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2015 was the Year of the Cord Cutter


Photo courtesy of The Wrap

2015 was the year of the cord cutter. We have dubbed it so. People cut the cord in record numbers, thrilled to finally break free from their unhealthy relationship with cable. There’s not just one thing or moment that we can pinpoint that drove people to this breaking point, but we have a few theories.

  1. Prices increased, yet again
    This is a never ending battle, and people are finally getting fed up. They’re not stupid, yet the cable companies continue to treat their customers like a bunch of idiots. Who’s the idiot now?
    netflix and chill
  2. Streaming kicked ass
    Thanks to Netflix originals like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace and Frankie, Masters of None and Hulu special The Mindy Project, streaming programs are offering shows you WANT to watch. With the growing trend of “Netflix and Chill”, it’s become more socially acceptable to not have cable.
  3. The public is smarter
    While the cable and pay-TV companies continue to treat their customers like they’re dumber than a box of rocks, it’s obvious that they are actually smarter than ever before. Look at the growing number of people breaking free from cable, it’s obvious that they’re brilliant. They know it’s time to sever ties and start pocketing that cash. Here’s to you, cord cutters. The smartest guys and gals around!

Options for cord cutters continue to grow. In the past, cord cutters have struggled and had to MacGyver ways to get the content they desire. Between streaming services, a la carte options, streaming devices and growth in over the air broadcast channels, there is enough content to make any cord cutter content.

If 2015 was the year of the cord cutter, then we predict 2016 will be the demise of the cable companies. Bold prediction? Maybe. But we’ll take our chances.


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John Oliver Settles the Cable Company Monopoly Debate


On a recent episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver articulates the truth about the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, “You can’t reduce competition when nobody is competing. You could not be describing a monopoly more clearly if you were wearing a metal top hat while driving a metal car after winning second prize in a beauty contest.”

Skip ahead to 7:13 for the especially insightful part:

Thanks John. We wish we would have thought of the term “Preventing Cable Company F**ckery” ourselves.

We have however showered Time Warner and Comcast for their poor business ethics by sending them congratulatory cakes. It’s their reviling business practices that have led to an increase in our sales.

Check out them out:
Stay the Course Part 1 – Thanks Time Warner.
Stay the Course Part 2 – Comcast is Number One.


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We Asked Philadelphians What They Thought of Their Cable Company. Here is What They Had to Say.

A few weeks back, we delivered a congratulatory cake to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. Thanks to their record-breaking poor customer service, Comcast was voted the Worst Company in America on Consumerist.com. While we were in town, we decided to ask the good people in the City of Brotherly Love how they felt about their cable company. Here is what they had to say.

We want to thank the citizens of Philadelphia for your honesty. When you decide to sever this abusive relationship, we will be waiting to help you cut the cord.


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Six Things You Can Buy When You Cut the Cord which Add More Value to Your Life Than Cable

3D baby

Each year more people are joining the cognitively superior hoard of cord cutters. But, if you are still on the fence and debating the value of an HD-antenna, we’ve prepared a list for you.

Here are six things (more useful and healthy than cable TV) that you can purchase with the money you save when you cut the cord for one year:

  1. 3D Babies – A Symbol of Love – $200. If you can’t wait the nine months before your pregnancy to see your bundle of joy, now you can have a handy-dandy in-utero replica. Just like the real thing – but infinitely creepier.
  2. Millennium Falcon Mirror – $345. It’s another day in the universe. Now you can be sure the force will be with you everywhere you go.
  3. Nano Quadcopters – Two for $80. Tired of the old lady giving you a hard time for flying your remote control helicopter indoors. With these nanobots, she can join in the action. Show her that size indeed does not matter when it comes to fun.
  4. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit – $349. The dead have arisen. Good thing you canceled cable and saved money. Now, you have the canvas carrying case to kick undead ass.
  5. Pizza Cologne – $25. Science has finally taken notice of our country’s obesity issue. And embraced it.
  6. Vanilla Ice-Cream Sundae High Heels – $200. So you have a foot fetish? So what? Stand tall and be proud of how much tastier you are for both cutting the cord and wearing your favorite dairy product on your feet.

You total spend: $1199

Since the average cable bill is around $100 per month, you have one dollar left over for emergencies. Or can just cut the cord and keep all the cash. The point is that you are liberated from the evil empire of cable and free to buy as many nanobots as you choose.

Cable be evil. Cut the cord.


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Save West Virginia!


heraldComcast has done it again!  We felt extremely compelled to write about the city of Huntington, West Virginia after reading an article in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch. Comcast, the most hated company in America, has now turned to terrorizing the town of Huntington. In this article Sabrina Thomas, a librarian at Marshall University, had such a horrible experience with Comcast she cut the cable cord. She turned on her TV one day and noticed she was missing channels without any form of notification from Comcast. Do you know how many times she was transferred before she was able to speak to someone? Six times! And it’s five times too many if you ask us. Do you know what they told her when she was finally able to speak to someone? She wasn’t paying enough and had to upgrade. This is an outrage, if you’ve been paying for these channels, how can they just take them away? Comcast only thinks about how to gain another dollar, and not how their actions will affect their customers.

After receiving hundreds of angry phone calls from the community, Scott Caserta, a councilman in Huntington, called Comcast’s corporate office and was told in order for customers to keep the channels they already had, they had no choice but to upgrade to a higher package. Well that makes sense; pay more for what you already have. Whenever you use your microwave do you have to pay an additional fee to hit start? At Antennas Direct there are no hidden fees or additional charges for any of our products.

Comcast is the only cable provider in Huntington, leaving many residents feeling stuck in an unfair situation. We want to reach out to West Virginia and let them know, there is life without cable! You can watch high definition broadcast television without cable, and with an antenna there are no additional charges or hidden fees.  You no longer have to suffer at the hands of The Worst Company in America, it’s time to set yourself free!

Check back with us for our interview with Sabrina Thomas and what life has been like since cutting the cable cord.


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Stay the Course: Time Warner Takes the Cake

When you say, “Thank you,” it’s important to really mean it.

So we mean it, when we thank the executives at Time Warner Cable. They, once again, are raising prices to rebroadcast free, over-the-air content. Thanks to their backward practices, we just keep getting more and more customers. It’s truly so generous of them.Rather than use lofty language as praise for cable’s growing irrelevance, we decided to show a tangible sign of our appreciation. We delivered a cake right to their front door in New York.

Cake shot

Our own president took it upon himself to pen some grateful, heartfelt prose.

From the Desk of Richard Schneider, President of Antennas Direct.

Dear Time Warner Cable,

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and your executives. You truly are an inspiration.

We at Antennas Direct are only a humble concern. So we do not have the marketing budget that you and the other big cable companies have. So on behalf of me and our employees, we want to applaud your 6.4 percent rate increase for your cable subscribers. It is decisions such as those that drive new customers to our site and flood our retail partners in search of some relief from your tyrannical rule.

So thank you. Sincerely. Just when we thought we would need to pour more into an advertising campaign, you help to convert your customers into cord cutters at a rate that is astounding.

Stay the course –

Richard Schneider, president, Antennas Direct

PS – I truly hope you enjoyed the cake. Vanilla whipped frosting? It doesn’t get any sweeter.

Stay the course, Time Warner executives. Please do not deviate from your dastardly ways. You help to show more television viewers that there is a better way.


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Cutting the Cable Cord Resources and Tips

Even the most technical savvy of people are deciding to cut the cable cord. National Consumer Electronics Editor Julie Jacobson recently blogged about her Journey to Cut the Cable Cord. However, cutting the cord is not as easy as the task sounds. In a recent survey: 11 percent of U.S. consumers had considered canceling their pay-TV service, through only 2 percent actually did.

If you are like Julie and sick of paying for cable we would recommend doing what she did in her blog post. That is to make a list of your must have TV shows, TV shows that you can live with out and list out the devices you currently have to work with.

You would be surprised about how many items you can scratch off your list just by having an antenna — which is going to be a necessity if you go through with cutting your cable.

Like Julie there are lots of people talking about and writing about how they are cutting their cable. From streaming Netflix to using Apple TV there are hundreds of different setups out there that cater to each person’s television and movie needs.

Another blogger that we like is called Cutting the Cord and Cutting the Bills. You can find it at www.cuttingthebills.com. This blogger posts “episodes” and great tips on how he receives all the television and movies he wants and the only monthly bill he pays is his internet.

So, find out what will work best for you! Then share with others who are just starting to cut their cable cord. And as always, Antennas Direct will be here with high quality antennas so you can receive your HDTV local channels.


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Certified Adult Free Over-the-Air TV

If we could imagine the inside of Comcast’s headquarters, I am guessing it would look a little something like Barry White’s bedroom, with shag carpets, low lighting, velvet walls and one of his silky love songs playing softly in the background. While that sounds great for “the love walrus,” we’re assuming parents wouldn’t want their kids hanging around that environment.

Why would we expect Comcast’s headquarters to look like a “love dungeon?” It might have something to do with the amount of money they make selling pornography every year, and they are not the only cable or satellite provider racking in the X-rated dollars.

In fact companies like Porncast…I mean Comcast have so much porn it seems they can’t even keep it off regular programming. For example, the small mix up during Super Bowl XLIII, where Arizona fans were subjected to 30 seconds of porn instead of their home team in the final seconds of the game, is disgusting. But don’t worry Comcast made it up to their customers as they always do with $10 off their next cable bill coupon. Even worse, they previously made the same “mistake” twice during children’s programming.

Comcast like many others, does not disclose how much they make every year from their adult only sales. It is expected to be an exorbitant amount, considering their cut of sales is estimated at 95 percent.

In this case over-the-air television really is free, free of porn that is. Protected by FCC laws, broadcasters are held to stricter standards, where porn is not just a click away. Broadcasters need to go through a character check when applying for their licenses, since airwaves are public. So next time your children are looking for something to watch, you won’t be afraid if they are using an over-the-air television antenna, because programs are safe and “mistakes” won’t happen.

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