WJCT Ch7 Jacksonville Florida

Were sorry about the near riot. We have never experienced this kind of turnout for one of our events before. We had over 1000 people show up for 200 antennas. While this event was sponsored by the local PBS affiliate, WJCT, it received coverage from all the local channels, one of whom suggested that people should arrive early as antennas were being handed out on a first come first serve basis.

– well they did and people started queuing up at 8:00 am (5 hours early) for a chance to receive what is now regarded as the most effective antenna for DTV reception. A few people went home dissapointed, but cheer up, Best Buy is now carrying the ClearStream antennas in all of their stores nationwide and additionally you can get them from of a number of online retailers like SolidSignal.com.

During the event we had the chance to address the local chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and thanked them for their investment in time and money towards the DTV transition. The FCC and the NAB also showed up with personnel to help address questions and concerns, but the main attraction as always, was Antennas Direct.



  1. Wow – given that Charter and KMOV are fighting. I hope a station partners with you in St. Louis soon. Expect another riot. There are going to be many suffering Charter customers in St. Louis with no CBS football unless you have a Digital TV Antenna. Time to stop in Best Buy and pickup a Clearstream.