What Is The Difference Between New And Refurbished Antennas ?

Question: What is the difference between new and refurbished?  What makes a unit refurbished? Does being refurbished impact the signal quality whatsoever? Thanks, Jake

Hello Jake,

The refurbished antennas we sell, for the most part, are returns from previous customer purchases. Perhaps the antenna was not the right strength for the area that they live in or it was not the correct antenna needed for the band reception in their region.  An example being VHF or UHF needed.

The refurbished antennas go through a vigorous inspection by our technicians. Every part is tested and inspected to be in perfect, as new, working order.

The only major difference between “new” Vs. “refurbished” is cosmetic. It is common for antennas to be installed by the consumer afterward realizing it didn’t work in his or her area. Because of the assembly of the antenna, some minor scratches could have accidently been placed on the antenna on disassembling and construction.

The refurbished antennas will have a lifetime warranty, just like our new ones. There may be a few blemishes but it will not affect the performance of the antenna.