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Using Existing Cable Units for Your OTA Television Antenna

I have the same situation as with Helena. Mom of four boys and just tried to make ends meet got rid of cable expense. Interested in the DB2 with the J post to be located in the attic. My house was pre-wired so cable company just came in and connected service. Now that my service is gone…can I use that same box on the side of my house where they hooked up their cable and connect it to the DB2 up in the attic? There are 8 cable outlets in the house…would it still work and what kind of amplifier should I use? From Mariel in Richmond, VA

Hi Mariel,

Since it sounds like you already have coaxial cable running through the house it might be worth it to see if there is or is not a single network of coax inside the house. If it is not a single network, you may not receive reception on all of your TVs.

Also, when using the leftover cables you must ensure all of the distribution items installed by the Dish company are removed such as splitters and diplexers because they could interfere with your reception.

Amplifiers are sometimes necessary to overcome signal loss related to splitters and junctions. Remember that an amplifier does not create a signal. It will only enhance a signal that is already there, but may be weak when split to different televisions. Here are some previous blog posts that might help.

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Death, Taxes and Your Cable Bill

There are only a few certainties in life, like death, taxes and your cable bill going up.  But there is one big difference between the three, cable is certain to raise its rates multiple times a year and it comes every month. Just ask California residents, who last October were slammed by Comcast with a 1.5 percent rate increase only to be blindsided the next August with a whopping 3.8 percent increase. And what do they claim as the reason for the raise in rates? To pay for more programming choices, new features, faster Internet speeds and improvements to customer service.

Well that’s understandable, as they do need some upgrading. But didn’t they post huge profits with fewer cable subscribers last year? Hmmm interesting, I also suppose the rate increases will go to help their new customer service initiative. It must be hard to service those California residents who are paying a measly $60.76 to $63.25 a month.

Or maybe the cable companies just see the writing on the wall. As their prices increase, more people are making the switch to over-the-air TV. Last week we saw a statistic that according to Nielsen, only .5-percent of U.S. households lacked TVs capable of tuning into digital broadcasts, down from an already small 2.5 percent in June. And as compliment to over-the-air TV, 161 million Internet users in the U.S. viewed Internet based content during August, with the average viewer spending 10 hours online.

While cable prices are rising at an ever increasing rate, over-the-air TV will continue to be $0.00 every month. And you can count on that. Maybe there are four certain things in life, death, taxes, your cable bill going up and over-the-air TV continuing to be free.


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Still Getting Used to the Digital Transition

Question: If I have old TVs do I need some sort of converter box and an antenna? From Cheryl in Coppell, Texas


Hi Cheryl,

You do need a converter box to receive the digital signals that replaced analog in 2009. You need this in order to convert the new digital signals to analog signals that your older television can read. Converter boxes usually run about $40-$70.

Your other option is to buy a newer television that has a digital tuner already build in. All new televisions made after 2007should have these included. You will not need a converter box with these TVs.

Keep in mind that if you get a converter box or if you opt to buy a new TV you will still need an antenna in order to receive free over-the-air television. We would recommend trying to get a signal with your old antenna. If you are finding that you cannot pick up a signal, it might be time to upgrade your antenna first. To find digital transmitters nearest to your home visit www.antennapoint.com.

Hope this helps and let us know if you need antenna recommendations! Thanks

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