Antennas Direct Investigates Charter’s Spectrum TV Outage Crime Scene

You know what’s worse than breaking one heart? Try breaking 60,000 customers hearts who spend their hard-earned money on cable services. At Antennas Direct, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best programming from local broadcasters with a TV antenna and consistent service without a monthly fee. Unfortunately, Spectrum customers can’t be promised the same thing.

The incident in question happened on Monday, June 26th at about 2 a.m. when approximately 60,000 Spectrum customers experienced an outage – immediately knocking out service for residents in Queens, New York. After vandals destroyed Charter Spectrum’s fiber optic cable, the cable company continued on the path of destruction by making customers wait for over 16 hours before restoring service. If you’re a Spectrum user, this is something you’ve experienced.

On Thursday, April 27th, the vandals struck again, taking out more fiber and causing an additional 30,000 cable subscribers to lose their service. Wow! Did Spectrum double its number of consumers affected by these outages in two months? Yes, they did! The most frustrating part is that no one has been charged in either incident and it’s been linked back to Spectrum technicians who had been on strike. Hmmm…sounds a bit fishy.

We get it, you just want to watch television without interruptions and wondering if you’re being targeted by the construction crew at your cable company. So, take a page out of your cable companies book and cut the cord! Pick up a TV antenna today and never worry about being nickel and dimed again. There are no hidden fees, no fine print and most importantly, no funny business.

To ensure you receive the best service from us, contact our friendly Connection Crew. Our team will help you determine what HDTV antenna will work best for your location, and answer all your questions.

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