Philadelphia ABC station cuts power 99% – viewers outraged, FCC to investigate

WPVI Ch6 ABC in Philadelphia cut its transmitter power from 500,000 watts to about 1,700 watts ERP after the June 12 switchover. Some stations that have been have been offered UHF assignments declined the opportunity to maintain their coverage area, and instead were attracted by the lure of lower electricity bills on VHF.

Our phone lines have been filled with calls from customers who were getting reception on Ch6 last week and now have nothing. Philly viewers can try a V4 low VHF antenna and an FM trap, but since WPVI is at such low power, unless you live in the shadow of the transmitter, you may have issues.

Not surprisingly, stations which chose this route have found themselves in a storm of upset viewers and advertisers. Must .. resist..I told .you. so

Scroll down to view angry viewer comments here:

WPVI admitting there is a problem.. sort of. here

Engineer with misplaced confidence insisting that broadcasting at 1700 watts won’t be problem. here