TechHive ClearStream TV Review: Pause and Rewind Live TV

Our friend Martyn Williams over at TechHive is the techie guru EXPERT on the hunt for the newest, hottest and greatest products. We feel pretty lucky he decided to take our ClearStream TV and put it to the test!

Martyn said that the apps were easy to find and the set up was simple. There are only three menu items: live television, a TV-programming guide and the settings. To watch TV, all you have to do is click the “Live TV” menu button and in seconds you’ll be watching live TV on your phone, tablet or streaming device. One featured he enjoyed was how the iOS and Android apps support closed captioning, making it easier to read on the devices.

Overall, Martyn liked the idea of ClearStream TV and the flexibility of the device. It’s an easy way to get an over-the-air TV channel to any screen in your house without running cables. Less cables running through the house? You can’t go wrong with that!

Be sure to check out Martyn’s full review HERE and if you’re ready to pick up your own ClearStream TV, head on over to learn more!