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How the ClearStream Juice Saved the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is an event people prepare for all year. You invite friends over, make some kick ass snacks and stock up on beer. Now imagine the panic that sets in when you’re OTA antenna does not get the channel needed for the game. This is exactly the scenario Marshal Rosenthal of experienced with his nephew this past Sunday. However, Marshal knew there was a solution to his dilemma. He knew he could juice up his signal with the ClearStream Juice! Check out his latest article to see how our ClearStream Juice was able to save the day.


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Antennas Direct Customer’s Guide to Cutting the Cord

ClearStream 5 picture

Have you ever struggled with installing a TV antenna and wish you had something to help you make the process a little easier? We had a customer who felt exactly this way, so he created an excellent install video where he takes you along each step of mounting, installing and running a channel scan with his Antennas Direct ClearStream 5 and DB8e antennas. His video does a great job showing how easy the install process really is and the excellent picture quality, even when splitting the signal between multiple televisions. Check out the video and big thanks to Robert for taking the time to share his video! Feel free to film your own install or review videos and share them with us on Twitter or Facebook, we would love to hear your thoughts.




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10 things you need to know about Digital TV Antennas

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Roof shot

Digital TV antennas have come a long ways since your grandma’s rabbit ears antennas you grew up with. Here is our list of the 10 things you need to know about modern day digital TV antennas.

  1. Broadcast signals are superior to cable and satellite.

There are no paid subscription fees to receive over-the-air (OTA) television, and the picture and sound quality is far superior. In addition, OTA broadcasts are free from the signal compressions used by cable and satellite giving you unadulterated high definition television.

  1. Unlock new local channels.

Cable and Satellite providers do not carry all the channels that may be available in your area. In fact, most broadcast stations offer additional regional programming, absolutely free. These channels include local news, sports, cooking shows, kids programming along with classic TV shows and movies.

  1. All the major networks transmit signals free over-the-air.

You don’t have to pay for some of the content you receive on cable or satellite. The broadcast networks are paid for by advertisers, not subscribers. All your local news, weather, sitcoms, cooking shows, kid’s shows, sports and thousands of movies are available free with an antenna.

  1. ‘HD’ or ‘HDTV’ antennas are some of the more common names used for digital TV antennas.

All digital antennas receive the same picture and sound quality; we just give them a familiar name. Some broadcasts will be in full HD while others are broadcast in standard definition. The real difference is the uncompressed signal received with an antenna.

  1. There are channels, and then there are sub-channels.

Each broadcast station sends out a signal on a frequency (channel). This frequency will provide many ‘sub-channels’ containing your programming. For example, a channel broadcast on channel 8, would appear on your TV as sub-channel group 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 etc. Each channel, aside from its main service can be broadcasting additional programming on 1 to 4 sub-channels simultaneously.

  1. Antennas are a great compliment to any cable or satellite subscription.

Complimenting your television setup with a digital antenna will come in handy the next time your cable or satellite blacks out. During emergencies or bad weather, receiving OTA signals to your TV with an antenna will keep you informed. Much like a radio, the frequency is more reliable and less subject to interruption.

  1. Find the broadcast towers before you choose an antenna.

When choosing an antenna, remember that every set up is unique to the location in which you live. Click HERE to learn more about antenna selection.

  1. Hills, trees, and buildings bend, deflect, and weaken signals.

The digital TV signal is a ‘line of sight’ signal. Typically, the higher you have your antenna, the better the reception. While signals pass through walls and other surfaces, the more obstructions the signal encounters, the weaker the signal and this causes signal disruption. The clearest, most unobstructed view to the broadcast towers will allow the antenna to perform at the highest level.

  1. 3 things you need to receive over-the-air digital broadcast TV
  • A television with a digital tuner (found in any TV manufactured after March 2007)
  • The right antenna for your specific location. See here at Antenna Point
  • The knowledge of broadcast tower locations in your area. Point your antenna toward them and bask in the glory of OTA, free television.

10. There is no magic antenna.

Antennas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific situation. Some are narrow focused (directional) antennas; while others are multidirectional both with various range capacities. Well-designed antennas, such as our patented Tapered Loop, are tuned for specific frequency ranges and geographical challenges, which will increase your chances for success.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution in an antenna. To help you choose the right antenna, view our Antenna Selection Page or Live Chat with an expert now.



  • Outdoor installation is best, but Antennas Direct antennas can also be installed indoors or in attics. (50% strength/range is lost indoors).
  • Simple, direct connections and installations are best. The more junctions in the installation, the higher the signal loss.
  • Each time the signal is split (to go to another TV) signal strength is reduced, so a low-noise amplifier may be needed to help compensate for the signal reduction.
  • Install the antenna where signal is “present”. Move the antenna to different locations until signals are found. Many times one end of the roof or room has better signal characteristics than the others.



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Will A TV Antenna Work Where I Live?

InfoGrapgic- Can I use my antenna here - FINAL

Cord cutting as a trend is exploding. According to the National Association of Broadcasters, there are over 59.7 million viewers broadcast TV-reliant as of last year. Here at Antennas Direct, we have seen an increase of 60% in unit sales. That’s record growth for us – a company on the Inc. 5000 for many years.

But maybe you are afraid to take the leap. All the cool kids seem to be doing it, but you’re not sure you can live the liberated life. You’re not alone. Our customer feedback suggests that ‘poor signal strength in an area’ and ‘lack of understanding antennas’ are the main reasons people are  still paying for cable and satellite. But, in over 70% of the cases brought to our attention, these reasons prove to be untrue.

Selecting the right antenna may be a daunting task, with so many products and variations to choose from. That is why we put together this handy infographic to highlight the most important factors to consider when determining which antenna is right for you.

Remember, your neighbors’ antenna may not receive all the available channels in your area; however it does not mean you won’t! We have an extensive database from over 10 years of direct one-to-one discussions with you the customer. If there is a signal, we will get it for you.

To be certain you select the best possible antenna for your home, call your antenna expert now. We have been liberating TV since 2003, with over 5 million antennas in happy homes across America, you can rely on us.

All of our antennas come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty!

Toll-Free 1-877-825-5572 | Live-Chat |


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How to Watch Free HDTV Channels in Your Area with a Digital TV Antenna

With all the options out there for watching TV, people still are confused at times on what exactly is “Free HDTV”?

This article by Jason Steele of Money Crashers explains how using his Antennas Direct DB2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna he was able to Cut The Cord.  He answers questions such as “How To Choose a Digital TV Antenna” to “How Many Channels Will I Get”.

Read more of this great informative article here:


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Is A Mast Needed When Your Roof Line Is 25 Feet In The Air?

Question: I have received advice to mount the antenna 4 feet above the roof.  My roof is already 25 feet off the ground.  The ClearStream 2 mount is not 4 feet.  Is it really necessary to have it that high?  How would I do that? Thanks, Jackie

Hi Jackie,

As long as your roof is not made of metal, you will not need to use a mast to elevate your antenna. One of our J-Mounts would be perfect for the installation of your ClearStream 2 to your roof.

Great question! Thanks!


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What Is The Difference Between New And Refurbished Antennas ?

Question: What is the difference between new and refurbished?  What makes a unit refurbished? Does being refurbished impact the signal quality whatsoever? Thanks, Jake

Hello Jake,

The refurbished antennas we sell, for the most part, are returns from previous customer purchases. Perhaps the antenna was not the right strength for the area that they live in or it was not the correct antenna needed for the band reception in their region.  An example being VHF or UHF needed.

The refurbished antennas go through a vigorous inspection by our technicians. Every part is tested and inspected to be in perfect, as new, working order.

The only major difference between “new” Vs. “refurbished” is cosmetic. It is common for antennas to be installed by the consumer afterward realizing it didn’t work in his or her area. Because of the assembly of the antenna, some minor scratches could have accidently been placed on the antenna on disassembling and construction.

The refurbished antennas will have a lifetime warranty, just like our new ones. There may be a few blemishes but it will not affect the performance of the antenna.


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Is It Necessary To Have An HD Antenna To Receive HD Channels Over The Air

Is it necessary to have a HD antenna to receive HD channels over the air? I have two fairly old/new TV’s that can’t receive WOI, CBS or NBC at all. My atenna is 5 plus years old. Do I need a HD antenna.

Hi Jeremy,

The first thing you need to figure out is if your TV is indeed a “HD” TV.

Check the front of the TV or the owner’s manual for a small sign reading “HD Ready.” That’s the quickest and easiest way to settle the issue.

A digital TV is simply one set up to receive digital programming–which all U.S. television stations will broadcast by summer 2009. Thus making your old antennas obsolete. If your TV’s are not digital your  still not out of luck for watching digital broadcasts. All you need to purchase a analog to digital converter box. That along with the buying an new HD antenna you should be able to start watching digital TV.

Our Clear Stream5 would be a great choice for the area you live in. Click on the picture for more detailed information. Great question Jeremy and congratulations on cutting the chord!

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Antennas Direct To Attend SXSW This Year

SXSW is one of the most attended, preeminent interactive conferences in the world and it happens in Austin, TX every March.
Richard Schneider, President of Antennas Direct, announced today that his company would be attending the original music, independent films, and emerging technologies event.
We will keep you informed on our dates of involvement.


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First Person: How We Cut The Cord And Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV!

Again, more and more people have had it with the rising rates of cable providers. This Yahoo! contributor explains how to cut the cable cord and what they did to enjoy (almost) Free TV.

Read the full article here:  First Person: How We Cut The Cord And Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV

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