KKTV, Colorado Springs, Requests Move from VHF to UHF

KKTV Requests Move from VHF to UHF

From TVTechnology.com:

” The proposed channel substitution will resolve significant reception problems inherent with high VHF digital channels, which have been experienced by numerous viewers throughout KKTV’s service area. On channel 10, KKTV is predicted to receive interference to 54 percent of its population and to serve only 959,551 people. The proposed operation on Channel 49 is predicted to serve 1,922,413 people. “

Moving to VHF cut KKTV’s coverage in half. Looks like another channel has learned the limitations of digital on VHF .



  1. I lost channels 9 and 11 in Seattle when the DTV switch happened. I think they’re losing a lot of viewers being on VHF. I hope they request a switch too.