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Cord Cutting Christmas Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations to Linda Levine, the winner of our Christmas Sweepstakes!

A huge thank you to all who entered our Christmas Sweepstakes this year! We saw massive interest from you budding cord cutters out there, filling our hearts with joy this holiday season.

While many of you may be disappointed not to take home the top prize, your 25% discount code received when entering is our way of saying thank you for helping us share our message: TV is Free!

We have been busy liberating people of their cable bills this week. In total we gave away over $150,000 worth of TV antennas as part of our TV Liberation tour in Toledo and Washington DC. You can find out more about the tour and where the bus is stopping next here.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Antennas Direct!


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#ADBusTour: 1,000 Liberated Souls in Washington DC

AD Giveaway Line

Antennas Direct, in partnership with TVFreedom.Org and LG Electronics USA Gives Away 1,000 C2V TV Antennas in Washington DC’s Eastern Market 

Yesterday, in the shadow of our nation’s Capitol Building, thousands of people gathered in the Eastern Market. This is not uncommon in that neighborhood. Every weekend, the area hosts one of the most vibrant and diverse farmer’s markets in the country.

This crowd, however, was gathered for the chance to get their hands on one of the fastest growing video streaming technologies. No, they did not wait for an iPhone release or for the latest over-the-top video player. The throng of humanity patiently waited (some for hours) for a digital TV antenna.

AD lineup

Antennas Direct gave bestowed 1,000 ClearStream 2V model antennas to the first 1,000 households present for the giveaway which started at 1 PM. And though it was the largest giveaway the #ADBusTour has ever hosted, all of the TV antennas were gone in just over an hour.

Here are some of the favorite things we heard:

“We haven’t had TV at our house for months since we cut the cord. We are so so grateful.”

“Now I can watch the Redskins in better quality.”

“Wait, so I just plug this into the TV and I get high definition for free? Is there a setup fee? What’s the catch?”

After we heard so many grateful patrons, one thing became very clear to us: the magic of broadcast television is too good to be true, and the demand for a free, high-definition, over-the-air television is skyrocketing.

AD panarama

As part of a partnership with TVFreedom.Org and LG Electronics, this giveaway also featured a way for patrons to witness the C2V model in action. In the North Hall of the Eastern Market 14 LG flatscreeen televisions displayed just a sample of the almost 50 channels available for free, over-the-air in high definition. In particular, viewers were taken aback at the quality of the NFL broadcast on a 4K television. The picture quality was something to behold.

If you do the math, the impact of this giveaway becomes even clearer. In total, Antennas Direct dropped a $2 million stimulus package on the families in the Washington DC area. On average, cable subscribers in the area are paying close to $2000 per year for their cable bill. These 1,000 antennas can put $2 million back into the pockets of consumers. That is a stimulus that did not need the approval of the folks in Congress. It just took willpower, a tour bus and a love for over-the-air broadcast television!

Throughout the event, patrons had the opportunity to enter a drawing for a 42-inch LG Electronics HDTV – perfect for watching over-the-air television. When the drawing occurred, a phone call was made to Andre Miller. He didn’t pick up immediately, though. He was outside installing his new C2V on the roof!

Andrew Miller Wins LG HDTV

We love DC and the vibe of the Eastern Market neighborhood. We love people who love broadcast television! We can’t wait to come back!

richard pants



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#ADBusTour: Hundreds of Toledo TV Viewers Liberated

AD instagram

Blustery winter weather was the top story in Toledo, OH today. And, much like the reliable, high-definition broadcast signals we love, Antennas Direct and WNWO-TV were not swayed by the bitter elements. Instead, hundreds of Toledo-area families were liberated from pay-television and equipped with free TV antennas.

The giveaway was held on the Wood County Fairgrounds in Bowling Green, OH on the morning after the Glass Bowl, a storied football rivalry between the Bowling Green State University Falcons and the nearby University of Toledo Rockets (UT won the chilly contest 27-20).

And unlike the weather (12 degrees F and 25 mph North winds), the locals’ spirits were enthusiastic and warm. Some gathered as early as 4 AM to wait in their heated vehicles eager to bask in the glow of full high-definition broadcast television.

AD Bus Tour 2

With the holidays around the corner, gratitude was on the faces and in the voices of the residents as the antenna giveaway began at 7 AM.

“Now I can watch Jeopardy on my shop television!”

“It’s going to be a better Christmas this year!”

“My wife and I are going to get along better because now I can watch the shows I want to watch for free!”

In total, all 300+ antennas were given away to Toledo-area viewers by 9 AM. Special thanks to Richard Stewart, Kim Degiulio, Jim Blue and the rest of the WNWO team for both their enthusiasm and their commitment to over-the-air technology.

AD Bus Tour 3

NOW: We’ve packed up the TV Liberation Tour bus and are gearing up for our biggest event yet! In partnership with TVFreedom.org and LG Electronics USA, we will liberate 1,000 area families in our nation’s capital on November 23. More details on the event at the Eastern Market in Washington, DC can be found here, here and here.

See you on the road!

Note: A series of video footage highlighting the success of Antennas Direct’s past success with their TV Liberation Bus Tour can been viewed here.




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For Our Cord Cutting Family this Thanksgiving


Treat your family and cut the cord with Antennas Direct this Christmas.

This Thanksgiving, our band of pilgrims at Antennas Direct has a lot for which to be grateful. More and more American families are cutting the cord, and business is booming. So great is our gratitude that we have decided to reward our now ever-growing band of cord cutters with an early Christmas gift!

We are giving away one Cord Cutter Starter kit, complete with Smart TV, Digital TV Antenna and Home Theater Sound System. No catch, we just felt thankful.

That’s not all, all our entrants you will receive a 25% discount for our online store. This is one per entrant and is redeemable until Thanksgiving.

To win this Thanksgiving treat:

  1. Follow THIS link
  2. Enter your name and email address
  3. Check your mail for your AntennasDirect.com discount code

Our winner will be announced Thanksgiving morning, so like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop. Besides, if you cut the cord, you are all winners to us!

Merry Christmas to all (especially those free from cable.) And to all a good night!



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Toledo Antenna Giveaway: A Huge Success for Over-the-Air

It was 5 AM on an unseasonably cool October morning when the saviors of over-the-air television rolled into the Lucas County Fairgrounds in Toledo, Ohio. It was still dark and the headlights passed over a crowd huddled near the entrance. Some had been there since 2 AM. They smiled and waved at the Antennas Direct bus as it passed by. Finally, they thought, a chance for free television.

The Antennas Direct touring bus roared past them and settled in a nearby field to prepare for its latest stop along its giveaway tour. By partnering with local broadcasters, the touring bus is a chance to preach the gospel of over-the-air television (something that 80% of Americans still are not aware of).

The local NBC affiliate WNWO was already there and had staffed the giveaway. The president of Antennas Direct, Richard Schneider conducted live interviews with WNWO’s Ashley Moser while hundreds of antennas from St. Louis were made ready for a new Toledo home.

“When we do these giveaways, it is less about Antennas Direct and more about the good news: you can receive over-the-air television in HD absolutely free with an antenna,” says Schneider. “We are thrilled that local broadcasters like WNWO care enough about their viewers to let them know about over-the-air. That is what it’s about.” Toledo Bus Tour

Soon a large crowd had gathered. More than 600 vehicles had gathered in the lot as the giveaway started. As viewers received antennas, there were some tears and countless “God bless you’s.” With the rising cost of paid TV, many Toledo residents (and others across the country) have cut television from their budget. So, for some, this meant an evening’s entertainment with their family for the first time in a long time.

At the end of the day, over 300 people were able to receive free television. And countless others were made aware of the good news.
If you would like the Antennas Direct bus to visit your neighborhood or if you are a local broadcaster who wants to spread the good news of OTA, please contact Jeremy Nulik – Jeremy@kolbeco.net.


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The Dads & Grads Giveaway

It is official! Dads and grads season is finally here! While we are sure they would love another necktie or a new Casio watch, why not get them something that could change their lives: an HDTV antenna!

Antennas Direct, a St. Louis-based HDTV antenna manufacturer, is pleased to announce their latest online promotion: The Dads & Grads Giveaway! Between now and June 12th, simply place an order through antennasdirect.com and you will receive a link on your order confirmation page to enter in a drawing for a chance to win—get this—$100 Visa Gift Card.

In addition to the Visa Gift Card giveaway, we will be offering special pricing on select Antennas Direct products, including:

·         ClearStream™ Micron Indoor DTV Antenna: $49.99

·         ClearStream™ 1 Convertible: $49.99

·         ClearStream™ 2V with 20” Mount: $99.99

·         ClearStream™ 4 with 20” Mount: $139.99

·         ClearStream™ 5: $139.99

·         ClearStream™ Signal Meter: $39.99

“It is our mission, to help bring the glorious world of free HD programming to every household in world,” said Richard Schneider, founder and President of Antennas Direct. “Cutting the cable cord has the power to save the consumer more than $100 each month, empowering the individual to allocate their hard earned money to more important aspects of their lives.”

For more information or to enter The Dads & Grads Giveaway visit Antennas Direct online 24/7 at: antennasdirect.com.

Looking to join the cord-cutting movement? Antennas Direct can help! View the complete line-up of HDTV antennas or visit Antenna Point to find the best antenna for YOUR location!


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January 20th Antennas Direct Bus Tour Stops In Bridgeton, MO

If  you don’t have cable or satellite and you want to watch television, you need a digital antenna. On Friday, January 20th, KPLR 11, FOX 2 and Antennas Direct are giving away at least 400 digital antennas* beginning at 10am while supplies last. Come to Car Credit City in Bridgeton starting at 10am.

Each digital antenna includes instructions about how to maximize the digital signal in St. Louis. Antennas Direct will be offering a choice of indoor OR outdoor antenna.  In addition, FOX 2 and KPLR 11 engineers will be on-site to assist with questions related to installation.

* DIGITAL ANTENNA GIVEAWAY DOES NOT INCLUDE CONVERTER BOX.  Most TV’s have a digital tuner built in which by law, all TV’s sold in the last few years have them built in. If you have an older TV, you will likely need to a converter box in addition to the antenna.   Giveaway does not include coaxial cables, installation in your home or televisions.  Other restrictions may apply.


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Antennas Direct Bus Tour Stops In Dothan, Alabama

The Antennas Direct bus tour continues! Antennas Direct partnered with Dothan Alabama’s WTVY 4 news in giving much needed economic relief to their viewing audience.
Watch the broadcast and see Antennas Direct pro-action stance on receiving free local OTA HDTV broadcasts, how to save money and stop paying outrageous monthly cable bills.


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Video Compilation of Antennas Direct National Bus Tour

This video compiles footage of our antenna giveaways held across the country. Antennas Direct is the leading advocate in cord cutting and watching free broadcast TV.

The demand for our antennas in these taxing economic times is unlimited. Paying outrageous cable or satellite bills is not par for the course in how families receive their viewing entertainment anymore.  Watch the video and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming bus tour giveaways.


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On The Road With Antennas Direct Bus Tour: Part 1

Come rain or shine, Antennas Direct weathered through the downpour and advocated the public into cutting-the-cord with a  ClearStream 2 antenna for depression relief in the Northwestern Ohio area.  A crowd topping over a 1000 waited patiently and braved the inclement weather to release themselves from their cable or satellite providers. Say goodbye to huge monthly bills and start watching TV in the best way. FREE!

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