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Antennas Direct Customer’s Guide to Cutting the Cord

ClearStream 5 picture

Have you ever struggled with installing a TV antenna and wish you had something to help you make the process a little easier? We had a customer who felt exactly this way, so he created an excellent install video where he takes you along each step of mounting, installing and running a channel scan with his Antennas Direct ClearStream 5 and DB8e antennas. His video does a great job showing how easy the install process really is and the excellent picture quality, even when splitting the signal between multiple televisions. Check out the video and big thanks to Robert for taking the time to share his video! Feel free to film your own install or review videos and share them with us on Twitter or Facebook, we would love to hear your thoughts.




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Is It Necessary To Have An HD Antenna To Receive HD Channels Over The Air

Is it necessary to have a HD antenna to receive HD channels over the air? I have two fairly old/new TV’s that can’t receive WOI, CBS or NBC at all. My atenna is 5 plus years old. Do I need a HD antenna.

Hi Jeremy,

The first thing you need to figure out is if your TV is indeed a “HD” TV.

Check the front of the TV or the owner’s manual for a small sign reading “HD Ready.” That’s the quickest and easiest way to settle the issue.

A digital TV is simply one set up to receive digital programming–which all U.S. television stations will broadcast by summer 2009. Thus making your old antennas obsolete. If your TV’s are not digital your  still not out of luck for watching digital broadcasts. All you need to purchase a analog to digital converter box. That along with the buying an new HD antenna you should be able to start watching digital TV.

Our Clear Stream5 would be a great choice for the area you live in. Click on the picture for more detailed information. Great question Jeremy and congratulations on cutting the chord!

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ClearStream 5 Antenna Tested and Approved by TV Technology

An editor of TV Technology, James E. O’Neal describes a story that is similar to many of our customers. He was looking for a high power, easy to assemble antenna that would provide clear reception for channels that broadcast in high VHF that may be more than 65+ miles away.

Our ClearStream 5 High Gain VHF Antenna was up to O’Neal’s challenge in his country home outside of Washington DC. Here is how he describes his experience from the antenna installation to performance:

The C5 consists of two pieces—a more or less rectangular “loop” with a small box at the bottom sporting an output connector. The other member is similar to the “loop” but is in the form of a sideways “H” affixed to a mesh element that is obviously a reflector, but one that seems more in keeping with what you’d find on a UHF bowtie rig. The hardware supplied consisted of screws, washers, spacers, and U-bolts for mast mounting. There was also a V/U combiner (diplexer) in a nice weatherproof enclosure.


ClearStream 5 Featured on TV Technology

I parked it on the den floor, and with just a little tweaking and shimming, the game reappeared—solid as a rock. The height AGL was now only about three feet. This is one remarkable antenna.

Rather than retreat to the attic, I left the unit on the floor and viewed the remainder of the game. When it ended (my college team won), I uncabled things and journeyed to the attic hatchway. On a hunch, I elected not to take the C5 apart, and found that it easily fit through the 23×29-inch hatch opening.

The C5 is now mounted alongside my bow-tie array and performs very nicely.

Read the full article about the ClearStream 5 from TVTechnology.com.
Thanks for the glowing review Mr. O’Neal. We hope you enjoy the C5 and those VHF channels for years to come.

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ClearStream5 – Cable and Placement

What type of cable is appropriate for the Clearstream5 antenna, and which direction should it face – the instructions don’t seem to cover these details.  – From Christopher in Palos Verdes Estates, California

Hi Christopher,

Any coaxial cable will work with your antenna. The type of cable depends more on the length of cable you need to run the antenna to your television. We have 3 types of coaxial cables available on our website, each in 50’ and 100’ measurements. We would recommend using any coaxial cable RG6 grade or better because it has a lower loss per foot so we find it works the best.

As for placement, it depends on where exactly you live. http://www.antennapoint.com will help you determine where to point your antenna by locating your transmitters.

The side with the cable attachment should face the transmitting stations. The metal grid is a reflector that bounces the signals back to the antenna.

Clearstream5 Antenna

Clearstream5 Antenna

Hope that answers your question. Let us know if you need more info. Thanks!


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What is the Best Antennas for Me in Manitoba, Canada?

Question: I have a cottage about 60 miles North of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The non-cable channels are #6, 7, 10, 12 and 13. What kind of antenna would be best for me? – From Scott in Winnipeg, Arkansas

Answer: In the area of Manitoba I would recommend to you our ClearStream5 antenna or the V21. Both antennas are rated to receive signals from about 65 miles. Keep in mind the landscape and power that the signals are broadcast will have a significant effect on the reception. You can compare these antennas on our website. I have taken a screenshot of the comparison. Just click to enlarge.

The ClearStream5 Compared to the V21

The main difference between these two antennas is that the ClearStream5 is a multi-directional antenna while the V21 is a uni-directional antenna. So, I would also recommend going to www.antennapoint.com – a transmitter locator.

After you search for your area, check the “Heading” and if all of your desired stations are transmitting from the same area or within 20° of each other you can use a uni-directional antenna. If the transmitters are positioned more than 20° apart, it is best to use a multi-directional antenna. It is important to note that most multi-directional antennas will work in place of uni-directional antennas, but you may pick up some multi-path distortion.

Thank you for your question! And let us know if you need any more antenna assistance.


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Will Installing a Second Antenna Double My Signal Strength?

Question: I have a DB 8 antenna with a CPA 19 Pre Amp. My antenna height is 35 feet with no obstructions and flat terrain. The stations that I am going after are about 60 to 65 miles away and the towers are located within a few miles of each other. I am getting all of the stations, except for one that comes in good most of the time. Would I improve my reception significantly if I installed another DB 8 antenna right beside the existing antenna, hook them to a combiner, and then to the Pre amp? Would that be the best way to hook the two antennas together? Theoretically, would that double my signal strength?  — From Joe in Fletcher, Georgia


Hi Joe,

Good question! The reason you are having an issue with the one channel in your area could be that it is a lower power VHF signal.

ClearStream5 Outdoor Antenna

It may be necessary to add a C5 antenna to your setup instead of another DB8. The ClearStream5 is our newest ClearStream antenna.

It is a smaller, high gain VHF antenna that will do better at picking up the lower VHF signals than the DB8 which covers the entire UHF band. Putting 2 DB8 antennas together is NOT recommended or supported by Antennas Direct. Hope this information helps. Feel free to contact customer service anytime with more questions.

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