WTAP Ch 15 Parkerberg, WV

Wow! the crowds are getting larger and larger. On Monday we had over 1000 people show up to the event in Parkersburg WV. This is remarkable because Parkersberg is a relatively small town with a 174th ranked TV market. The Local NBC and Fox affiliate WTAP provided a great deal of support running promos for the event for over a week. They even had us live on the 6 am, 12 noon , 5 and 6 PM newscasts. A great partner!

There has been a dramatic underestimation of the difficulty people are having in getting their DTV signals with legacy antennas. The fact that a significant percentage of the population came out for the opportunity to win a more powerul antenna (many taking off of work to attend) , indicates the frustration many people are having with their DTV reception.