Antennas Direct’s DB4 in Action

Today a fan on our facebook page posted a video showing just how easy it was install a DB4 antenna and test it. Notice how they make good use of the satellite dish! * Range: Up to 55 miles * Strong performance across UHF spectrum (Channels 14-69) * Versatile high gain multi – bay antenna […]

No Matter the Numbers….Deny, Deny, Deny

We’ve come to the conclusion that cable CEO’s must really like golf, because they seem to be competing against each other to have the lowest number of subscribers possible at the end of each quarter. And just like every golfer’s “hero” Tiger Woods, they plan to Deny, Deny, Deny! “The first thing when that happens […]

Broadcasting Turns 90

Ninety years ago the first public broadcast was made from KDKA Pittsburgh delivering the results the Harding-Cox presidential election. Since then broadcasting has evolved becoming what it is today with DTV. From all of us at Antennas Direct we’d like to say Happy Birthday. To continue reading about broadcasting’s history, follow this link to read […]

Fox and Cablevision Still Can’t Come to Terms

The Associated Press reports that Fox has rejected Cablevision’s latest offer to bring Cablevision subscribers Fox signals which includes the World Series broadcast. Cablevision is paying out $10 per customer who can not watch the World Series. Our advise would be to take that 10 bucks and put it towards an antenna. This way you […]