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Trending Up Tom Butts Editor-in-Chief I’m not a fan of tired ole clichés but humor me on this one. I’m only going to say it once: to paraphrase an old saying, “rumors of the demise of broadcast television have been greatly exaggerated.” We’ve seen the signs for months, even years. Sales of over the […]

Broadcast TV-Only Broadband Homes Jump 23%

The Nielsen Co. was careful not to fan the cord-cutting flames, but its latest Cross Platform Report shows that the number of U.S. homes with broadcast-only TV and broadband jumped 22.8 percent since the third quarter of 2011. Nielsen estimates that there are 5.1 million homes in that category, after 1 million joined in during […]

Survey: Nearly One Tenth of Americans Have Cut The Cord.

According to a study conducted by consulting firm Deloitte, approximately 9 percent of users subscribing to premium television programming such as cable or satellite TV ditched those services in favor of online options during 2011. With more than 2,000 respondents between the ages of 14 to 75 participating in the survey, eleven percent are considering […]

Richard Schneider, President of Antennas Direct To Appear At NAB Press Conference

NAB Launching Future of TV Coalition Looks to leverage value of minority-targeted multicast channels in fight for spectrum By John Eggerton — Broadcasting & Cable, 10/28/2011 The National Association of Broadcasters is launching the Future of TV Coalition next week, an effort to promote diversity via digital broadcasting. NAB has been arguing for some time […]