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Get Juice for the Big Game. Push the Limits of FREE TV.

It’s finally here – the Super Bowl. Football, elaborate and outlandish commercials, endless appetizers and drinking beer with friends. You know what makes the Super Bowl even better? Watching it for free!

Just in time for the most watched TV show in US history, we have released the ClearStream™ Juice™, a performance-enhanced UHF/VHF amplifier system for supercharging television signal strength. The low-noise amplifier capitalizes on the latest technology in digital broadcast television to overcome long distances, splitters and other obstacles.

What that means is that with this amp, the only thing more juiced than the players on the field will be the signal on your television screen.

Here is how Juice gives you an unfair performance advantage:

Unlike many amplifiers on the market, the Juice™ helps to improve signal strength while reducing noise and unwanted frequencies from cell and data signals. Juice™ is ideal for antennas located in dense suburban or urban areas where amplifiers have previously had performance issues due to close transmitter locations.

The ClearStream™ Juice™ ($79) is available starting today in our online store. More information is available at www.antennasdirect.com/juice.

Will the Seattle Seahawks take home the Super Bowl ring two years in a row, or will Tom Brady lead the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win since 2004? You don’t have to miss a moment of the big game with Antennas Direct and the ClearStream Juice.

Interested in learning more about Juice? Check out this excellent install video and review from Robert Garrett with his firsthand thoughts and reaction.


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Difference Between a Distribution Amplifiers and a Preamplifier

What is the difference between your PA18 and CPA19 preamplifiers and what is the difference between a distribution amplifier and a preamplifier? Thanks! From Paul in Union, MO

Hi Paul,

A distribution amplifier is helpful if you have a good signal at the splitter, but not after splitting. Distribution amplifiers are usually one piece and are meant to be used indoors. They are used to overcome splitter loss and meant to “distribute” TV signals to multiple locations.

A digital antenna preamplifier can be used outside with your outside antenna. It usually comes as a 2 part unit with the amplifier mounted at the antenna and the power supply mounted in the house. A preamp is meant to overcome signal loss due to long cable lengths between the antenna and your TV or splitter.

The CPA19 has a slightly lower noise figure than the PA18 and was designed specifically to compliment the Clearstream line of antennas.

View some of our most popular television amplifiers and click on images below for more information.

Pre-Amplifier Kit

CPA19 ClearStream Pre-Amplifier Kit

Pre-Amp KitPA18 UHF / VHF

PA18 UHF / VHF Antenna Pre-Amp Kit


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Do I Need an Antenna Amplifier with my Antenna?

Looking about getting the DB4 UHF HDTV Antenna. All stations are located with 35 miles of our location. Will this antenna require any amplifier? We will be placing the antenna in the attic area, no metal roof. Coax will be no more than 20 feet in length running to a single TV. From William in Odessa, Missouri

Hi William,

We always recommend trying to put antennas outside on your roof instead of your attic. Even though you don’t have a metal roof, your home insulation and other side wall materials in your home have a greater chance of getting in the way of broadcast signals in the attic. If those materials are wood, vinyl or something else you could experience a 20% or more loss in your signal.

With that said however, we have had customers use the DB4 in their attic with mounts and without mounts and report that it works great. It will really depend on your specific location, house structure and terrain. Find out more about your location at www.antennapoint.com.

You shouldn’t need an amplifier with a 20 foot coaxial cable. However, sometimes an amplifier is necessary to overcome signal loss related to splitters and junctions. I would not recommend adding an amplifier if you don’t need one. An amplifier does not create a signal, and may increase noise. However, if you are using a splitter for several televisions in your house, you may need an amplifier.

View some of our most popular television amplifiers and click on images below for more information.

Pre-Amplifier Kit

CPA19 ClearStream Pre-Amplifier Kit

Pre-Amp KitPA18 UHF / VHF

PA18 UHF / VHF Antenna Pre-Amp Kit


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What is a Pre-Amp and should I use one?

Question: What is a Pre-Amp and should I use one?

Answer: A Pre-Amp amplifies the signal your antenna receives to allow for weak signals to be read by the tuner in your TV or digital converter box. An amplifier will NOT make your antenna more powerful it will only boost the signal the antenna already is receiving. Using an Amp when it is not needed could cause you to have signal issues due to over powering the tuner, so before ordering an Amp with any antenna it may be necessary to contact Antennas Direct customer service for their recommendation.

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