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Will Installing a Second Antenna Double My Signal Strength?

Question: I have a DB 8 antenna with a CPA 19 Pre Amp. My antenna height is 35 feet with no obstructions and flat terrain. The stations that I am going after are about 60 to 65 miles away and the towers are located within a few miles of each other. I am getting all of the stations, except for one that comes in good most of the time. Would I improve my reception significantly if I installed another DB 8 antenna right beside the existing antenna, hook them to a combiner, and then to the Pre amp? Would that be the best way to hook the two antennas together? Theoretically, would that double my signal strength?  — From Joe in Fletcher, Georgia


Hi Joe,

Good question! The reason you are having an issue with the one channel in your area could be that it is a lower power VHF signal.

ClearStream5 Outdoor Antenna

It may be necessary to add a C5 antenna to your setup instead of another DB8. The ClearStream5 is our newest ClearStream antenna.

It is a smaller, high gain VHF antenna that will do better at picking up the lower VHF signals than the DB8 which covers the entire UHF band. Putting 2 DB8 antennas together is NOT recommended or supported by Antennas Direct. Hope this information helps. Feel free to contact customer service anytime with more questions.