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Sports: When It’s Win or Go Home, It’s on Broadcast Television


LeBron James is not short on confidence. Even after the crushing defeat of the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland last night, James was quoted as saying he is the “best player in the world.” While that may be debatable, one thing is not: When sports matter, they are on broadcast television.

Leading up to the championship series, the NBA Playoffs could be viewed on a number of networks including TNT and TBS – networks which could be viewed if you had Sling TV, an NBA Season Pass or a gracious friend.

But the sports that really count – when it is win or go home – those competitions are on broadcast, over-the-air television. The Super Bowl, March Madness Final Four, The America’s Cup – all are on the major networks. Here’s why:

  1. The network television broadcasters send their signals over the air, and you can watch them for free with a TV antenna. It essentially guarantees every fanatic the chance to catch the game.
  2. Full HD. The picture quality of an over-the-air signal is the best high definition you can experience. With pay-television providers, signals are compressed for delivery.
  3. Biggest reach. According to Nielsen, this year is the most watched NBA Finals in a decade. With more families cutting the cord, broadcast television has a bigger reach than ever.

This week in free sports entertainment:

NHL: The Blackhawks and Lightning square off in what may be the last match to determine the winner of the Stanley Cup. More info HERE.

NBA: Stephen Curry and LeBron James go toe-to-toe once more in what may be the last game of the NBA finals. More info HERE.

Broadcast television is the best window into the world for any household. And we can say that with more confidence than King LeBron James.

For more information on how to watch other sports programs with an antenna, click HERE.


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Cutting the Cord: What are you waiting for? Do it!

Shia Screenshot

Screenshot from Michael McNeff’s YouTube video

We know some of you out there have some reservations about saying goodbye to pay television. You write us and call us explaining how much happier you would be. Although we know more of you out there are receiving TV for free just based on our sales numbers, there are still a lot of Americans who hold out each year.

In case you lack the motivation, take a couple minutes and check out Shia LeBeouf’s advice. It may be the fuel you need to make the decision that leads to happiness and free TV.

For the real backstory on how this gloriousness came about, check out this Relevant article.


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Toronto Star Covers the Dollars and Sense of Cord Cutting

Karim- Angela

Personal Finance Editor Adam Mayers helps his readers on their journey toward financial freedom, and, just a few days ago, that freedom included cutting the constraining pay television cord. Mayers has been a cord cutter for a few years now, and when he wanted to strengthen his over-the-air hardware, he found our good friend Karim Sunderani at saveandreplay. Sunderani urged Mayers to make a deeper investment in the quality of his antenna. And when he thought of quality, he thought of Antennas Direct.

Mayers quotes Sunderami:

“Spend a little more, but spend it once, not twice, or three times,” he [Sunderani] advised when we met at the Mississauga store he runs with his wife Grace. “How many times do you want to climb onto your roof?”

Mayers agreed to try out a DB8e Ultra Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna and report back the results he gets from the upgrade. We can’t wait to hear his review!

Read Mayers’ full article which includes four things to consider when you cut the cord HERE.


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HDTV Expert Gets Juiced

Putman,PetePete Putman is a renowned television technology expert. The articles he pens on find their way into the TV industry’s leading publications, and, if you frequent technology conferences, chances are you’ve seen him at the front of the room. So when a guy like Pete has great things to say about one of your products, you listen.

Recently, our ClearStream Juice™ Amplifier System was featured in a Pepsi-challenge-like lineup with antennas that Pete assembled and tested:

“I also found a new inline signal preamplifier from Antennas Direct. The Juice UHF/VHF Amplifier ($79.99 from can be used inside or outside and provides about 18 dB of signal boost with a low noise figure, which is real handy in areas where TV reception can be problematic. (Successful digital TV reception is all about signal-to-noise ratio!)”

And, with every spectrum analysis, Pete found our Juice™ Amplifier made for the juiciest reception.

“Finally, the Antennas Direct’s Juice amplifier is a solid performer and delivers the goods. A noise figure approaching 2 dB in the UHF TV band is excellent in performance for the price.”

Boosting the signal is the easy part. You can get boosted signal from any amplifier, but what is difficult, and we have managed to conquer, is low noise. Our Juice amplifier is a commercial grade amplifier available to consumers!

Read all of Pete’s words (complete with spectrum analysis) HERE.

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Antennas Direct Offers Advice to USA Today Readers

Cutting the Cord

Image via USA Today


As you most likely can tell, we are extremely passionate about cord cutting and offering our customers advice on breaking ties with the cable companies while still enjoying the television they love. Antennas Direct president, Richard Schneider, was recently interviewed by USA Today’s Technology Writer Mike Snider regarding his thoughts on antennas, OTA television and how to get started with cutting the cord. You can read the article, Cutting the Cord: How do I get started?, in its entirety HERE.


Thanks to USA Today, and especially to Mike Snider, for offering your readers advice and tips on severing ties with the cable company and for including Antennas Direct as an industry expert. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and insights with you again in the very near future!


Are you ready to take that step and cut the cord but aren’t sure where to begin? Be sure to take a look at Cutting the Cord:How do I get started? article and feel free to give one of our experts a call with any questions you might have, 1-877-825-5572. You can also check out our blog How to Make 2015 the Year to Cut the Cord for more helpful tips.


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The Complete Cord Cutters Guide to 2015 MLB Baseball

Cardinals Baseball

There are two seasons here in St. Louis, Cardinals baseball and winter. And, thankfully, the snow has given way to a bright new season for the best fans in baseball. Indeed, it has arrived – Opening Day for Major League Baseball, and we are pretty excited!

We know most of you hate the Cardinals as much as we hate cable. That’s alright, we forgive you.

With the first pitch about to take place, we wanted to address a common fear people have when they cut the cord: I’ll miss out on the sports I love. We are here to tell you this is not the case! Here are a few ways you can still enjoy the 2015 MLB Baseball season.

Broadcast TV
For games broadcast over-the-air, all you need is an antenna! Click HERE for the full National Broadcast Schedule.

MLB.TV allows you to watch every out-of-market regular season game from the comfort of your home, at work, or on the go. The basic price is $109.99/year or $19.99/month. With this package, portability is not included, so if you plan on watching on-the-go, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium level ($129.99/year or $24.99/month). A full year of MLB.TV is roughly how much you would pay for one month of cable!

As simple as this might sound, the best part of enjoying the game is watching it with friends. Check which local public house near you will be playing the game, grab some friends, kick back and enjoy. After all, with the money you’re saving from cutting the cord, you could buy a round of drinks for the entire bar!

Take Yourself Out to the Ballgame
The average cost of cable is $123/month, which comes out to $1,476 a year. We could attend every home Cardinal’s game for $1,296. That still leaves us with $180 for peanuts and beer. We like the sound of that!


No matter what team you root for, enjoy the 2015 MLB season. We know we will. Clip art smiley face


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Breaking Up: Not So Hard to Do

Breakup with Cable final

Oh, a breakup. The end. It is tragedy upon tragedy. From Shakespeare to Taylor Swift, it is the inspiration for artful expression. The misery can sometimes be too much to bear.

But this letter is not one of those breakups. This breakup is quite the opposite. Our friend Saif experienced what so many people are these days, breaking up with his cable company. It is a wonderful, liberating feeling that will leave you thinking, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Saif was tired of the abuse. He had enough. Why was he being held a hostage from the cable company when he could simply cut the cord and free himself? That is exactly what he did! Here is his breakup letter with the cable company he shared on his blog.

Dear cable, it’s over..

We are never, ever, ever, getting back together. I have been held hostage by your love for decades. Paying for elaborate monthly bills to the tune of around 110 dollars a month. Sometimes more, when all I watch is sports and Game of Thrones.  You have duped me long enough. You don’t think anyone is going to figure out your games, but I have.

Those HD fees are a joke: ALL SIGNALS ARE IN HD NOW! We shouldn’t have to pay a subscription to be advertised to. We should have the right to leave if we are unhappy with the service and not be charged a penalty.

It is 2015 now. Roku is here with Hulu. Netflix is in the kitchen making cookies. Amazon Prime just dropped off a package with a movie, and Dish just pulled up with SlingTV to change the whole game.  They have ESPN in the car. I can have all of these guys in the house for less than HALF of what I was paying for cable. HBOGO is flying in late, but she will be here soon.

Some remedial math…

  • Cable is $110 a month x 12 months = $1320 (enough to fly to Australia)
  • Tech is: $8+8+8+20 x 12 months   = $ 528 (enough to not feel dirty)

That there is a savings of $792 to buy a new iPhone for yourself. Every year.

I get it though. Cable companies and many large corporations think consumers are stupid. That we will buy anything. That we won’t figure out what is really going on. They are wrong.

I want to show people what’s really going on. Like Neo freeing people from The Matrix, or Dorothy showing her buddies the man behind the Wizard of Oz.

Last year, Comcast and Direct TV alone hauled in over $70 Billion dollars of our money. It is truly is an obscene amount of money for TV. I am not paying mine anymore. Technology caught up, and they got too fat while all the little people like us got robbed. Not anymore. GOODBYE CABLE!…Never getting back together.


We’ve heard from countless customers their horror stories with the cable companies that led them to cut the cord. Now we want to hear from you! Send us your breakup stories and you might see yours featured on our next break up blog post.


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How Well Do the C2V and ClearStream Juice Work in Toronto?

With our recent launch of ClearStream antennas in Canada, we’ve gained the attention of many Canadian media outlets. Ian Evans of the entertainment news site is an avid over-the-air TV enthusiast and also runs the TorontoOTA Twitter account. He put the ClearStream 2V and the Juice amplifier to the test to see how well they worked in his neck of the woods. Here is a quick summary of his review.

  • C2VThe C2V should be called the Sponge- it sucks up signals from all over!
  • Toronto can be an interesting, and sometimes tricky, city for testing antennas with both local and distant signals that you don’t see in too many other cities. The C2V and the Juice passed with flying colors.
  • The entire Antennas Direct team are great cheerleaders for cutting the cord and saving you money, you can’t go wrong teaming up with them.
  • In Ian’s words, “I can’t recommend the Juice and C2V enough.” That’s what we like to hear!

Well there you have it. Be sure to check out the review on Digital Hit in its entirety HERE. Thanks to Digital Hit for taking the time to review our products!

photo credit: Flag of Canada via photopin (license)


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The Man Cave Cinema Puts Antennas Direct to the Test

Man Cave Cinema Review








You might have heard our exciting news that we recently launched 4 models of our ClearStream antennas to Best Buy and FutureShop locations across Canada. Whoohoo, yay Canada!

Our fellow advocate of OTA technology, John Zanettos, of The Man Cave Cinema, posted a review video today talking about the ClearStream 2V and the ClearStream Juice. Here is a quick synopsis:

  1. The C2V is TOUGH! It will withstand anything snowpocalypse can possibly throw at it.
  2. Excellent signal. John was able to receive all the channels from Toronto and Buffalo, NY, as well as two channels from neighboring city, Hamilton that he was not receiving before using the C2V.
  3. With over 100 ft of cable, John decided to use the Juice to ensure he didn’t lose any signal. And indeed, he was able to “Juice” up his signal.
  4. The a**hole cable companies make you pay for HD signal. With an antenna, you receive HD television for FREE, the way it’s been since the 50’s. Well put, John.
  5. “This is a highly recommended Man Cave Cinema product.”

Aww, we’re blushing! Thanks, Man Cave Cinema, for the kind words.

See his review video in its entirety below, or on his website.


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How the ClearStream Juice Saved the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is an event people prepare for all year. You invite friends over, make some kick ass snacks and stock up on beer. Now imagine the panic that sets in when you’re OTA antenna does not get the channel needed for the game. This is exactly the scenario Marshal Rosenthal of experienced with his nephew this past Sunday. However, Marshal knew there was a solution to his dilemma. He knew he could juice up his signal with the ClearStream Juice! Check out his latest article to see how our ClearStream Juice was able to save the day.

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