Dads and Grads Giveaway 2017: IT’S BACK!

Dads: The silent hero. The handyman at the ready to fix a broken shelf. The super soccer coach. The funny man with the horrible dad jokes. The grill master extraordinaire.

Grads: The hard-working students who have busted their butts (for at least the semester leading up to graduation) for good grades. The taped up “countdown to graduation calendar” on their wall has come to a close and graduation is here. Time to celebrate their accomplishments and welcome them to the “real world.”

Both Dads and Grads deserve a little recognition for being awesome humans. To celebrate, we are hosting a Dads and Grads giveaway from May 15th – June 15th! Simply fill out the form HERE and you are entered to win. Boom, it’s that easy. One entry per person, please.

Giveaway Prize:

  • Apple TV (4th Generation, 64 GB)
  • Antenna of your choice (That’s right, we’re letting YOU choose what antenna you want!)
  • $50 iTunes gift card (buy all the movies, TV shows and music your heart can desire)

What better way to kick off the summer than by winning a pretty rad prize package? It’s the perfect gift for dads or grads. Be sure to enter by June 15th for your chance to win, and share with friends and family. That way if you don’t win, they get the hint on what to buy you. See, we’re always looking out for you.

Grads, congrats on your achievements. It’s not easy showing up to class and managing to complete at least a passing amount of homework. We welcome you to the real world.

Dads, thanks for being the go-to fella and a pretty stand-up guy. Enjoy your day and milk it, for all it’s worth.