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Is A Mast Needed When Your Roof Line Is 25 Feet In The Air?

Question: I have received advice to mount the antenna 4 feet above the roof.  My roof is already 25 feet off the ground.  The ClearStream 2 mount is not 4 feet.  Is it really necessary to have it that high?  How would I do that? Thanks, Jackie

Hi Jackie,

As long as your roof is not made of metal, you will not need to use a mast to elevate your antenna. One of our J-Mounts would be perfect for the installation of your ClearStream 2 to your roof.

Great question! Thanks!


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What Is The Difference Between New And Refurbished Antennas ?

Question: What is the difference between new and refurbished?  What makes a unit refurbished? Does being refurbished impact the signal quality whatsoever? Thanks, Jake

Hello Jake,

The refurbished antennas we sell, for the most part, are returns from previous customer purchases. Perhaps the antenna was not the right strength for the area that they live in or it was not the correct antenna needed for the band reception in their region.  An example being VHF or UHF needed.

The refurbished antennas go through a vigorous inspection by our technicians. Every part is tested and inspected to be in perfect, as new, working order.

The only major difference between “new” Vs. “refurbished” is cosmetic. It is common for antennas to be installed by the consumer afterward realizing it didn’t work in his or her area. Because of the assembly of the antenna, some minor scratches could have accidently been placed on the antenna on disassembling and construction.

The refurbished antennas will have a lifetime warranty, just like our new ones. There may be a few blemishes but it will not affect the performance of the antenna.


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Is It Necessary To Have An HD Antenna To Receive HD Channels Over The Air

Is it necessary to have a HD antenna to receive HD channels over the air? I have two fairly old/new TV’s that can’t receive WOI, CBS or NBC at all. My atenna is 5 plus years old. Do I need a HD antenna.

Hi Jeremy,

The first thing you need to figure out is if your TV is indeed a “HD” TV.

Check the front of the TV or the owner’s manual for a small sign reading “HD Ready.” That’s the quickest and easiest way to settle the issue.

A digital TV is simply one set up to receive digital programming–which all U.S. television stations will broadcast by summer 2009. Thus making your old antennas obsolete. If your TV’s are not digital your  still not out of luck for watching digital broadcasts. All you need to purchase a analog to digital converter box. That along with the buying an new HD antenna you should be able to start watching digital TV.

Our Clear Stream5 would be a great choice for the area you live in. Click on the picture for more detailed information. Great question Jeremy and congratulations on cutting the chord!

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HDTV Antenna Review: ClearStream 4 – #1 Featured Product

HDTV Antenna Review features the ClearStream 4 as a Hot item and their #1 featured product.The   ClearStream 4 is also a Top Ten seller as well for HD Antenna Review. Make sure to read the glowing reviews of people that have bought our ClearStream 4 Antenna.


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Antennas Direct To Attend SXSW This Year

SXSW is one of the most attended, preeminent interactive conferences in the world and it happens in Austin, TX every March.
Richard Schneider, President of Antennas Direct, announced today that his company would be attending the original music, independent films, and emerging technologies event.
We will keep you informed on our dates of involvement.


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First Person: How We Cut The Cord And Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV!

Again, more and more people have had it with the rising rates of cable providers. This Yahoo! contributor explains how to cut the cable cord and what they did to enjoy (almost) Free TV.

Read the full article here:  First Person: How We Cut The Cord And Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV


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Painting Your ClearStream 2 Antenna

Question: I’m getting ready to install my ClearStream 2 antenna. My Housing Authority doesn’t allow antennas that are not in the same color theme as housing development. Can I paint the antenna? Is so, will it degrade the performance of the antenna? Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

Your question is one that actually comes up quite often. The answer is quit simple. As long as you paint the antenna with any non-metallic paint, you will not cause any damage or loss of performance to your antenna. Great question and good luck Chris!


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ClearStream Micron Receives Winning Review

Home Theater and High Fidelity has reviewed Antennas Directs ClearStream Micron.

Home Theater and High Fidelity has reviewed the ClearStream Micron from ease of set-up in addition to design as well as channel strength and reception. It was highly recommended if you are in the market for an indoor antenna.

Read the full story here: ClearStream Micron Review


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No FOX on DirecTV Bumps Antenna Sales

A great article on how passionate Seattle Seahawks fans are and to what means they will go to watch their team on TV.  Again, HD antennas score with a win.

KENNEWICK, Wash. - TV antenna sales are up and workers at electronic companies are saying it’s because of the Seattle Seahawks.

“All three Radio Shacks in the Tri-Cities are sold out and it’s mainly because of DirecTV customers. Just a couple weeks ago the company cut off the local FOX affiliate because they couldn’t negotiate a contract and that goes for KNDU/KNDO as well. If negotiations are not met soon we could be off the air for DirecTV customers this Saturday.

In fact, Jackson’s Sports Bar in Kennewick say they’ve been inundated with phone calls. “The phones have been ringing off the hook with people that have DirecTV at home, wanting to know where they can watch the game,” said Suzie Collinson, Jackson’s manager.

And it’s the Seahawks playoff game that has many people upset at the satellite company. “We pay several thousands of dollars to have the NFL package all season long through DirectTV. As business owners it’s a lot more expensive than someone trying to get it for their home and then to find out at playoff time we are not going to be able to show all the games, you know it’s a big hit,” said Collinson.

But everyone has their own solution and TV antennas seem to be a big hit. All three Radio Shacks in the Tri-Cities are sold out and Best Buy only has a few left. It’s even causing some satellite customers to look elsewhere. “Yeah I’m a Seahawk’s fan and DirecTV doesn’t carry FOX anymore so we had to go to a different cable company. We had to argue to get a good price, but we wanted FOX because all the sports are on there, especially the Seahawks,” said Sharon Encs, a former customer.

But for those fans who don’t want to buy an antenna or switch companies they’ll be hitting the sports bars. “I expect to see them and the other 50-60 phone calls I’ve had so, we are looking for a lot of new faces and hopefully the game goes well and we can do it again next weekend,” said Collinson.

DirecTV continues to negotiate with Northwest Broadcasting, but at this point no agreement has been made and by Saturday KNDU/KNDO may no longer be available to DirecTV customers either.”


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HDTV or Converter Box?

This is a question that comes up often. What do I need to start receiving HDTV, especially the local channels, in my area on my TV? Digital Converter Box has published a great article regarding this question.

“With the growing popularity of HDTV, viewers are increasingly the evolution of HDTV. To cope with this, broadcasters are at a faster pace than ever for high definition programming.

Since there is a period of 17 February 2009 for all broadcasters to switch to HD, the popularity of this mode of travel has increased. Families coping with their old TVs that are not compatible with this new technology have to buy a digital-analog or high definition antenna gain!

If you decide on getting an HDTV, it is advisable that you do considerable research to find out what exactly is acquired on the market and you need to discover more about hd. Once you’ve purchased your device, you’ll need to decide on a cable provider that offers digital cable service and Hi def is part of their package.”

“Be aware that if you select a cable / provider Dish for HD may charge you more for your local stations. The average fee for receiving your local HD stations via your provider is about per month in addition to your regular statement.”

“The easiest and cheapest (free) to receive the high definition home delivery is via an antenna. True, only the initial cost of an HDTV antenna is all that is spent to acquire the HD signal! The choice you have an HDTV are unimaginable. You have plasma, LCD (liquid crystal display), DLP (digital light processing) or LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon), which are all types of monitors.”

“Remember the type of display also … rear projection, front projection and flat screen will be choices you’ll see when shopping for a TV. Many consumers HDTV as the monitor display wall, either plasma or LCD.”

“But be prepared, you will pay a price for these games in high definition, especially the larger screens of 55 “. If you are looking for something less pricy and not willing to compromise on the size, then look at the LCD displays that are 42 inches or less in size.”

“In the end, everyone across the country will eventually make the transition to HDTV! Either by choosing to get high definition signals via their cable / dish company or more likely the 30 + million consumers to the old-fashion analog antenna type will choose to stand on their roofs and exchange fees on HDTV designed antenna.”

Make sure to browse our website and find the antenna that is right for you. Join the 30 + million that have cut the cord and started watching HDTV for free!

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