Back to School and Back to Savings: Tax Free and Free Shipping!

For some folks, hearing that it’s time to go back to school can be downright depressing. It means that their freedom is over, and the long days of sitting in class, studying and doing homework is upon them. Cue tiny violin music. For others, namely parents, they are celebrating sending their kids back to school and getting them out of the house, and out of their hair!

No matter who you are, we are going to sweeten the Back to School deal for you. We are offering a Tax Free and Free Ground Shipping weekend from August 5-7th. If that doesn’t make the school year sound at least a little more appealing, we don’t know what will.

Headed back to college? Get a ClearStream Eclipse Sure Grip TV Antenna for your dorm room or apartment. Looking to cut some costs since school supplies will cost you an arm and a leg? Cut the cord and pick up an antenna. Don’t want to stand in the horrible lines at the big box stores? Our antennas are available for purchase online at An antenna should be on everyone’s back to school shopping list.

Use the coupon code BTS2016 at checkout to receive free shipping and zero sales tax, a nice little back to school bonus. Enjoy your last few days or weeks of summer freedom!