Cable: The Selfish Lover Strikes Again

If you think about it, your relationship with the cable company is not unlike many of your real life romances. It starts out hot and heavy with both sides mutually satisfied. Then the more dominate force (cable) starts taking more and more without even the courtesy of a kiss. At Antennas Direct, we not only value each and every one of our customers, we also ensure complete satisfaction—guaranteed!

A few weeks ago, we attempted to run a series of pre-scheduled television commercials on Charter, encouraging viewers to free themselves from the shackles of pay-TV. Unfortunately, the cable giant refused to air the spots due to the anti-cable message and perhaps the Saw-like motif.

Upon being banned from Charter’s airwaves, we were left pondering the question: Why? Why would a multi-billion dollar cable giant be worried about a little antenna company from Ellisville, Missouri? Well, we have pretty good idea…

Want to see that TV spots that the folks at Charter don’t want you to see? You can! To view all three banned Antennas Direct TV spots, head on over to our official YouTube channel or click on the provided links below:

TV Spot #1

TV Spot #2

TV Spot #3

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