The BEST TV Antenna for Traveling

Spring is here, and now is the time to start preparing for and planning those Summer vacations! If you’re one of those people chomping at the bit to hit the road, join the club! Before you rev that engine and leave the dust behind you, do you have your TV antenna ready to go?

Jim Kimble at the Cord Cutting Report pulled together his guide of the top TV antennas for RV and travel and we are thrilled he included our Clearstream Eclipse on his list! The Eclipse is lightweight, portable and easy to install, perfect for travel, RVs, campers, apartments, dorms, houses… let’s be honest, it’s perfect for everything!

Thanks to Jim for his great review of the Eclipse. You can check out the full Cord Cutting Report article HERE. If you’re looking for a new TV antenna for your summer adventures, look no further.