Still Getting Used to the Digital Transition

Question: If I have old TVs do I need some sort of converter box and an antenna? From Cheryl in Coppell, Texas


Hi Cheryl,

You do need a converter box to receive the digital signals that replaced analog in 2009. You need this in order to convert the new digital signals to analog signals that your older television can read. Converter boxes usually run about $40-$70.

Your other option is to buy a newer television that has a digital tuner already build in. All new televisions made after 2007should have these included. You will not need a converter box with these TVs.

Keep in mind that if you get a converter box or if you opt to buy a new TV you will still need an antenna in order to receive free over-the-air television. We would recommend trying to get a signal with your old antenna. If you are finding that you cannot pick up a signal, it might be time to upgrade your antenna first. To find digital transmitters nearest to your home visit

Hope this helps and let us know if you need antenna recommendations! Thanks