new round of viewership stats show that the biggest shows in streaming still do not compare to those of broadcast TV’s top series. As broadcast TV addicts, this is extremely exciting news!

For example, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which is a Netflix original, was the highest watched streaming show with 4.81 million viewers. CBS’s The Big Bang Theory towered over Jessica Jones with over 10.6 million viewers, followed by Fox’s Empire with 8.54 million and ABC’s Modern Family with 7.82 million viewers.

Streaming has made great strides this last year and we’re expecting to see even more growth, but it looks like broadcast TV is still the king.

One thing we can all agree on is our mutual hatred for pay-TV. There are many reasons for people to be unhappy with their cable and satellite providers, but the theme we see is this: they suck! And more people are realizing this, and leaving those unhealthy relationships quickly.

TVfreedom_TopConcernsGraphic1No matter how you slice it, Pay-TV comes up short. According to a new Harris Poll and an infographic shared by, pay-TV subscribers say their biggest concerns with their cable or satellite TV service are excessive equipment rental fees, poor service/connection quality, and poor customer service. Now, we could have told you this just from what we hear when people call us ready to cut the cord, but it’s great to see the numbers!

Moral of the story, broadcast TV reigns supreme, and is here to stay. Cord cutters have more options than ever to obtain all the shows they could ever want (or handle), and they’re pocketing buckets of cash. Looks like cord cutters are the winners here.


photo credit: Lagoon Games Round Playing Card King of Spades via photopin (license)


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Antennas Direct Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The average American spends $146. 84 on Valentine’s Day, up this year from last year’s average of $142.31. Now, the average cable bill is $120 a month. As a cord cutter, you are pocketing $120 a month that you can spend on your lucky loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Not sure what to get that special someone you’ve somehow convinced to be your Valentine? Here is our Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men and Women. Take a look, you’ll thank us.

Traditional Route, for Women:
If you’re the traditional romantic type, here is how you could spend your cord cutter money on your lucky lady love.

Dozen Red Rosesroses: $49.99
Classic, beautiful and sure to please. Bonus points if you send them to her work for all her friends to see.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: $39
Fruit covered in chocolate? YAASSS.

Diamond Heart Necklace: $99
Like they say, you can never go wrong with diamonds. Never.


Romantic Date Night:

Dinner for 2: $100 at a nice restaurant
Come’ on, don’t skimp. Treat your Valentine sweetie to a nice meal. And tip that waiter, they deserve it!


For the Introvert:a-map-of-the-introverts-heart-wall-clocks

A Map of The Introvert’s Heart Wall Clock: $30
Perfect for the introvert in your life. Who needs to leave the house anyways? You have an antenna. Nothing says I love you like spending the evening snuggled up on the sofa watching your favorite broadcast TV show. Amiright? 


For the Tech Lover Nerd:

R2D2If your special friend is a tech lover, they will be thrilled to forgo the candy and card for any of these great gifts.

Roku 3: $99
For a cord cutter, you can’t go wrong with a streaming device to enhance you HDTV antenna experience.

R2-D2 Car Charger: $39.99
The Star Wars Nerd will LOVE this. Plus, they can’t use the excuse that their phone is dead when they forget to call…

Sweetheart Cord Taco: $12 each
Nothing says I love you like keeping your earbuds from tangling.


For the Jokester (Male or Female):
donkeyEveryone loves someone with a sense of humor. These are the best gifts to make your love laugh this Valentine’s Day.

Yoda One For Me (Star Wars Coffee Mug): $12
There is nothing cuter than Yoda. Try and tell us otherwise.

Donkey Slippers: $30
Funny, cute, and if your significant other can be an ass, these might be the perfect gift!


Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Antennas Direct!



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Top 3 Things Cord Cutters Can Do to Save On Internet


Guest post by Cut Cable Today founder, Chris Brantner

Few things feel as good in life as cutting the cord, turning in the cable box, and saving $1000+ per year. And with cable prices rising year after year, the savings just keep increasing.

However, even if you’re a cord cutter getting free HD television with an antenna, you still have to go back to the cable companies for one thing: internet service. As you’ve probably learned, internet service providers are going to do their best to earn back the money they lost when you cut off pay-TV service. They’ll hike your internet-only rates, and some companies will even impose data caps to charge you extra for all that streaming data you’re using.

But don’t worry, you can still save money when signing up for standalone internet from the ISPs. Here are my top 3 tips to help you get the costs down as low as possible.

#1 Compare Standalone Internet Promo Deals in Your Area

Depending on where you live, you probably have more than one internet service provider in your area. That being said, you need to compare standalone internet plans from all providers in your area. To help with this process, I’ve installed an ISP search on my site that will show you what’s available in your area. Click here to use it.

It’s pretty easy to find ISPs:

  1. Enter your Zip Code.
  2. Call each provider listed and ask for sales.
  3. Ask about their internet-only plans.
  4. Compare to other providers and choose the best deal.

Remember, they will likely offer promos for signing up. Make sure to ask what the price will go to once the promo rate runs out.

#2 Only Pay for the Speed You Need

You don’t necessarily need the fastest internet on the market. If you’re just looking to stream shows in standard definition, and maybe surf the web and send emails, then you can probably save by downgrading speed.

As a rule of thumb, you want about 5 Mbps per stream. So if you will have two people in your home streaming at once, then you’ll need 10 Mbps. Three streams, 15 Mbps, and so on.

If your streaming needs are great and you’re looking for the fastest internet service, then I recommend Verizon Fios if they’re available in your area. They’ve been rated by Netflix time and time again as the fastest ISP. They often run pretty solid promos for their standalone internet as well.

Curious what speed of internet you currently have? You can run a speed test here.

#3 Purchase Your Own Modem

One way ISPs make money off of customers is by imposing modem rental fees. However, in some cases, you can avoid these by purchasing your own modem. This can save you as much as $10 per month. So you’ll likely see savings within the first year.

Keep in mind that the modem you buy must be compatible with your ISP. So you need to do some research first and see what your options are. Here’s a pretty good guide to purchasing your own modem by PC World. It even contains links to compatible modems for particular ISPs.

Put the Time and Money in Now, Save Later

Yes, there are a lot of moving parts to cord cutting, so you have to put in a bit of work up front. But it’s worth it. You’ll have to purchase a good antenna and streaming device. You’ll need to test out various streaming services like Sling TV (check out my review here), Hulu, and Netflix to see which best meets your needs. And you’ll have to spend some time nailing down the best ISP deals.

But once the pieces are in place, you’ll have a setup that meets your individual needs, and best of all, saves you money each and every month.


Chris Brantner is the founder of, a resource for people who want to cut the cord and still get the TV they crave. Follow him on Twitter @CutCableToday and find him on Facebook here


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The New York Times Shares Their Cord Cutters Guide to the Super Bowl

New York Times resized

The New York Times, a news industry leader, has not only acknowledged the growth in cutting the cord, but researched the best alternatives to cable and satellite for the Super Bowl. They know their readers are smart and not throwing away their money to the cable companies! Brian X. Chen, the lead consumer technology writer for The New York Times, took a deeper look at options for watching the Super Bowl, including streaming and antennas. This dude is a tech genius, if you’re looking for advice on the latest tech gadget or trend, he is the guy to ask.

Brian tested out two antennas, the ClearStream Eclipse and the ClearStream 2V and had great success with both! He recommends the Eclipse for its strong signal and sleek design. He said it was easy to set up and was barely noticeable in the living room, which is ideal for a Super Bowl party. Brian received about 40 channels at his house, including CBS, so he is set for the Big Game on Sunday!

Now, for the second year, CBS will be streaming the Super Bowl on their website and through the CBS app. This is great news for cord cutters, but there can be drawbacks. If you don’t have the fastest internet, you might experience a good amount of buffering, which can be frustrating for your party guests. With an antenna, you get clear signal and the high-definition channels, like CBS, look even better than digital cable because the image you receive with an antenna is the raw video broadcast over-the-air, unlike compressed video sent over digital cable.

Our fearless leader said it best, “when you’re getting the raw video, it might be double or triple the quality of satellite or cable,” said Richard Schneider. “It’s a much more detailed picture than what you’d get through paid TV.”

Basically, what we hear Brian saying, is the best way to watch the Super Bowl is with an antenna. And we have to agree! See his full article HERE and if you need to pick up an antenna before the game Sunday, be sure to visit one of our retail partners.


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According to Best Buy Expert, Cut the Cord with Antennas Direct

It’s no secret that at Antennas Direct, we’re a little bit nerdy. We are dorks at heart who love learning about the newest technology and staying on top of the trends. You should have seen Richard Schneider, Antennas Direct president, drooling over the drones at CES. For that reason, our nerdy hearts have always loved Best Buy, and we have a great relationship with the folks over there. After all, they were our first retail partner in the United States.

But it looks like the love is mutual! Fox 6 Now news in Milwaukee decided to dig deeper into the cord cutting trend and interviewed Fox Point Best Buy team lead, Chester Jackson, on his thoughts and suggestions for those people considering cutting the cable cord.


The first thing Chester recommended when cutting the cord, is getting a TV antenna to watch over the air television. His antenna of choice? The Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V, of course. Chester said that the C4V is a great quality antenna and the best option when cutting the cord. Oh, Chester. We like you, a lot. You’re the man!

Are you ready to cut the cord but still have questions? Stop by your local Best Buy and ask for your “Chester”, or give us a call! Our wonderfully nerdy support team is ready to answer your questions and help you save close to $1000 a year. You’ll thank us, and Chester.


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Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse Named the Best Indoor HDTV Antenna


There are a lot of antennas on the market; however, we do believe that we are the best. And after hours of testing, The Wirecutter can back us on this claim. Those pros at The Wirecutter tested over 10 models of indoor antennas in two different locations (one suburban and one urban) and compiled data ranging from signal strength, assembly, aesthetics and quality of the TV signal. After all of their diligent research, the ClearStream Eclipse reigned supreme!

According to The Wirecutter, the Eclipse matched or outperformed larger models in pulling in broadcast signals, required basically no assembly, and was easy to hide. It looks like they’re big fans of the Eclipse’s SureGrip technology!

“We feel confident that the Antennas Direct Eclipse is the antenna that will satisfy most users’ broadcast TV needs.”

We can’t ask for a stronger testimonial than that!

A big thank you to The Wirecutter team, especially Grant Clauser, for naming our ClearStream Eclipse the best indoor TV antenna. Click HERE to see the full list.

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