No Matter the Numbers….Deny, Deny, Deny

We’ve come to the conclusion that cable CEO’s must really like golf, because they seem to be competing against each other to have the lowest number of subscribers possible at the end of each quarter. And just like every golfer’s “hero” Tiger Woods, they plan to Deny, Deny, Deny!

“The first thing when that happens is you deny it,” Ivan Seidenberg said (Verizon CEO). “I know the drill. I have been there.” (Quote taken from the Associate Press)

They may not have crashed their Escalade into a tree, but their arrogance is definitely going to cost them much more. So, without further a due, let’s turn to the scoreboard to see the number of cable customers lost in the third quarter alone:

Comcast                               -275,000

Time Warner Cable         -155,000

Charter                                 -63,800

Cablevision                         -24,500


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