Antennas to the Rescue: Antennas Saves Customers from DirecTV Broadcast Blackout

It’s a bird, it’s a plane………… No, it’s your satellite crashing again! At Antennas Direct, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best programming from local broadcasters with a TV antenna in full HD without a monthly fee. Apparently, DirecTV can’t even promise you consistent service.

While people spent their hard-earned money on local, broadcast TV service, DirecTV decided to dig deeper in consumer’s pockets to rob them of their right to high-definition television. If you’re a DirecTV customer in the following markets, you know exactly what we’re talking about:

  • Erie, PA
  • Elmira, NY
  • Wailuku, HI
  • Hilo, HI
  • Honolulu, HI

Sure, it was just 12 channels for the customers at DirecTV, but that was an opportunity and option taken away from the subscribers who invest in hyperlocal broadcast. You’re ready to make another investment? Come over to Antennas Direct.

The great news is with an antenna from us, you can receive superb signals and service, regardless of crucial weather alerts. In this particular case, you can still receive the best television that’s offered, even through a custody battle. For our friends in Hawaii, we know it’s difficult living in paradise at times, and we recognize your struggles. Although you can’t purchase an antenna directly from us, you can pick yours up from the nearest Best Buy or Lowes. We’re available for purchase online at Amazon for those who don’t want to leave the sand.

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