Unplugged… completely

Shout out to Tammy at De Ja Vue Designs! We are so happy that we were able to help you and your family cut the cord! Unplugged As many of Y’all know…not so long ago I had surgery on my neck to fix what was gonna most likely paralyze me from the neck down.  Today […]

Carriage Dispute with Time Warner Cable

Do you live in Milwaukee area? Do you have cable television through Time Warner? Well, if you wish to watch your Green Bay Packers this season, we suggest you act now! Beginning as early as July 25, 2013 Time Warner Cable will start blacking out TMJ4 NBC to ALL of its subscribers! Why? Because the […]

The Back to School Giveaway is Underway!

In just a few short weeks, students from every corner of the country will prepare to head back to school. To make this annual experience more enjoyable and further promote the benefits of OTA, we are launching a giveaway so spectacular it can only be found at antennasdirect.com. The Back to School Giveaway, which will […]

Certainly Uncertain: The American Way

When our forefathers drew up their vision for a new nation, they knew there was uncertainty ahead. They could not have predicted some of the battles we would face. What they were certain of, however, was the current way was not working. They were frustrated with feeling like they did not have a choice. What […]

The Dads & Grads Giveaway

It is official! Dads and grads season is finally here! While we are sure they would love another necktie or a new Casio watch, why not get them something that could change their lives: an HDTV antenna! Antennas Direct, a St. Louis-based HDTV antenna manufacturer, is pleased to announce their latest online promotion: The Dads […]

NAB Chief: What’s Not to Like About Free, Live and Local?

WASHINGTON— Just what part of free, live and local don’t you like, the chief broadcast lobbyist asked industry critics today during a House hearing. National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO Gordon Smith testified this morning before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet at a hearing on the “State of Video.” He […]

The Break-Up | Saying Goodbye to an Old Love

A few weeks back, we shared a story we received from a young man who had recently ended his longstanding relationship with Charter Communications. Believe it or not—he isn’t alone! Our customer service representatives receive hundreds, if not thousands of calls every week, sharing tales of abuse that would make your hair curl. If you […]