Consumer Reports: Now’s The Time for a TV Antenna

Consumer Reports is an extremely well known, unbiased product ratings, reviews and public education organization. They put products through intense testing, and they don’t hold back their thoughts, which is GREAT for you. Their latest push is one that we can most certainly get behind… it’s time to get a TV antenna!

James Willcox with Consumer Reports said that now is the time to take the plunge and buy an antenna, the technology is better than ever and with the rise of online video subscription streaming services, HDTV antennas are the perfect pair.

He says that the reception quality is better than what cable provides and the installation is a breeze! Indoor antennas are better than ever, you can get an indoor HDTV antenna, like the ClearStream Eclipse, and within minutes be watching FREE TV. The design is attractive and the ease of installation is a major benefit.

Now for an Antenna Fun Fact. Over the past two years, 3 million additional consumers have started using a TV antenna. The average cable bill is around $120 a month. That means that each MONTH, brilliant humans are putting over $360 MILLION dollars back into their pockets. If you weren’t already a believer, that number should seal the deal.

Thanks to James Willcox and Consumer Reports for spreading the TV antenna love.  You can see the full article HERE.