Shinedown Premieres New Song “Cut The Cord”

Photo Courtesy of Shinedown Instagram
Photo Courtesy of Shinedown’s Instagram

Last night Shinedown, an American Rock band from Florida, returned with their first new song in three years with the track “Cut the Cord”.

Brent Smith, frontman and vocals of Shinedown, sat down with Billboard to discuss what inspired their latest song.

“‘Cut The Cord’ is a wake up call reminding us all that we can control our own destiny by finding the courage and tenacity to destroy whatever it is that’s holding us back. The process may not be pretty or perfect or even easy, but absolutely necessary. The song is brutally honest and unapologetic, which is what Shinedown has always been.”

Shinedown and Antennas Direct have a lot of in common. We are also brutally honest and unapologetic, especially when it comes to our passion for liberating people from unhealthy relationships with their pay TV provider.  We don’t mind taking a leap into unchartered waters and taking a stand. And we also rock.

We would like to think that Shinedown was inspired to write this song by us. After years of screaming from the rooftops what a liberating feeling it is to cut the cord, it feels good to see someone promoting that we don’t have to let anything hold us back. It might not always be easy to take that step and cut the cord, but in the end you have nothing holding you back. You are free from cable and satellite!

“Freedom. La La La La. Freedom follow me.”

Follow us to freedom!  Have questions about cutting the cord? Feel free to give our customer support a call at 1-877-825-5572 or visit or Learning Center.