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TV Liberation Tour Provides a Window into Your World

Line Two

You know what we hate? Seeing people throw away their money to the cable companies. Beyond money, people feel trapped by the cable companies, feeling like they have to pay for cable to get the shows they want. They feel like they are hostages in this abusive relationship with the cable company.

Since 2010, we have given away more than 15,000 free digital TV antennas throughout the country in an effort to liberate our friends from the evil known as pay-TV. We have partnered with TVfreedom.org, the National Association of Broadcasters and LG Electronics to provide consumers with access to their local TV station in crystal clear hi-def with a TV antenna from Antennas Direct. Not only are we giving away antennas, but we are educating thousands of people about the freedom they will experience when they cut the cord.

To give you a glimpse into the #ADBusTour, we pulled together a new video that captures the consumer excitement during the TV Liberation Tour stops. Take a look, those happy faces could soon be you and your neighbors!

Free broadcast TV provides more than 60 million Americans with access to local news, weather, emergency information and of course the broadcast TV shows we all love.

Do you want the TV Liberation Bus Tour to come to your city? Let us know! Fill out the form HERE or even better, reach out to your favorite local broadcaster and let them know you want them to liberate your town!



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#ADBusTour Lets Freedom Ring in Chinatown, San Francisco

Gate Eclipse

Independence Day means a lot to us here at Antennas Direct. Not only because we are proud to be Americans, but also because we consider ourselves to be liberators. Installing an antenna is not unlike signing a Declaration of Television Independence. It means you are no longer a victim of the tyranny from cable television.

That’s why we are proud to announce the next stop for our TV Liberation Tour! We will be celebrating our country’s rich diversity and the diversity of relevant, hyperlocal broadcast content in San Francisco’s Historic Chinatown.

The first 300 lucky patrons will receive our latest and greatest antenna, the ClearStream Eclipse, a small, self-adhering indoor antenna with a range of up to 50 miles. The total estimated value of the antenna’s being given away in San Francisco is approximately $20,000.

Come on out and help us ring in the Fourth!

Clayton Hotel, 667 Clay Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94111 (on the street outside the hotel)

Friday, July 3, 2015, 9:00 AM (One antenna per household | first come, first serve)

To get updates to the tour, go to antennasdirect.com/adbustour


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Antennas Direct Bus Tour RECAP

We had a blast on the 2010 Antennas Direct bus tour antenna giveaway. We go to work with some great television stations and meet some awesome and grateful antenna recipients.

In the end it was all about giving back to the community, helping out people who may be struggling to make ends meet, and promoting high quality television antennas for over-the-air digital TV.

Check out the video recap of it all here. Thanks for a great year!


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Fresno, California Loves Free HDTV – Even the Livestock!

It seems that no one can get enough of Free HDTV in Fresno, California. View the news clip from KMPH about the Antennas Direct antenna giveaway.

The bus tour is really about spreading the word about over-the-air FREE HDTV that is available to everyone. We have met people from all different walks of life that have shared their stories with us about everything from their television reception to their kids soccer games. In the economic downturn people are looking for ways to cut monthly bills and cutting cable is not really a sacrifice for many who have found that OTA TV provides crystal clear programming. And receiving a free high power antenna from Antennas Direct and local news stations is icing on the cake. We encourage people to talk to family and friends to learn about different ways to set up your TV antenna whether its with an antenna amplifier, connected to a computer, outside on the roof or all of the above.

Folks in Fresno, California have defiantly had antennas on their mind with the Antennas Direct bus tour making two stops in one weekend. The first at the Fresno Fair Grounds and the other the next day at Serrano’s Furniture. Check out the pics!

Fresno, CA Fair Grounds and Serrano’s Furniture


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A Great Day to Giveaway An Antenna in Raleigh, North Carolina

In mid September the Antennas Direct bus headed to News Channel 5 WRAL to set up the antenna giveaway at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.

View the video from WRAL here:

We had a great time in Raleigh! Check out our photos from the event.

Want your news station to be on the Antennas Direct Bus Tour schedule? Find out more about the tour.

Want to see all the HD antennas from Antennas Direct? Purchase from the manufacturer – Antennas Direct.


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Bus Tour Update from Flordia to California in Less than One Month

Greetings! We have literally traveled across the nation from the beginning of September to early this October on our 2010 Antenna Bus Tour giveaway. The turnout for free antennas has been outstanding and we have met some awesome people, some interesting people and everyone in between on the way.

From ABC to FOX affiliate new stations, all viewers need an HD Antenna to receive reception from these stations. That is why the bus tour is a win-win-win for Antennas Direct, news stations and customers alike.

Pictures from Florida

Pictures from North Carolina and California coming soon! Find out more about the Antennas Direct Bus Tour on our website. Information is there for consumers and new stations to be a part of the tour.


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Bus Tour Takes Antennas Direct to Fresno, CA

We had a great time with KMPH in Fresno, California and gave away 300 Antennas Direct antennas! People were lining up for the giveaway at 3 a.m. which was an amazing welcoming!

Check out the KMPH news clip and stay tuned to find out if the Bus is heading to your area.


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The Bus Tour Takes Tallahassee

Making our fourth stop on the 2010 Bus Tour, we visited the beautiful town of Tallahassee. Teaming up with local station WTXL we handed out antennas to the public. Adding to the excitement of the day, we were able to be part of the station’s first airing of their new morning show.

We were able to answer questions for some of the locals and give quality demonstrations of what over-the-air TV can do for them. Now it’s off to Orlando!


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A Razorback Welcome From Our Stops in Arkansas

One stop wasn’t enough for the great people of Arkansas, so we gave the people what they wanted, two stops in two days. Starting with an overwhelming crowd in Fort Smith at the KFSM studios, we handed out more that $30,000 in antennas. We had anticipated only handing out 200 antennas, but because of demand we gave out a total of 400 antennas, double the number we had anticipated!

The next morning in Fayetteville, home of the University of Arkansas, we had our largest attendance at an antenna giveaway. The security staff estimated that more than 1,000 people were attendance to receive an antenna, with a line that seemed to stretch forever.

During our time in Arkansas we were able to speak with many of the local residents about receiving free HDTV instead of paying for TV and helping spread the word about multicasting. Many of the residents never even knew that they could receive multiple channels from a single broadcaster. Also Antennas Direct president, Richard Schneider appeared on KFSM two days in row. Arkansas was a great place to stop, thanks to everyone in The Natural State!



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Huge Crowds for Bus Tour Kick-Off

Huntsville may be known for its rocket technology, but on August 24 its citizens were thinking about something else, over-the-air TV antennas.  Kicking off the 2010 Unemployment Bus Tour, we teamed up with local station WAFF, Cumulus Radio and the Decatur Mall team for a hugely successful antenna giveaway.

With lines that were estimated at around 1,000 people, we gave out $20,000 worth of antennas. The giveaway was aimed at helping the residents of the area, which has experienced higher than average unemployment rates. We were also able to answer questions and give tips for residents to cope with northern Alabama’s mountainous unique geography, helping people receive better reception.

Kicking off the bus tour in the Heart of Dixie was a great start to the tour. The local residents were very excited about receiving one of our ClearStream antennas, completely free. Thanks to everyone in Alabama, now we are off to Arkansas.

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