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Good4Utah is Good for Antennas Direct


We were thrilled to see some exciting cord cutting stats to get our weekend started. The CTA projects about 7.6 million antennas will be sold in 2016 and that the industry will grow by 9.3% this year. We can vouch for this growth as we watch our sales increase each month. We’ve had record sales and phone calls to our customer service as the idea of cutting the cord continues to grow. It’s articles and news segments like this one from Good4Utah that helps spread awareness of cutting the cord.

The TV antenna might be decades old, but they are better than ever. With new technology and interest in the community and industry, TV antennas are more powerful, easier to install and becoming the new norm.


James Duncan of South Jordan, Utah recently cut the cord from DISH and had one of our DB2 antennas installed on his roof. By installing the antenna, he is saving $100 a month and is able to get 53 channels!

“And the quality of the antenna is much better than DISH was,” said Duncan. That’s because the signal is not compressed like it is with cable or DISH, you get the clearest picture quality possible.

Thanks to Good4Utah for sharing Mr. Duncan’s story and helping to spread awareness of cord cutting. YOU have other options, don’t be tied down by your cable or satellite company!


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Antennas Direct 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Last year, shoppers around the country said they were planning to spend an average of $882 for holiday gifts. For some folks, that’s just a drop in the bucket. For the majority of us, that’s a LARGE sum of money. Now let’s do a little math (don’t worry, you won’t be tested).

The average cable in 2016 is $103.10.

There are 12 months in the year.

$103.10 X 12 = $1,237.20

The average American spends $1,237.20 a year on cable. That is outrageous! Think about all of the things you could do with that money!

Here’s an idea. Cut the cord this holiday season and start saving over $1,000 a year. It’s not only a gift to yourself, but also to your family! Think about all the things your family could use that money on (and all of the holiday gifts you could buy.

Now, with all that money saved, here is our 2016 Gift Guide with our EXCELLENT gift suggestions.

Parrot Swing Drone– $139.99
Yes, drones are still in and hot (but you know, not like setting on fire). The Parrot Swing Drone is a minidrone that is more affordable and impressive than the more expensive models. We would say this is the perfect gift for the kids in your life but let’s be honest, this is the perfect gift for ANYONE.


GoPro HERO5– $399.99
If you’re shopping for the on-the-go, adventure type, (or someone who is prone to hilariously embarrassing activities) a GoPro is the perfect holiday gift. You’ll get professional quality video with a waterproof, wind, and noise reducing camera.

XYZ Printing da Vinci Mini– $289
This is a 3D printer. How cool is that?! With this little mini 3D printer, you  can print prototypes for businesses and replace parts and pieces for items around the home. Great for the creative, or um, nerdy types.

GrillBot– $129.95
Grilling is great. BBQ is tasty. Cleaning the grill? Yeah, no one wants to do that. How about a robot that can clean your grill AND is dishwasher safe? We’re down. Invite us to your BBQ and we’ll clean the grill.


ClearStream Eclipse Sure Grip Indoor HDTV Antenna– $39.99, $59.99 (amplified)
Well duh. Of course we’re going to include our award winning indoor TV antenna to the list. If you have any friends or family members ready to cut the cord, this is the perfect gift. The Sure Grip takes the most advanced technology and makes it even better. Grips to any smooth surface, suchs as a wall or window. Great for dorm rooms, RV’s and over-the-road vehicles. It features a black and white double-sided design and is paintable, so you can match your wall, furniture, or accent color for a custom fit. All you have to do is Grip it, Plug it, Scan it and Watch it.

Amazon Echo Dot– $49.99
If you know someone who is into smart home technology, this is the perfect gift. It’s hands-free, voice-controlled that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, read the news, answer questions and be your companion.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition– $60
For the gaming nerd in your life, this classic console will help you relive the 80s gaming glory. It comes with 30 games built in!


Roku Premiere+ – $99.99
If you’re a cord cutter, you of course know of Roku and most likely own one (we’re big fans). But they recently released the Premiere+ which gives you 4K resolution and high dynamic range video, plus a Wi-Fi remote with headphones. When your kids are asleep and  you want to watch your adult content shows (ahem, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black…you get the drift), you’ll be in love with the headphones.

Skullcandy Grind Wireless Headphones– $89.99
For the gamer or music lover, these headphones are some of the best Bluetooth headphones under $100. They won’t break the bank, but they WILL block out noise.


3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set– $50
For any creative and artsy kids in your life, this 3D-printing pen works like a glue gun to draw plastic creations. It’s fun, interactive and doesn’t break the bank.

Fruit Keg Tapping Kit– $19.99
Because with all of that money  you’ll save cutting the cord, you can throw some kick ass parties. So who doesn’t need a fruit keg tapping kit?

Creative Cursing Generator– $9.21
Now this is a great gift for a coworker or friend who would love a little help stringing together the perfect curse phrase to accurately express their feelings. The printer is out of paper right before a big presentation? Let the creative cursing generator help you express that frustration.


Boyfriend Pillow– DIY!
Not only is this a great gift for someone who is, well, lonely or looking to cuddle, but it can also be made on the cheap. Nothing says, “I care about you and don’t want you to be alone,” like a boyfriend pillow.

And there ya go. Just a few gift options for everyone in your life, from kids, spouses, friends and office mates. And with all that money you’ll save cutting the cord, you could treat yo’ self to a nice little gift or 2.


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Denver and Pittsburgh Share Their Love of Antennas Direct


The turkey leftovers are almost gone, the pumpkin pie is a distant memory and the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are deflated and packed away. Now we are on to the holidays! When we got back to the office today after a food filled, relaxing long weekend, we were thrilled to see that two publications shared their love for Antennas Direct! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shared their 2016 holiday gift guide and The Denver Post discussed the growth of cutting the cord and installing TV antennas.

When we saw that our ClearStream Eclipse made the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Business section for their holiday gift guide, we may have let out a little girl giggle. We think that the Eclipse HDTV Antenna is the perfect holiday gift, so it’s exciting to see others have the same idea! We have the best plan that will save you time and money this holiday season. Throw away your Christmas shopping list and stock up on TV antennas for everyone in your life! You’ll be done shopping in no time at all, save yourself money, and help your loved ones save money. You’re welcome.


The Denver Post wrote a great article discussing the growth of cutting the cord and people returning to TV antennas. Those people, they’re OUR favorite. Anthony Leyba owns Digital Concepts in Denver and he climbs on top of customer’s roofs about 10 times a month to install new TV antennas. He recommends our ClearStream 4 antenna, he says that it’s the best signal he’s found in an antenna and he recommends it for his clients. Denver-area residents can get up to 50 channels with an antenna! Why pay $120 for cable and only watch 20 channels when you could get 50 channels for free?

Thanks to the Denver Post and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for helping spread awareness of cutting the cord and promoting over-the-air television with a TV antenna! We love you. A lot.


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The Ultimate Cord Cutters Guide to Holiday Movies and TV Shows


This is the time of year where people (ourselves included) want to bundle up in front of the fireplace with family and watch TV and movies. It’s the simple pleasures that bring us the most joy, and being a cord cutter doesn’t have to mean that you miss out. In fact, as a cord cutter, you are winning by pocketing more money each month that can be used on: Christmas candy, holiday gifts, holiday vacations and early retirement.

If you’re a holiday TV lover, here is our cord cutters guide to watching the best Fall and Winter TV shows, movies and holiday specials.



Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade- November 24th at 9:00am on NBC
This is a must watch annual tradition, and this is the 90th year for the parade! Don’t miss a moment, the parade begins at 9AM ET on November 24th, broadcast live on NBC.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving- November 24th at 8:00pm on ABC
A classic family favorite will air on, you guessed it, Thanksgiving evening at 8:00pm on ABC. Join Charlie, Snoopy, Linus and the entire gang on a Thanksgiving day adventure.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town- November 25th at 8:00pm on ABC
I mean, come on. This is a must for the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a past memory (other than the leftover turkey in the fridge), and now you can sit back and watch the Christmas classics.

Christmas in Rockefeller Center- November 30th at 8:00pm on NBC
You’ll feel all of the Christmas-time warm fuzzies watching the lighting of the giant Christmas tree in New York. For many folks, this is the OFFICIAL start of Christmas.


A Charlie Brown Christmas- December 1st at 8:00pm on ABC
Yes, we included two Charlie Brown movies on our list. Because we can. And because they are so darn good. Who doesn’t enjoy a holiday Charlie Brown movie?! Will there be a heartwarming holiday message wrapped up in a cute, fun cartoon? Absolutely!

It’s a Wonderful Life- December 10 at 8:00pm on NBC
It’ll make you cry, smile, feel nostalgic and your heart will be warmed. This is a holiday classic you most certainly do not want to miss and is a movie the whole family will enjoy.

iHeart Radio Jingle Ball 2016- December 15th at 8:00pm on the CW
If you’re a music AND Christmas lover, the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball is right up your alley. Enjoy music from your favorite acts including Charlie Puth, Daya, Diplo, Fifth Harmony, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, The Chainsmokers and many, many more.



Do we need to say more? We’ve waited 9 long years. We’ve rewatched seasons 1-7 close to four dozen times. We’ve quoted Lorelai daily while drinking our morning coffee. And we may or may not own at least one article of Gilmore Girls merchandise. And now, finally, we will be able to enjoy Gilmore Girls again with “A Year in the Life”, a Netflix original coming out on November 25th. Forget Black Friday shopping, our butts will be glued to the couch, catching up with our favorite girls. We are not ashamed.

Miracle on 34th Street
The 1994 remake of the classic Christmas tale is now streaming on Netflix!

Christmas with the Kranks
If you’re looking for a fun, and different holiday movie, of course Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis make this flick a win.


White Christmas
This is a winner for us. It’s the perfect movie to watch with the entire family: there’s singing, war, Christmas, sisters and snow. What more could you ask for?!

Love Actually
This is a wonderful movie no matter the time of year, but you’ll quickly get into the holiday spirit once you stream this movie.



Fireplace for Your Home
This might sound stupid, but seriously, you will enjoy these holiday lights and fireplace scenes for the perfect background entertainment while wrapping presents, decorating the house or spending time with family and friends. We dare you to not be mesmerized by the fire.

Holiday TV Show Classics
If you’re someone who remembers the holiday specials from your favorite TV shows, Hulu has the hookup! From a Very Brady Christmas, to Parks and Recreation to Mork and Mindy, you’ll find all your favorite holiday episodes streaming on Hulu.



Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas.
If you have Sling, this is a must for the holidays. A different holiday classic every day? Yes please. A few of our favorites include Elf (12/4)The Polar Express (12/12), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (12/16) and Disney’s A Christmas Carol (12/23). If you need us, we will be glued to the TV with a steaming mug of cocoa quoting Elf word for word.


So there ya have it. Our Ultimate Cord Cutters Guide to watching the best holiday movies and shows.


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Announcing our BIGGEST Giveaway Yet and 25% off Your Purchase for November!

ad_blackfridayfbadYou might not know this about us, but we really like holidays. REALLY like holidays. We aren’t even holiday specific. We are fans of celebrating all holidays. And we want to share our holiday cheer with you, our favorite humans. We wanted to create the Ultimate Holiday Stocking, perfect for cord cutters, to give away. But wait, it gets even better (cue our infomercial voice and corny graphics).

Starting November 8th, we are offering 25% off your purchase at If you’re looking to upgrade your antenna or purchase one as a gift, now is the time! Get ahead of the Black Friday craziness, and shop from home. It doesn’t get much better. Oh wait, it does. When you purchase an antenna using the coupon code PREBF25, you are automatically entered to win the cord cutting stocking. It doesn’t get any easier! Not ready to purchase? No problem. You can still enter the giveaway by filling out the form HERE.

Now, let’s get down to business. We’re sure you’re thinking to yourself, “but what are they giving away?”


  • An Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Bundle (1 TB)
  • The Crew for Xbox One
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Xbox One
  • Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One
  • $30 Netflix Gift Card
  • $25 Sling TV Gift Card
  • $25 Hulu Gift Card
  • ClearStream Eclipse antenna

Total retail value:  Over a $600!


That’s right. We are stuffing this GIANT stocking full of games and cord cutting essentials just for you. Because we love you. And love giving away awesome gifts.

And with our 25% off promo code we feel like Oprah. “And YOU get an antenna! And YOUUUU get an antenna!”

We will be announcing the winner of our giveaway the first week in December. Be sure to enter, take advantage of the coupon code and share with your friends!


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How Cord Cutters Can Watch Live Election Night Coverage


After a seemingly never-ending election cycle, the time has finally come and election night is upon us! I don’t know what you normally watch on Tuesday nights, but this Tuesday will be filled with coverage about the polls and how people have voted. The process will last all day until a new President elect has been named. Whether you’re voting for Clinton, Trump, or a third party, this is one night you won’t want to miss.

If you have already cut the cord, you should have an HDTV antenna. If you don’t, you definitely need a good antenna as that will make watching TV a much easier and affordable experience. On November 8, every news channel will be airing non-stop network coverage. If you can’t wait to find out the results of the evening, there are plenty of TV shows you can watch for the entire day.

Here are your best options for watching Election Night coverage without cable:

Local Channels: If you have an HDTV antenna it’s as simple as turning on ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC. They will all be offering live network coverage for much of the day. The best part of watching TV with an HD antenna is that it’s free, over-the-air. Once you buy an  antenna there  isn’t any additional charges. If you want to watch coverage later, you can even purchase a DVR to tape content and watch it when you have the time.

CBS All Access: CBS All Access allows you to watch CBS coverage online. If you want to watch online and prefer CBS to other networks, this is a good option. You’ll want to make sure that you’re able to access live coverage before signing up. Currently, about 80% of the country has live stream access, so most people will be covered. The service is less than $10 a month, and you get a free trial, which is perfect for Election Night coverage.

Sling TV: If you’re looking for a cable experience that you can take with you when you leave the house, Sling TV is a pretty good option. Coverage starts at $20 a month with 25 channels. In this package you have access to CNN. If you bump up to the $25 package you’ll have MSNBC, as well. Sling TV also allows you to add channels, so if there is a news channel you prefer you may be able to add it.. Sling TV also offers a 7-day free trial.

PlayStation Vue: If you want a cable-like experience that works primarily in your home, Vue might be what you’re looking for. It costs more than Sling TV, but you also get more channels. Depending on your location, you could possibly get local live stream channels along with CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, and other channels. The benefit here is that you really can take your pick of the news networks you’d prefer to watch. Like the other options, you can watch Election Night with the Vue free trial.

Social Media: For many recent big events, you can find many live streams on social media. Twitter will stream BuzzFeed’s election coverage, while Facebook will stream coverage from many different outlets like ABC News and PBS. Despite users expressing they want less news coverage in their feeds, these social media live streams continue to be successful.

These are the best options for watching election night coverage without cable. As you can see, while there are plenty of streaming options, with a good HDTV antenna you can easily watch a number of local and network stations at home, for free. If you go with a streaming option, make sure you have fast internet to handle the load.

In the end, it will all depend on what channel you prefer to watch when a new President is named. Just make sure if you’re not utilizing your antenna to take advantage of free trials so you don’t have to pay unless you plan to keep the streaming service you use!


Chris Brantner is the founder of, a resource for people who want to cut the cord and still get the TV they crave. Follow him on Twitter @CutCableToday and find him on Facebook here


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Can You Watch the World Series with Your Antenna?


The World Series is one of the best playoff series in any professional sport. This year, with the Indians and Cubs making it, it carries so much more than normal. Two franchises desperately seeking a title are facing off to try and make history for their team and city.

Even if you don’t have cable, you can still watch the World Series live as it happens. There are a couple different options, which are highlighted in this guide here. As the cost of cable goes up and up it is becoming even more necessary to find great streaming options for all your most popular events. Below are some details on all the specific options.


Don’t Miss a Game of the World Series with your Antenna

One of the best parts about watching TV on an antenna is that is costs absolutely nothing. All you need to do is make the investment in an antenna, which can range from very little or a reasonable cost depending on your preference. Once you own the antenna, you can watch all the live broadcasts possible right on your TV.

The main channels the antenna gets are network channels with over-the-air broadcasts like FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC. Thankfully, FOX is broadcasting the entire World Series from start to finish. The antenna is an awesome solution not only to watch the games, but watch in perfectly crisp high-definition picture. Some people even say the HD they get from their antenna is better than anything they’ve ever watched with cable. Check out this site, to find out how solid the reception will be in your area.


Try out Other Services to Watch the World Series

There are a couple other services out there for cable cutters that might be good solutions for you. They might not be as easy as the antenna, but still be solid options. Just remember, you need a solid internet connection for streaming, like Verizon Fios. They are all slightly different, so here are some of the highlights:

Sling TV: A streaming service offered by Dish Network, Sling TV is an option for watching the World Series. It only costs $25 per month to start on the Sling Blue package and you can watch more than 40 popular cable channels live streaming. The package includes channels like FS1, FS2, NBCSN, TNT, TBS, AMC, CNN, and you can even get a live stream of FOX in certain locations. The validity of this solution is lower based on if FOX is offered in your local area on the service.

PlayStation Vue: Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are similar services in that you pay a monthly fee to live stream channels. They are not exactly the same, considering PlayStation Vue starts at $39.99 per month and has over 60 channels to stream, but both offer FOX in the same way. The availability of watching FOX and the World Series is totally dependent on your location.

MLB.TV: One more option is MLB.TV. The streaming service from Major League Baseball gives you the opportunity to watch the World Series, but only in replay-form about 90 minutes after it finishes. Obviously, this is not ideal, but you could always get a friend’s cable login and use it to sign into MLB.TV. This will actually get you the World Series games live streaming

All of these options are great in their own ways, but you need to find out the best one for you. If you don’t you run the risk of missing the World Series, which we all know is a huge mistake. You might miss history. Or, even one of those plays that seem to happen every so often that every baseball player has seen the replay a thousand times. That is what baseball in October can deliver.


Chris Brantner is the founder of, a resource for people who want to cut the cord and still get the TV they crave. Follow him on Twitter @CutCableToday and find him on Facebook here


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Clearstream 4V and 91XG Comparison and Review


Guest blog/review provided by Chad Bryan

As an electrical engineer, my hobby with antennas is a passion.  I enjoy testing and verifying signal strengths in real world conditions.

Here is my Antenna comparison of the ClearStream 4V and 91XG from Antennas Direct.


  1. Outstanding packaging, which reduces the footprint of the box and allows a cost-save in shipping.
  1. Assembly is straight forward. Antenna bases are keyed (poka-yoke) to allow easy orientation and “correct” placement during assembly.


  1. Securing the antenna to the mast pipe was simple with hand tightening the wingnuts. After mounted, the VHF kit is attached.
  1. I am located in the county with nearest transmitter 20 miles away. With the antenna pointed towards the Toledo area, I was able to capture both VHF and UHF. I was very surprised these channels were able to be received with a distance between 50 – 60 miles.


Testing was performed at 5’ off the ground.

Antennas Direct – ClearStream 4V
Virtual Channel Real Channel SNR (dB) AGC (%) Signal Strength
11.1 11 18 61 62
12.1 12 22 55 76
13.1 13 16 61 Unable to lock
24.1 49 20 67 67
30.1 29 20 66 70
36.1 46 21 65 73




  1. Comparing to the more directional 91XG, you will lose the capability to capture stations in the VHF band. This antenna is for deep fringe and will require more room to install. I like the small form factor of the ClearStream 4V, as it is very easy to install and perfect for an attic installation.

Antennas Direct – 91 XG

Virtual Channel Real Channel SNR (dB) AGC (%) Signal Strength
24.1 49 28 56 92
27.1 27 19 67 65
30.1 29 23 62 78
36.1 46 28 56 89



In summary, you can see with the increased directors more signal is captured and is more directional than the ClearStream 4V.  However, this is no reception of VHF, and will require another antenna.

For the price and performance of the ClearStream 4V, I was extremely impressed and highly recommend.  This antenna performed outstandingly well. The 91xg technology has been around for years and Antennas Direct has taken the large form antenna and made it much smaller and easier to set up.

The C4V is available for purchase at and at Best Buy and Walmart.

Chad Bryan

Electrical Engineer


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Cable Going Up…Up…and AWAY!


“Here we grow again!”

Usually when you see a sign like this, it has to do with the third pharmacy in a half-mile stretch or a second Starbucks on the same corner. Like, literally across the street from each other. This actually exists. We’ve seen it.

But this is not another attempt at caffeine domination… this is far more insidious. In the past five years, the average cable bill has grown by 40%.

40… %.

People are now paying, on average $103.10 each month. And no, this is not cable + internet + the land line that no one uses anymore; this is just for cable. Math was never our strongest suit, but even we can see that it equals roughly $1237.20 per year.

Consumers are taking notice. A new study by cg42 suggests that pay-tv providers will lose 800,000 subscribers in the next twelve months, taking approximately $1 billion in revenue with them. There are a host of reasons for this growing migratory pattern, but the overwhelming reason is that the price is just too high.

Instead, people are taking a portion of their savings and putting it into streaming services… Netflix being the big winner with 73% of cord cutters, followed by Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime, respectively.

But streaming services are not the only avenue for wallet-weary consumers. Since the 2009 digital switch, there has been a massive resurgence in broadcast television. There are now more channels available to consumers than ever before, with new channels coming online each month. And the only thing you need to receive all of this content is an antenna from Antennas Direct.

In some markets, our antennas have been able to access well over fifty channels… broadcast in uncompressed high definition… and absolutely free. One we tested in California brought in well over one hundred channels.

Take THAT, cable!

But numbers alone don’t quite tell the story. Further studies suggest that even though pay-tv households get an average of almost 190 channels, no one is watching them. According a 2014 Nielsen report, consumers report watching around 17 channels.* So in theory, if customers are watching 17 channels and paying $103.10 per month, that’s a per-channel cost of over $6 per month.

And if you think those channels are cable-exclusive channels, think again. Studies have shown that the majority of shows Americans watch are from local broadcasts, including prime time shows, local news, and live sports. At the end of 2015, the lowest rated broadcast network still had two and a half times the audience of the highest rated cable network.**
And cable charges you for your locals. That’s borderline ridiculous.

82% of Americans still subscribe to a service like cable or satellite or fiber, down from a high of 87%… and the number is still going down. The prospect of losing $1 billion in the next 12 months is causing pay-tv providers a fair amount grief if not full bore IBS, as it should. Consumers are becoming more educated in their likes and patterns, and they’re realizing that this is the start of the greatest time in history to cut the cable, dump the dish, or F%*& the fiber.

Pay-tv companies are finally paying attention. At this point, for them, it might be too late.




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Here’s How to Watch the Major League Baseball Playoffs without Cable


The best time of the year is here for baseball fans, the MLB Playoffs. This is the end of a long, long season and gives the best teams of the year the opportunity to enter into the history books. Every year brings new and exciting moments like comebacks, big plays, or clutch hits. The MLB Playoffs are definitely a can’t miss event for both avid and casual baseball fans.

If you cut cable, there are still several options out there for you to watch the postseason. As this guide shows, you can actually watch every single game depending on what services and tools you choose. Below is some information on all of your options that will help you figure out which setup is best for you during the playoffs.

What Options Do I Have for Watching the MLB Playoffs Without Cable?

There are a few different ways to watch the games either online or on your TV. The best setup is likely combining multiple services to make sure you can watch every game. Here are your options:


Antenna: An antenna is a huge asset for cable cutters and will also be helpful during the MLB playoffs. It picks up network broadcasts from channels like FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC and relays them right on your TV in HD. Plus, the only cost with the antenna is the initial investment, since it’s free to watch.

The antenna truly is the best tool for cable cutters on the market. Between its low cost, how easy it is to set up, and the quality of the TV you can watch with it, you just can’t go wrong. It’s a great option for the playoffs, just like it is the for the NFL season.

You should check out the reception in your area here, to confirm this would be a solid tool for you.

Sling TV: Dish Network’s streaming service, Sling TV, costs either $20 or $25 per month and lets you live stream over 30 of the top cable channels. The Sling Orange bundle costs $20 per month for channels like ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, and more. The Blue package has more than 40 channels for $25 per month. This one has FS1, FS2, TBS, NBCSN, TNT, and in certain locations FOX’s main network channel. You can test out the service with a 7-day free trial if you’re interested.

PlayStation Vue: A similar streaming service from Sony, PlayStation Vue has a starting cost of $29.99 per month. The higher cost gets more channels in the starting package including ESPN, TBS, TNT, ESPN2, NBCSN, FS1, FS2, and more. Certain areas, similar to Sling TV, get FOX live streaming as well. In these places, the cost does bump up to $39.99 per month. PlayStation Vue also offers a weeklong free trial.

Which Channels can I watch the MLB Playoffs on Without Cable?

The best answer to this question is all of them. Each of the stations broadcasting games during the playoffs is accessible with the above options. However, each of them can be accessed in different ways. Below are all of your options for watching each channel during the playoffs:


ESPN will be broadcasting one of the first games of the playoffs, the NL Wild Card Game. The Sling Orange package for $20 per month or the PlayStation Vue starting package for $29.99 per month will get you streaming access to ESPN. It is only a single game, but these services will be helpful in streaming other games as well.


TBS is a great channel to have access to, since it will broadcast every AL game during the postseason, not including the World Series. Once again, both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue’s starting package will get you TBS. The only difference is which package you choose.

PlayStation Vue has the one main starting option, for $29.99 per month. But, Sling TV has the Blue or Orange bundle. Orange costs only $20 per month and gets you access to ESPN and ESPN2 as well. Sling Blue costs $25 per month, but also provides access to FS1, FS2, NBCSN, and even a live stream of FOX’s main network in some areas.

FOX Sports 1

On the National League side, FS1 will broadcast a sizeable chunk of the games. PlayStation Vue’s basic starting package has full access to FS1 live streaming for $29.99 per month. This package also gives you access to ESPN and TBS, so all of the games mentioned above can still be watched.

For FS1, you need to select the Sling Blue package for $25 per month.  The Sling Blue package does not contain ESPN, so you’d miss the NL Wild Card game. But, you’d be able to get all of the AL games on TBS. Both services have free trials, so you can always test them both out to compare which one works best for you.


The remainder of the NL games not broadcast on FS1 will be on FOX. Plus, the entire World Series will be aired on FOX. That means getting access to watch FOX is critical if you want to watch the playoffs, because you can’t watch the entire postseason and miss the World Series!

The easiest way will be picking up FOX over a digital antenna. The antenna lets you watch the World Series and other NL games completely free and in high-definition picture. Some say it’s better HD than they’ve ever gotten on cable.

Both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue could also be options for watching FOX live. They both offer the channel live streaming, but it comes in a limited amount of locations. Sling TV would have it on the Blue bundle for $25 per month. PlayStation Vue on the other hand has a starting price of $39.99 per month in the locations that get live streaming access to FOX. You can check the respective sites of the services to find out if FOX is available streaming where you live.

Since you are ready to watch baseball for the rest of the season, you might be looking to figure out how to watch other sports without cable. This NHL guide gives you all the details to watch the upcoming season without cable. Hockey fans should check it out to make sure you don’t miss a single hit or goal the entire year!


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