Who Needs Cable or Satellite? Not St. Louis!

As a St. Louis based company, we’re always thrilled to get a little love from the local media. Debra Bass with the St. Louis Post Dispatch came out to the Antennas Direct office last week and spent time with our brilliant leader, Richard Schneider.

They discussed advanced technology, and the TV channels available here in St. Louis. And the always popular topic, “what do people say about TV antennas? Do they even know they exist?”

Debra asked some folks on the street to guess how many local stations were available with a TV antenna in the St. Louis area. The average was between 3 and 12 free channels. People were shocked to hear that there are 50 channels available!

Thanks to Debra for spending the day with us and to spread awareness, of not only Antennas Direct, but of FREE, over-the-air television. You can read the full article HERE!