Antennas Direct Takes Over WBIG Chicago Big Radio Shopping Show

Earlier this week, our very own Richard Schneider was asked to return to WBIG Chicago on the Big Radio Shopping Show for another interview. Compelled by our bada** products, host Steve Martin wanted to discuss the strides of our HDTV antennas during the over-the-air TV era.

When consumers buy our products, the first thing they say is “I wasted so much money on cable.” In the past years, with investments made in digital transmission facilities, TV antennas are more efficient, more powerful, and more reliable than ever. Our TV antennas come with no additional cost, only a set of new network and local channels  along with a unique design. Canceling your cable or satellite saves you at least $1000 a year. With an HDTV antenna’s easy installation process, you’ll worry less about losing a satellite signal and save some money.

The children are our future, and college kids learn quick the value of a buck.  An antenna is no longer reserved  for the baby boomers. With our products being a tenth of its size from the  traditional designs and no monthly cable subscriptions, millennials are taking advantage of the trend. The new designs and technology advancements are a step forward from your grandparent’s antenna. Along with these advancements, it’s  the greatest way to watch television, and it’s all for FREE!

To listen to the growth of over-the-air TV and millennials participation in this movement, click here to listen to the entire  interview below: