Party Time!

Wow. Will ya look at these numbers! 2006 -2008 Sales up 161%! -1stQ 2009 alone up nearly 300% vs. last year. For the third year in a row we’ve been awarded title of one of the fastest growing companies in this week’s St. Louis Business Journal . Meanwhile…. While antenna sales are exploding, the cable […]

Attention all news outlets: The worlds most powerful indoor antenna is now shipping! Now at Best Buy

Finish up any non-ClearStream stories that you may be working on so you may devote 100% of your attention to the ClearStream Convertible. You may include the following words: “breakthrough,” “tremendous,” “awesome,” and “revolutionary.” After nearly three years of development, the first of its kind C1Convertible is finally shipping! The C1C is the worlds first […]

DTV station wises up, decides to ditch VHF

For years, we have been warning about the problems with DTV broadcasting on VHF; lower fractional bandwidth, increased interference from noise, & adjacent markets and the reluctance of customers to install significantly larger, performance compromised combo UHF/VHF antennas. Making matters even worse, some VHF stations have cut their ERP by 95% making a difficult situation […]

Antennas Direct in IEEE Spectrum

This is one of the accomplishments we are most proud of. Dr. Ross and myself managed to get a paper published about the coming of age of the television antenna. Who would have though even 2 years ago that one of the most respected professional journals would be interested in TV antennas? Its an honor […]

KBMT Ch12, ABC Beaumont, TX

A brisk pre-dawn remote in South East Texas and at 5:45am we were ready for our closeup. Katie was sucessful in hypnotizing the staff at KBMT into extolling the virtues of Cleastream antennas as the greatest thing since Hot Pockets. We went live 5 times that morning and a Clearstream 2 sat on the anchor […]


Holy Katie Anastasia Tewillager Brady in a prom dress! Whats going on here? When we arrived at the station around 10am, there were already 100 people waiting for us; did we get the time wrong? The station’s receptionist said some had been camping out since 7am. It turns out that the station, in an earlier […]

KSLA CBS Ch12 Shreveport, LA

A rainy Saturday afternoon, but still over 400 people turned out for a chance to win a Clearstream antenna. KSLA was our host and offered advice and guidance for local viewers. Ch12 KSLA will be broadcasting their DTV signal on Ch17 after the transition, so there was a great deal of interest in antennas with […]

WLOX CH13 Gulfport/Biloxi Mississippi

Wow! its events like this that make the whole tour worthwhile. Dave Vincent, the GM of WLOX welcomed us to the station and gave us the grand tour, explaining how the station survived Katrina and still managed to stay on the air. The Gulfport area still looks like someone took an eraser and wiped part […]

WLBT NBC Ch3 Jackson Mississippi

Jackson Mississippi was the next stop on the tour and we not only met some great folks but it looks like we’ll have a new retailer in Mississippi as Cowboy Maloney’s was very excited to have us as a partner. People had been coming to their store for months looking for a reliable antenna and […]

WNCF Ch 31, Montgomery Alabama

It was a cold and rainy Monday, which dampened attendance a little, but still about 75 people braved the weather to attend the event. WNCFwas kind enough to provide a couple of engineers to answer questions. Actually two stations are under the same roof, The ABC affiliate and Montgomery’s CW network. Costco came out and […]