You Don’t Have to Pay for Cable TV

A year after the digital TV conversion, we continue to hear customers tell us how they canceled their cable provider and now use over-the-air TV. One such person is Dan Schointuch, VP of Money Talks Interactive who wrote an article called  You Don’t Have to Pay for Cable TV, which also appeared Yahoo! Finance.

Almost a year ago I moved into a new apartment and did something revolutionary: I didn’t set up cable or satellite TV. I was frustrated by the lack of choice (only one provider), lengthy contracts, and inexplicably high price. As someone who watches a lot of television, this seemed like a truly difficult problem, but I resolved to find a way to see my favorite shows without paying a cable or satellite bill. Fortunately, it was much easier than I thought.

You might not know it, but you can watch HDTV with an antenna.

Over 99% of U.S. TV households can receive at least one local sation over the air, while 89% can watch five or more. The picture is perfectly clear thanks to the switch to digital TV completed on June 12, 2009. You’ll either see a crisp, beautiful image or no image at all (static is a thing of the past). And the best part? All your favorite programming will still be in HD.

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