Mickey Mouse is a Cord-Cutter

Why pay $80 a month for cable, when you can meet Prince Charming for just $7.99? We all know that Prince Charming would not need to ask for a long term commitment, because he realizes that if it is a good relationship. You will never leave. Cable companies were hoping to make you feel like you had no choice. Well it is time to celebrate.

Comcast and Charter customers hoping to live a real-life fairy tale can give up any hopes of their Fairy Godmothers appearing on the televisions before them. In an announcement made last week, Netflix’s video subscription service outbid pay-TV giants and snagged the rights to Disney movies shortly after the films leave theaters.

Cord-cutters everywhere will have online access to Disney classics from the comfort of their own homes. Cord Cutters will be rejoicing from around the country singing, with all the money in their pockets watching free HD television and singing.  For less than the cost of an average movie ticket, entire families will be able to cheer on their favorite Disney heroes. The multiyear licensing agreement strengthens the already robust library of flicks available through Netflix.

Sorry cable companies – it’s another tough blow to your dwindling customer base. At the going rate, you won’t be living happily ever after. So what are you waiting for, cut the cord and start singing in the streets… just like in the Disney Classic, Newsies! Seize the day and save today!

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