Setting Up a Television Antenna on a Truck

I am trying to set up a TV in my hot dog truck. I recently bought a clearstream2, I live approx 35 miles north of New York City. Just tonight I bought a new 19″ sylvania HDTV. I only get 3 channels. Does it matter where I am located for a good signal? From Joseph in New York.

Hi Joseph,

Unfortunately the digital transition in 2009 was not kind to people watching over-the-air television while traveling in cars, trucks and RVs. From what we have heard is that most people can receive digital signals when they are stopped, but almost none when they are in motion (which is probably a good thing).

Yes it one-hundred percent matters where you are located. This will determine how good of a signal you receive. It not only matters where exactly your truck is parked but also what direction your antenna is pointing and what structures might be in the way of the signal path such as buildings and trees.

Sorry Joseph, you have many things working against you here. We would recommend putting your ClearStream2 digital antenna in your house and looking into RV antennas that can be elevated above your truck roof.