Thank You to Our Followers

Vince Lombardi once said, “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.” While we are not attacking a football team’s defense, we have seen some of our most loyal customers voice their opinions against a problem in society…cable TV. If you have visited our […]

‘Nice Job Again Comcast’

A  funny (to us) article from CE Pro magazine. Seems Comcast has changed their name, but not the quality of their service. “Irate Comcast subscribers were stranded over Thanksgiving holidays without streaming shows, and the glitches continue” You almost want feel sorry for them.  Neh,  me either.

Antennas Direct Helps Rabbit Ears Perk Up

 Working together with the Antennas Direct propaganda ministry, The New York Times has published a fascinating story about a plucky antenna company that is liberating millions from unhappy relationships, improving the lives of  countless masses & bringing order, harmony & unity to the universe.      Summary:  More than a half million cut the cord on pay TV services this […]

Cable; Too Old to Keep Up With Youth

As new data becomes available on cord cutters, cable providers are quickly showing their age. Like an arthritic, blue haired old lady, they just can’t seem to keep with the youngsters and their new ways of receiving content, over-the-air and through broadband sources. In recent research from Horowitz Associates, it seems that young people are leading the […]

Clearstream Microsite in The New York Times

At CEDIA 2010, we announced our expansion into the cell phone booster marketplace. Just as with our DTV antennas, we applied the same expertise at optimizing our antennas to cell phone frequencies. Today, The New York Times reported that changes maybe coming to cell phone booster industry. Within the story Antennas Direct’s new line of […]