Cable; Too Old to Keep Up With Youth

Neil Smit

As new data becomes available on cord cutters, cable providers are quickly showing their age. Like an arthritic, blue haired old lady, they just can’t seem to keep with the youngsters and their new ways of receiving content, over-the-air and through broadband sources.

In recent research from Horowitz Associates, it seems that young people are leading the cord cutting charge. According to the research, seven percent of young broadband users are considering canceling their cable. That is in addition to the thousands of people who have already cut the cord that represent cable TVs’ largest decline in 30 years.

From our experience traveling the country on our bus tour and listening to customer feedback, the young and tech savvy are finding a monthly $100 plus cable bill too much and walking away. After the DTV transition, multicasting and free HDTV have fueled many consumers to switch. So just this once it is ok to tell the cable companies to “get off my lawn!”